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.*Waves* Hellos. Nice to see you ppl on Wiki :o.

  • As a note all my decks since 2006-2007 ish has been Advanced format for the main reason that me and my buddies only play advanced format and it has been that way since my oldest friend started playing advanced format. He said "If you play Traditional format you end up relying on banned cards way too much." at the time, and he was right. The first non banned deck I made was a rock deck lol and it worked well..Horribly lol. I have improved since then, day after day of playing discussing new strategies and paying an arm and a leg for cards....But I don't care too much about that :P I went collector early this year (2009) so having them is just nice.

Favorite Cards.

  • 1) Dark Armed Dragon - Self explanatory.
  • 2) Blackwings in general - My top three favorite strategies in order are Toolbox, Swarm, and anti Meta, Blackwings are more swarm than toolbox but are fun to use. - Looks like I have to use Plan B for blackwings, its an innovative build but...I doubt its anywhere near top tier.
  • 3) Raioh/Raiou, I kinda hate how they repeated his name twice since Raioh/Raiou means Thunder King...Really repetative but I love this guy's effect. And anti meta is one of my new favorite decks due to the explosion of metagame decks around here.
  • 4) Staples such as MST, Heavy Storm, Mirror force, and some non staples but pretty good cards such as book of moon, Enemy controller, Bottomless trap hole, ect.
  • 5) Threatening roar...One of the best cards ever.

Current Deck That I use:

  • Warrior Synchro (Disbanded because of Rota Limit) - Last time for use is the day of the sneak preview since the new list doesn't go in effect till March 1st
  • Black Feathers - Finished old build, As of Sept - If I have time I am going to invest in a new build using cards from Stardust Overdrive. It probably wont be top tier. And I need grephers XD. Three x.x.
  • E/D Hero Synchro - In the works. Need Dark Grepher and a lot of D Heroes.

Current Deck I want to complete for use (Mostly for fun since I am getting tired of my old deck):

  • Anti-Meta Deck - This actually might not be a bad idea at the moment with the unlimit of Fissure and Breaker.
  • Psychic deck - This is out of the question due to one for one's limit.

My best friend's decks.

  • Appropriate Exodia (Almost Finished, Its very effective against most non meta decks. He wins very fast just to say.) Lets just say he wins a lot against many non-Meta People. His luck sucks so much though, which is kinda ironic since he runs an EXODIA deck, purely luck as it is, he usually has to draw his whole deck to win.
  • Gadget deck. (Maybe He might not make it =/)

Decks whose strategy I like:

  • Black Feather decks, I utterly enjoyed my Black Feather deck after I made a few edits to try a new strategy. - New, NEW strategy, not as good as before (Then again nothing can be as good as three searchable special summonable gales). But it will work well enough and is a fun idea.
  • Warrior Toolbox type decks, I like toolbox but not GB toolbox. Warriors is where I started the game and they will always be one of my favorite types of decks.
  • Anti-Metagame deck, Really annoying yet insanely fun. I will see if I can complete mine soon.

Recent Pulls:

  • Zeta Reticulant
  • Lifeforce Harmonizer
  • Twilight Rose Knight
  • Dimension Fortress Weapon
  • Alien Kid
  • Armoroid
  • Turret warrior
  • Arkus
  • Blacking - Elphin The Raven
  • Blackwing - Armed Wing

Recent Sells:

  • Don Zaloog
  • Lyla (Wow in such high demand here, maybe celestia soon enough.)

  • Celestia
  • Zeta Reticulant

Recent Buys:

  • Crimson Crisis First Edition Box.

  • Allure of Darkness x 2
  • Most of my blackwing monsters from Raging battle.
  • Gorz the Emissary of Darkness.
  • Blackwing - Armor Master
  • 3x D.D. Crow (A new sorta favorite card of mine ^^ Even if I usually only use 0-1 copy.)
  • Dark Armed Dragon (Yes, I have Dark Armed Dragon now!!! And actually its not as dangerous with only one allowed.)

Recent Trade gains:

  • Japanese Crush Card
  • Celestia, Lightsworn Angel
  • Black Garden x2
  • Psychokinesis
  • Dark Eruption