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Hello welcome to my talk page. If there's anything you want to address to and/or discuss with me I encourage you to post it here.


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Do you REALLY believe that I can become a good duelist? Maybe even get a high rank at a National? Like, do you honestly have confidence in me?RedEyesBurn69 (talkcontribs) 01:36, August 14, 2017 (UTC)

Thanks, Man.[edit]

You know what? You're right. I want to be a good duelist, and I want to run Graveyard Dragon Power(And to some extent, Burning Abyss) to the best of my ability. I know what a lot of people on this wikia are gonna say, REDD and BESD are bad outside of Hieratics. Whatever. I can make it a good Deck if I put my heart into it. I've used the latter in a Kaiju Deck before. It wasn't half bad. I will admit that my confidence was pretty much shot, but I'm kind of amped up now. Thanks for that.

How do you know about all the things I've done, though? Are you an admin?RedEyesBurn69 (talkcontribs) 01:35, August 17, 2017 (UTC)

Graveyard Dragon Power[edit]

It's kinda obvious that BESD and REDD are my shtick, and you most likely know that. I know, they're no Zoodiac Broadbull or Master Peace, but it doesn't mean they can't kick major butt. I've actually seen a guy running BESD defeat a Dark World/Burning Abyss player. And an REDD player defeated multiple opponents with similar Decks. Raidraptors, Phantom Sword, PePe, you name it.

Plus, I actually saw card tips referencing both Dragons. That Grass Looks Greener, Power Wall, Deep-Eyes White Dragon, Blackfeather Darkrage Dragon, Hieratics...Graveyard Dragon Power can be a good Deck if you put enough heart into it. There's still a lot people with this Deck can do, especially now that Rokkets are a thing. That's honestly what I believe. So again, I wanna thank you for rejuvenating me like that. I wish there was some way I could return the favor.


Well, I've heard about the Magibullets and their abilities. Chances are that they will replace Zoodiacs, True King Dinosaurs, and True King Yang Zing as the Meta. I've noticed that they rely more on their Traps than their Spells.

So I can create a GDP Deck that also uses Horus Lockdown, and possibly Buster Blader. Buster Blader Decks seem to revolve around rendering the opponent's monsters helpless, so they can go hand in hand with Horus Lockdown. The opponent's entire field would be devoid of Monster, Spell, or Trap effects.

What's strange is that Buster Blader can work with GDP, since those Decks usually contain a good amount of Dragon-type monsters. But how does that sound against the Magibullets? Darkness(REDD) or Shining(BESD) Horus Lockdown? Good idea, or are there some flaws in it?RedEyesBurn69 (talkcontribs) 01:23, August 18, 2017 (UTC)

Handless Dragon[edit]

Well, I thought of a DGP Deck that uses Forced Requisition. A lot of cards that require you to discard to activate them can dump Dragons into the Graveyard, and there's a lot of cards that allow you to discard. So with Forced Requisition, I can mess up my opponent's hand while setting up my Graveyard.

Yamata Dragon can be used to reset the hand due to its drawing effect, and Spiritual Energy Settle Machine can be used alongside Forced Requisition to make a nasty discard engine. As an alternative, I can use Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom(Which can be Special Summoned with Rescue Rabbit and Lector Pendlum the Dracoverlord) to copy Yamata Dragon's effect from the Graveyard each turn and reset the hand every turn.

In addition, Horus LV8 can be searched with Melody of Awakening Dragon, discarded with Trade-In, and summoned with Level Modulation, at the cost of your opponent drawing two cards. But then you can use Booby Trap E to set Royal Decree from your Graveyard, so Horus Lockdown can be easily incorporated with this Deck.

Plus, Mask Change II can be a good tech card for this Deck, since you send a max of 2 Dragons(One on your field with a Level, and one in your hand) to the Graveyard as you summon a Masked HERO. Dark Law makes it possible to use Handless Dragon against Dark World, Fabled, and Infernity, since they rely on the Graveyard and/or lame hands And yes, my Deck's name is a pun. Acid can be summoned by using Mask Change II on Coral Dragon: No loss in hand advantage, but your opponent can kiss their backrow goodbye.

How's THAT for a good Deck? ;)

Side Note: I'm honestly surprised anyone who's running Dark World or Fabled competitively isn't using this Forced Requisition. It's really good. RedEyesBurn69 (talkcontribs) 02:21, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

Re: Drop Draco[edit]

Because Crusadia Reclusia's Japanese text literally says, "You can only Special Summon this card using its '1' effect once per turn, and you can only use its '2' effect once per turn." Drop Draco just says, "You can only use each of its '1' and '2' effects once per turn." It doesn't use the same restriction as Crusadia Reclusia does. Card texts are worded using their PSCT equivalents, and the PSCT equivalent here is "You can only use each effect... once per turn."

While it's true that in real life, there's probably no interaction that can cause a difference between these two restrictions, they're still technically different, and there may be some weird anime effect that cares about it. MadRest (talkcontribs) 15:32, 2 September 2018 (UTC)