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About Me[edit]

34, female, gamer (both Pen and Paper, as well as board, and video games), working in Inventory Control for a warehouse.

Non Yu-Gi-Oh Stuff[edit]

In my downtime, or time away from Yu-Gi-Oh, I enjoy playing Koei games, namely Dynasty Warriors (all versions, incl. Gundam and 6), Samurai Warriors, and Warriors Orochi. I also enjoy retro gaming.

I play a lot of Pokemon and have living Pokedexes between several generations.

New Undertakings[edit]

  • Clearing Tag Force 5 100%

Current Undertakings[edit]

  • Formatting and preparing to post all other deck recipes that I have for the original Page 1 characters for TF2, and finding my old results for TF3.

My Decks[edit]

These decks I use in the PSP games, and I do have the Banned/Restricted Lists turned off, as I think it provides an enhanced challenge.

Random Things[edit]

Most recent VG Accomplishment: Finished my OR/AS Living Pokedex.

Favorite Card(s): Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8, Ally of Justice - Catastor

Least Favorite Card: Elemental Heroes (of any type)

In Closing[edit]

I love having fun, meeting new people, and talking. If you're in the Indiana area, hit me up, maybe we'll talk! More will be coming as it comes to mind.