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Welcome to my User page. Enjoy reading.

Other Things[edit]

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About Me[edit]

Hi there, I'm Tyrant Slayer. My username is the fusion of my nickname (Dragon Slayer) and my favorite card (Tyrant Dragon). Since I was made an administrator, I'll help the wikia getting rid of vandals and sockpuppets, and in any other job necessary.

Different from most of people, I don't like Advanced Format, I think its boring and doesn't provide the legendary moves that Forbidden cards can make. I also hate that they make us waste our money on a card that later on they will not allow us to use. I'm currently working on my card collection, so I'm not updated on new rulings and all of that stuff.

About Me


Currently my decks are outdated, because I no longer play outside of local duels. I'm working on updating all of them.

Cards I like to Use[edit]

Here you can see the cards I use in duels, I constantly change the content in my Decks to surprise my enemies.

Favorite Cards


In this section I will put my projects related to the Yu-Gi-Oh! game.

1. Summon the hardest monsters to Summon in the Game.


2. Have all of the God Cards (Egyptan Gods, Wicked Gods, Sacred Beasts and unnoficial Gods, like The End of Anubis) and make a deck based around them.

God Card List

3. Finish my Dark Magician/Spellcaster Deck.

Thoughts and Questions[edit]

Little section to put curious facts and questions I have.


I made this section to thank to the wikia and it's users, for all the help they have given me. I've learned a lot about this game I didn't knew, and now everyone around here consider me a master of Yu-Gi-Oh! just because I know a little more than them. Anyway, thanks dudes.

Where Else to Find Me[edit]