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Who am i and why is my name is "this"[edit]

If you wonder about me: i am a xx years old male and a bit intelligent(not nerd) personalities embodiement which likes yu-gi-oh&pokemon [whatever you say :-)=] note: the (=) is a tongue. I wrote Newname because all good names i thought are in usage and after xx. try ive became crazy and this name appeared.

Things edited&to edit[edit]

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 nearly the entire section. Sorry for lateness, vacations unstoppable occured in a bad-time.

My deck and stras WC2007[edit]

I know its not good but its not bad for lv 2 duelists and it defeated Yugi Moto wifi download=the hardest duelist for the first 4 lv. I've added the recipe name


And stras: 1.Use Polymerization and fuse Elemental Hero Sparkman with either fusion substitutes, then fuse them again with Miracle Fusion.You'll be able to summon both shinning flare and thunder giant, this'll go better with shinning phoenix. 2.Use Hero Ring on Clayman gonna be better with Spirit Barrier. Note:Dont forget that you cant use Masoleum of Emperor on Dark Dreadroute.


My Elite Forces

Stras:Ultimate Offering and Brron with Goldd,Sillva,Beige for Avatar and Raviel.

     Future Fusion + Miracle/Overload Fusion.
     Against Necroface:Letting it summoned then Karma Cut to lowing its deck.

Mode Completion:%50 Theme Completion:%28 Limited Completion:%30 Puzzle Completion:%100 Max ATK/Damage:42900(In another deck with machines by the usage of Chimeratech Overdragon) Max LP Difference:58500(Battling the Necroface is great way to obtain this bonus)

Note&what is a stra[edit]

İn search of new cards, ive gotten 6 ancient gear tank from same deck. A stra is strategie. No-o-o-ow...doooo...yoooooo...unde-e-e-erstandit...???

Aticles needing deletion[edit]