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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe. - Albert Einstein


Hello everyone, and welcome to my user page below are the things I'd you know about me:

Things that annoy me[edit]

Goals I wish to achieve on this wiki[edit]

  • Edit card information
  • Keep episode information up-to-date
  • Make sure article information isn't spammed
  • Keep character names up to date (Sometimes)

Deck Lists[edit]

For links to my decks and rules see here.

Forum Decks[edit]

As you've most likely seen from my deck page(s) I've got lots of decks, but some need help and improvement so here's a list of my decks I've posted on the Forum for you to comment on how to improve them:

Side Decks[edit]

I'm just this section so I can remember future cards I need to put in Side Decks for the main deck(s) I'm using.

Side Deck

Summoning Chants of the Month[edit]

I felt like getting a bit creative (a.k.a. bored) so I decided to make Summon Chants for certain themes/types etc.

For previous Summoning chants see: here

  • This months Theme: ????


Notes To Self[edit]

  • Create Galleries and/or artwork pages for anime/manga cards.
  • Fix/Update all card Galleries for cards released in older Booster Packs (after Soul of the Duelist, currently on CDIP).
  • Update Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode articles to match that of recent anime episode articles.
  • Fix/add the Differences in Adaptations for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes.
  • Add foreign names, and when possible upload images, of cards and/or Booster Packs.

Non-Yu-Gi-Oh! related note to self[edit]

  • Need to watch all episodes of Ranma ½, from 114 up to 161 (and OVAs 1 - 13).

Link(s) I need to remember[edit]

Magic Cylinder Burn Deck

Stop 2 Shop

Yu-Gi-Oh! images

Official French Yu-Gi-Oh! card names

French card images

German card names + images

Select Portuguese name + images

Card names changes from WC09 -> WC10

Random info relating to WC10

Dragunity/Cyberdark Deck

Tag Force 5 Anime Card Lores

Card Artworks from Tag Force 5

Random Stuff[edit]

For my thoughts on generally random Yu-Gi-Oh! related things see here.

Users whom I'm "friends" with, on this Wiki[edit]

Disclaimer - If your not on the list don't worry, also this list isn't any sort of order.

Card Artwork Frame[edit]

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Card Gallery Frame[edit]

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