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Hi, my name's SlashMan. I'm named after the Mega Man character. Not much more can be said about me, but you'll see me making some changes here and there, mostly on the beloved Zombies. My favorite and current deck is Structure Deck 2: Zombie Madness' while my favorite and rarest cards are IOC-SE1 Gemini Elf and P4-02 Dark Magician. Another thing about me is that I'm more of an original Yu-Gi-Oh! fan. In other words,I go for Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, or Metal Raiders as opposed to the new Yu-Gi-Oh! GX cards.

My Rant on the Modern Yu-Gi-Oh![edit]

Expanding on what I mentioned above, what drew me to Yu-Gi-Oh! in the first place was the simplicity, and my love for the original anime. Today, it seems we've lost all of that, however, the situation seems to be improving. First of all the Yu-Gi-Oh! North American release was going smoothly until Legacy of Darkness. This was the first release where North America and Japan were on par, but North America was still missing many cards. The solution seemed to lie in the Tournament Packs/Champion Packs, which released a great deal of Japan-only cards. Pretty soon, however, these simply became reprint packs with no new content and decreased rarity (basically a Dark Beginnings/Dark Revelation). The new Retro Packs offered hope to release some of the cards seen in the TV show and only in Japan, because Dark Beginnings already covered the reprints. However, it was just another reprint series. Bummer. Now, following the GX fashion, a pack has been released based on a duelist... this time, it's Yugi (this is probably the best thing Konami has done in years). We may not get a lot of unreleased cards here, but at least it includes the alternate art Polymerization and Dark Magician Girl. I can't wait to see what else is in store, and I really can't wait to see what other classic characters will get their own pack. My next gripe is where they took the series. GX was pretty enjoyable. Not as good as the original series, but a worthy successor. The packs weren't that bad either. The Lost Millenium was a great pack, it also saw the release of previously unknown cards (Brain Control). I pretty much didn't keep track with it after that, but at least Japan and North America still kept up. 5Ds is where I finally just didn't keep up with the series and anime at all. What is a Synchro monster? Why change the perfect formula? Basically, the game was getting too complex, and I just didn't enjoy the series. My last problem doesn't just apply to the modern Yu-Gi-Oh! It's the rarity. I believe that no cards should be forbidden. However, they had no choice, because good cards were not rare enough. This occurs with the plentiful reprints (that I mentioned above) and the current Structure/Starter Decks. See, when Yu-Gi-Oh! began, we were given two Starter Decks, Yugi and Kaiba. These decks had many cards, but only a few good ones. You had to earn a good deck, and that's what I liked about it. Afterwards, the premade decks were just too good, and had to many good cards as commons, so essentially, the good cards that were readily available were overused, and so limiting and banning occured.

Duelist Pack: Yugi[edit]

Alright, I was very excited for the new Duelist Pack: Yugi. Never before-seen alternate artworks, and more of Yugi's cards made easier to get (although I'm glad Mirror Force is still Ultra Rare). Two of the alternate artworks that I was the most excited for were Polymerization (Fusion and Dark Magician (Arkana) (I didn't know for sure it was going to be Arkana's Dark Magician (on the right), but it made sense since it was the only alternate artwork of Dark Magician not released. Well (after looking at spoilers), it turns out it was simply the overused Dark Beginnings edtion. That made me a little less excited, but the pack still will be awesome, and I will buy it for sure to get ahold of that new Polymerization. Who knows, maybe if this goes well, we'll eventually get a Duelist Pack: Arkana someday...