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Hello I'm Jordan but I can be called by SuperEliteJordan or SEJ.

In real life I use a Cyber Dragon Deck but in most yugioh simulators and games I kinda switch a lot and build decks for fun.

I am trying to make a similar version of the yata-lock with WattChimera and Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi.

Yugioh things I like:

  • Darkness decks
  • Blackwing
  • Batteryman
  • Yubel
  • My personal 6-card OTK(Kinda sad it made Youtube by someone else)
  • Level Monsters
  • Pyschic types
  • Making decks

Yugioh things I dislike:

  • XYZ(not crazy hate I just hate the easy summon and limit to effect use though one is in my OTK)
  • Stall/Burn
  • That lightsworn dragon
  • Chaos dragons
  • Dark armed dragon

I won't say much but the six-cards in my OTK are(the six acards are in my hand):

  • Quickdraw synchron
  • Level eater
  • Synchron Explorer
  • Exodius the ultimate forbidden lord
  • Foolish burial
  • Galaxy Queens Light

Extra Deck:

  • Quarser dragon
  • road warrior
  • junk warrior
  • formula synchron

Deck:unknown synchron and/or changer synchron

Personality: Im a INTJ if you don't know what that is look up "16 personalitys".

Athletic skills: I'm in a baseball team as a shortstop and I'm told I'm a fast runner and I'm constantly told to tryout track and field.

Academic skills: I'm in 8th grade but I take 10th grade classes so I'm normally known as "smart"

Please don't ask if I'm a genius it says it up there I just learn a faster than others so being in 10th grade at 14 isn't a big deal to me really.

Yugioh skills: I Normally win at my town but I'm above average when it comes to online play(I win most of the time but still lose and learn from it)

I can't find tornaments in my area so if anyone wants to skype duel just message wall me to goto chat and PM me.I have a DUeling Network account and a Mobile YGOPRO(getting a new PC that can handle DEVPRO).