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Re:Summoned Lord Exodia

The reason why I deleted was because a number of people,myself included, believe that Summoned Lord Exodia was never a card in the first place, but merely how he looked like when all his parts were gathered, making it seem questionable on whether it should have a Card Article. I think that his appearance article should be merged with the appearances of Exodia the Forbidden One,since it is basically the center card. Or maybe it should go in the Exodia page. If you think that I should undelete the article, at least to see it for yourself, then say it. You seem to be quite trustworthy. And thanks for pointing out those pages for deletion.PoirotH 05:22, May 4, 2010 (UTC)

Re: Unreachable redirect

Ah yes, you're right, this problem frequently happens with namespace additions. The redirect "Set Card Lists:Duel Master's Guide Promo (TCG-EN)" exists as a mainspace title, while we can only look at the "Set Card Lists" namespace version.

That custom namespace was added on the 14th April 2008, I think. KyleH seems to have temporarily moved all "Set Card Lists" out of the way before installing the namespace to avoid problems like this. He must have missed this one.

Wikia staff have the access needed to remove it. e.g. Uberfuzzy got rid of the Property:ATK in the mainspace, while logs for the title only show the Property namespace version.

Poking staff to delete the title shouldn't be too troublesome. As for fixing logs and history, I don't think there's anything important there. I think it can be fixed by having mainspace pages starting with "Set Card Lists" transferred to the namespace, like when we got our first set of custom namespaces. (Card Rulings, Card Tips, etc.) (That may cause problems if there are pages with the same title.) But yeah, the logs and deleted history aren't so important and probably not worth fixing.

If you want to ask staff to have the problem fixed, you can ask them at Special:Contact. If you'd rather I do it, let me know if there are any more titles with this problem and I'll contact them. Thanks. -- Deltaneos (talk) 09:58, May 24, 2010 (UTC)