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New Project[edit]

I was undertaking a massive project, to possess one of each card in the TCG, and later, the OCG, including both 1st and Unlimited Editions.

You can leave me a message on here, or find me on the #wikia-yugioh channel on Freenode during sociable non-working hours.

My Decks[edit]

This is where my Decks reside, feel free to have a browse, and leave a comment in the Discussion bit if you so desire.

Here is my scratchpad, for my use when I'm not at my PC, and I need to leave some thoughts for later

And here is my local Blog. I use it to announce what is happening on the Wiki's I help maintain.

Pressing Portal Articles[edit]


  • New Help Pages
  • Implement Content-based Featured Card System
  • Make new Featured Card

Semantic Searches[edit]

Random Crap[edit]

Most recently pulled rare card: Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, Secret Rare, Strike of Neos

Most Liked Card: Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8

Least Liked Card: Last Turn


New idea, test in progress.

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