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Hey! I'm PlasmaVice and this is my page.

If you're reading this right now, its either you're really bored, or just want to annoy me. But no matter what your intentions are, please keep any comments and advices appropriate.

About Me[edit]

  • Name: PlasmaVice (I obviously won't announce my real name)
  • Age: (another thing i won't exploit on the net)
  • Hometown: New Domino City
  • School: Duel Academy
  • Hobbies: YuGiOh Duels, watching YuGiOh Anime, and playing Wii (especially Super Smash Bros.)


  • Favorite YuGiOh Card: Radiant Mirror Force - This card has saved my butt more times than I've dueled in my life (maybe not THAT much).
  • Favorite YuGiOh Character:
    • Jaden Yuki - He can turn ANY frown upside-down
    • Leonard (Leo) - I don't know about this one. I just loved him the first time i saw him. I also believe that he's the Fifth Signer.
  • Favorite Super Smash Bros. Character: Donkey Kong
  • Least Favorite Card: Gladiator Beast Heraklinos - As long as this card against me, I'm hopeless. (no offense to users)
  • Least Favorite Character: Larry - His laugh irritates me. seriously, its worse than Lazar's
  • Least Favorite SSB. Character: Sonic

Deck List[edit]

The decks below are prototypes and still needs some slight adjustments. I know that some cards might not make any sense on why they are included, and as i said, it still needs some adjustments. If you have any comments and/or advices; Please feel free to express it in my talk page.

Morphtronic Overload[edit]

  • Deck Name: Morphtronic Overload
  • Deck Type(s): Morphtronics
  • Description: This is a deck Im currently working on since the release of Crossroads of Chaos in which i declared as just a "FUN" deck. After i found out about the supports from Crimson Crisis, I decided to continue with it; thinking this deck will have a better chance against other well functioned deck. It also has some cards from Raging Battle which is yet to come, but i just wanted to see which cards I'm going to need. It works basically like any Morphtronic deck; swarm and attack directly with Morphtronic Boarden. Recycling Morphtronics is also a target in this deck for summoning Power Tool Dragon and other Synchro Monsters against stronger opponents.
  • Number of Cards: 40 cards
    • Monsters - 20
    • Spells - 12
    • Traps - 8

Koa'Ki Meiru[edit]

Decklist is currently incomplete until further deliberation.

User:PlasmaVice has made edits.