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I prefer to be called "Shard" for short. I'm mostly a patrol style user who patrols the Recent changes for vandalisms, stuff that doesn't need to be debated, false info. I mostly only edit 5D's or Zexal ll stuff (and am converting over to Arc V as well).

Favorite 5D's games: DS ones, characters are much better portrayed and the Duels are more fun along with the Riding-Duels and Speed Spells (The Tagforce ones are kind of boring in comparison especialy because they lack Riding-Duels and Speed Spells/counters entirely. The only Tagforce I like is Tagforce 6 and the Arc V Tagforce Special).

Things that do get on my nerves; people who behave childishly (though I do try to be polite regardless). I also get irritated when it comes to people who revert rudely (aka a user gave a reason in his summery, yet he's reverted with no reason), and the "add summery of your edit" glitch that sometimes happens. I get irritated when people try to mix the dub events with the original (put the dub stuff in parenthesis like this, or add the dub difference in the difference in adaption section). I highly loath when someone says a show is dumb when they themself haven't even watched it and are basing it off one thing they saw in a clip.

People who are respectful, and friendly towards me (in no order): Cheesedude, PoirotH, Dinoguy1000, Deltaneos, Brooklyn rage, NexusShiker, Golden Key, Skullvarnish, Yamiwheeler.

Users whom I trust and respect greatly (in no order):TwoTailedFox, Golden Key, Cheesedude, Deltaneos.

People who annoy me or act immature (I'm not trying to attack them, I'm just bringing up their behavior): Master D, Clock God, Count Veger, Hawk00referencer, Sean (Disregards valid complaints from others and doesn't take it to the talk page of what was being argued, and when anyone points out that we do go by the original events, not the dub, he resorts to being childish. Rudely reverts with no reason despite others giving reasons). Haloprov (rude and unpleasent, tries to twist peoples words around as not nice when they were being contructive and saying things he needs to hear, arrogantly flaunts having more edits and uses it as an excuse to not hear someone elses advice and dismiss them, reverts legit edits and gives no explanation, misuses his tools to lock pages when he gives no argument or explanation for undoing edits, has to be replied to multiple times before he says anything at all).

Animes I'm okay with, but not my favorites by any means: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. It's too overdramatic and ridiculously silly compared to the previous 3 series (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal ll is pretty cool, but it's still way too over the top compared to the other series). Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V; Very much enjoying it.

Animes I don't like: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's dub. Worst dub I've ever seen next to Sonic X dub. I particularly hate the personality changes to some of the characters, and I overall hate a lot of the dub dialog.

My favorite Anime: Little Busters, Hayate No Gotoku, Acchi Kocchi, Tsuritama, Lucky Star, Clannad, and Gundam Build Fighter.

Hardest games to me; The original Nes Battletoads (hardest game I've ever played, and still have yet to beat it to this day. This game is absolutly terrifying difficult after the first two stages). Xbox 360 Ikaruga (very challanging game). Xbox 360 Halo 3 multiplayer (matter of skill, no loadouts, and no other dumb cod mechanics that ruined the franchise after this game).

How characters could have won Duels in 5D's[edit]

