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My Role in Yu-Gi-Oh[edit]

I'm sure many of you vets would consider me a n00b in regard to the Yu-Gi-Oh community at large, though I'd like to think my game strategy is decent. You see, the only thing I have to do with Yu-Gi-Oh is that I play Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller and Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007 on the Nintendo DS™. It's actually not my favorite card game (I'm more partial to Magic), but I find I can still enjoy it. In fact, the only reason I play it at all is because the DS games offer me a much more economical way of playing. I'd much rather play than collect, so when I can have the same (or better) access for about $30 that would otherwise require hundreds... I'm inclined to go with the $30. If Magic ever came out with some portable electronic play fairly equivalent to using paper cards, you'd probably never hear from me again.

Yu-Gi-Oh Game History[edit]

I used to play when the game was fairly new here in the United States. I was probably the best in my school, though considering how my decks worked at the time, that's not saying much. I played during the first 3 sets, then quit because of the insane amount of security I had to keep on my cards. When someone tried to take my tin of cards from right beside me while I was playing a game, I decided it wasn't worth the stress.


I should note that I pride myself on being good with rules. I was even an official judge for Score Entertainment's Dragon Ball Z/GT, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Inuyasha card games. I just think that one should always try to familiarize oneself with the rules completely simply so that you fully understand how the game is played. It also helps a lot when trying to teach others how to play, because I've seen all too often that inexperienced teachers show people only pieces of the game, so newbies are often drastically mistaken in how the cards work. I suppose the teaching aspect is what really draws me into the rules, because I love being the one people go to when figuring out how cards work. Unfortunately, the rules here seem far from elegant, and all that calms me down in seemingly contradictory situations is that it is, after all, a separate game in its own right and the creators can rule it however they want. In all fairness, I had the same problem in the other games I judged, and I even have 1 problem with Magic. Fortunately, my DS does all the ruling for me and I just have to justify what it's doing.

What am I Doing Here?[edit]

As far as this wiki is concerned, I wouldn't even be writing this article if the DS games were getting any representation here. I've previously just been a lurker, often looking up random articles or looking up card numbers to buy singles on the DS. When I saw that Blast Sphere was represented for Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006 but neither of my DS games, I thought I might as well get started on giving the DS the recognition it deserves. I got started with Baby Dragon, since it was the first card of the first set. If I receive feedback regarding what I'm doing, I may continue with the other cards. I've kept it to Baby Dragon for now, though, so that my work can be deleted easily if it's a problem.

Wiki Experience[edit]

I'm rather limited in my editing experience, so I usually end up relying on other articles' examples whenever I edit something. All I've ever really done is some stuff in The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Wiki about races in Morrowind, once again doing so pretty much in my own self-interest. Other than that, I've just done minor stuff like correcting spelling/grammar and proposing deletion of useless articles.

Contact Me[edit]

AIM: Judge Organous
YIM: judgeorganous
Brawl: 0860-2977-9060