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Myself and My Deck[edit]

I am currently 17 years old and started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! years ago, although I can not seem to remember when I started playing and how I learnt the game. At the minute I am now running seven decks, an Iron Chain deck (although this deck has quite a few mishmash cards) an Aesir deck, a Time Lord deck, a Final Countdown deck, a Clear deck, an Evil HERO deck and a Stall Deck. My Final Countdown deck seems to be the best for it is winning me many more duels. I have recently made the Time Lord deck at the same time as making my Aesir deck (which has now been completed) from Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker but of course I only use it when I playing against my friends, not in tournaments. I have also renamed some of the Timelord cards, missed out Hanion on purpose and taken out the 'You cannot summon monsters' effect.

Iron Chain
Final Countdown
Time Lord