  • Takasu was a moron in this episode. Had he used "Mystical Space Typoon" on "Axe of Despair" (which would have reduced "The Kickmans" ATK by 1000, then Synchro Summoned "Iron Chain Dragon" before the Battle-Phase and then attacked, Yusei's LP would have dropped to Zero weather or not he used "Battle Mania". He also could have just used "Mystical Space Typoon" to destroy "Call of the Haunted", which would have eliminated "The Kickman" and he would still win regardless if Yusei played "Battle Mania".
  • In this episode, Aki/Akiza could have won the Duel on her last turn had she not used "Black Rose Dragon's" destruction effect, and instead used it's effect to remove a plant monster from her grave, thus reducing "Stardust Dragon's" ATK and forcing it to attack mode.
  • in this episode Rudger could have won if he had attacked Yusei directly on his last move instead of destroying his Face-downs (we're given reasoning though, which he felt Yusei's Face-downs were to defend him).
  • In this episode Aki/Akiza would have defeated Andre had she first used "Black Rose Dragon"s effect to remove one of her plant monsters from her Graveyard before attacking with "Black Rose Dragon" and "Stardust Dragon" (I found it to be an insult to her skills).
  • In this episode, Jean would have won had he not attacked on the final turn (we're at least given reasoning, which is he truly wanted to beat Yusei, but that's pretty dumb that he risked everything simply because he found an opponent he wanted to beat. He knew he would have won if he just ended his turn, there was no reason to attack Yusei).
  • See bottom note Yusei shouldn't have been able to win, because his monster should have been destroyed earlier when Zushin first attacked, thus Taro should have beat him with Speed World 2 shortly after (we saw what Yusei drew the rest of the match, and "Shooting Star Dragon" was his only chance to win. If he used "Explosive Breakthrough" with any of his other cards, it would not have been enough to deplete Taros Life Points. Yusei also did not draw any spells in this episode, therefore he could not use Speed World 2s effect to inflict damage).
  • While it wasn't forced, I hated this, Harald would have won had he used Thor's effect to negate "Shooting Star Dragon's" effects. There was especialy no reason for him not to use the effect before attacking with Odin (Harald was quite ooc, even though he had an advantage, he would carefuly consider Shooting Star Dragon and negate It's effects instead of acting rash and attacking with Odin just yet). Harald could have even won by simply ending his turn without doing anything (Yusei would have to banish Shooting Star Dragon before the end-phase, otherwise Haralds monsters would have left the field, thus preventing Yusei from stopping Haralds Trap card from inflicting the damage to him).
  • In this episode, Aporia would have won on the turn he played Asterisk had he attacked Rua first, and then would have been able to eliminate the other two with his other monsters (we're given reasoning however, which is he wanted Rua to feel despair).

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's plot holes/unresolved plot points and badly dropped things[edit]

This show has a lot of very bad plot holes, unresolved plot points and dropped things that you really can't ignore, and I'm going to run down all of them I've found (a few could easily be explained if they would just take the time to do so, but they didn't): Why didn't Ruka Ruka bring up Crow's Dragon was not the one from her dream (you'd think she would bring it up, or Rua bring up that it isn't like the one in her dream)? Why wasn't Aporia warned about Rua possibly becoming a Signer since he was one in the original time-line (better question, why didn't Aporia already know this since he already knew about the Signers?)? Why did Yliaster go to the past to Rudger, when he was already going to be a Dark Signer without their intervene and cause Zero Reverse as a result (you see him as a Dark Signer on Z-one's readout in 149)? Why the heck was Earthbound God Uru in the momentum (they were all sealed in the Nazca lines, so why is Uru suddenly in the momentum? Don't just throw in stuff like this and not give us an explanation!) Why did Life Stream Dragon get turned into Power Tool Dragon? Why didn't the Crimson Dragon awaken Life Stream Dragon when Power Tool Dragon was against Demak's Earthbound God (the very one Life Stream Dragon beat in the ancient battle-also the fate of the entire world was at stake with the threat of the Dark Signers, so why did the Crimson Dragon not take action and awaken Life Stream Dragon?)? How did Ancient Fairy Dragon get in the Spirits world if she was sealed in the ground with Uru at the Nazca lines (this one bugs me more than some of the others)? Why did Divine want Ruka at all when she is not a Psychic Duelist (speaking to Duel Spirits doesn't benefit him, hence him wanting her for that makes no sense)? Why is everyone so accepting of Aki in season 3 (not everyone is going to be so forgiving as easily as her friends, you can't just drop it fully in 6 months)? What happened to Sly wanting Yusei's Stardust Dragon (better question, why did they bring it up if they weren't going to do anything with it at all?)? Since when did Sly hang out with Rua and Ruka's friends (the guy didn't like them before, so why is he all of a sudden sitting with them in the WRGP matches?)? When did Sly start liking Yusei to the point he would cheer him on in shouting? How did Godwin transport the other Signers to the shrine (he didn't have the arm attached to him in 62 when he did that)? Why were their marks removed at all in episode 154 (this is the worst one, they tried to give a good ending, but they really didn't think this through and was very bady executed as a result; even if they're not in the same City, they would still be protecting others and the world, and if it got bad enough, the Crimson Dragon can simply bring them back together)? Why didn't Z-one evacuate the people and then destroy the momentum, which would solve his unable to save the people in Neo Domino City argument?


Below is my Tagforce 6 Synchron and control Decks (I use what I personally think works). I might put more some time in the future, but this will do for now.

Synchro and xyz monsters for the control deck are below: