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boy was i dumb as a kid -_-, apologies if i offended you in some way on here -- Mr.Archfreak, 7 years later, to no one in particular.

I wanna delete this but i suppose it's worth keeping for archival purposes if nothing else


"Currently inactive until twards the end of April or b4"

(Note 2 self: Deck needs 2 be updated)

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What i'm trying 2 do on here[edit]

I used to do Archeytpes and updating them as necessary, but since i know there r alot of people doing that already, i will now make sure there r navigations on every page (boring i know, but it will keep me busy). I will still do translations from time 2 time as well.

Stuff about yugioh i can't stand[edit]

Assault mode cards- they're running out of new ideas

Nazca Lines - why use geography to ruin something good

New Archtypes for no reason (except gladiator beasts)- they just want new people to play the game

Fish type- they make so many cards about fish but no one even uses them

old cards- you used to have to sacrafice a monster for a 1550 normal monster

people in the anime using words i dont know- they do know it's a kid show, right?

speed counters- WTF?!

Gay people who have no talent and lose almost every duel they duel in and still think they r a signer. Snack Attack MF!

Dubbs- they used 2 be good, but if Goodwin is actual 5th signer, i'll never watch the dubbs again.

Favorite Cards[edit]

Zaborg- favorite monarch

Blue-Eyes first card

Krebons- best tuner in the game

Dark Armed Dragon- how can you hate this card?

Speed World- sure why not?


I'd rather stay home and play madden then learn something i'll never use. Seriously, why do we even have to go to school. Is there a country where u don't hav to go to school? Certainly not the US.

Any more ?s, ask me on the discussion thing.

OTHER DECKS!!![edit]

Yes, there used to be other decks on here. I recently took them apart and sold or traded most of them. The 1s i dont have that i need r listed below. As 4 da decks, i'll post more when i get the chance.


Well, if u want to know, i have 2 Gold Sarcophagus. 1 i won at a SJC, the other i bought online for $150 to use them both for a Chimeratech OTK (since then it has been taken apart). I have 5 Mirror Forces and 8 Solemn Judgments (most uv them r rare though), and i'll be willing 2 trade them for the following cards

Past Decks[edit]

I'll post more when i get the chance, but here's the link 2 sum uv my best decks

[1] (i'll make the page when i feel like it.)

Metagame Breakdown[edit]

See this link for the breakdown and what decks 2 pick from.

Projects For When I Return (All this should probably take until summer)[edit]

  • Convert Artwork trivia to actual artwork page
  • Undo all incorrect translations for Spanish and French (especially 4 people who just think they can use Babel Fish to get the translations)
  • Become a mass editor and proofread important pages and make sure they're in the right format (eventually i'll get into minor pages as well)

¡Hasta que nos encontremos otra vez, Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia!