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Errata Question[edit]

Errata may still be necessary even if the lores are the same. Some examples include the Different Dimension (D.D.) cards. On some of the original cards the name starts "D. D." (space between first period and second D", then on later cards the name is "D.D." (no space), but the lores are the same. Be careful with the lores. Sometimes the lores look identical but only one word is changed. I just finished one of those. See Nova Summoner. On the original lore the last two words of the first sentence is "the Deck". On the errata lore it is "your Deck". This is hard to see unless you do a comparison word-for-word. Another example is one of the Amazoness cards. The original card had an ATK of 1300, and the later cards had an ATK of 1500. Later on I'll also be doing errata on all of the "Magic" cards showing the change in attribute from "Magic" to "Spell". I've already updated the Templates to include that change.

Right now, I'm not using the templates for new errata just to put something there. I'm in the middle of a personal project (building a spreadsheet database to keep track of all my and my son's cards). Once that is done, I'll be going back over all the errata and making sure that all the errata are standardized. --Astromath 00:01, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

  • I just finished STON about an hour ago. What I am doing is updating errata as I build my database. Which means I just finished the STON section of my database. Now I am working on FOTB. I'm going in order that the booster series is listed in the dropdown box on the home page. Once I get the booster series done, I'll be going on to the Deck dropdown next. I'm doing the errata because I need the updated errata for my database.
  • Another thing about the errata templates that I'm doing is showing all versions of each errata. See Sakuretsu Armor for an example of this. All Prefixes are in order of release date. However, there is one exception to this rule: once in a while you will find a series where the original has been errata'd, then a new series comes along and errata's the first errata back to the original by release dates. When that happens, then each series gets its own errata.

--Astromath 01:56, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

Comment on Trivia[edit]

If you want to look at the Trivia pages, a lot of them include differences in artwork between the OCG and TCG versions. These really need to go to the Artwork pages along with the individual artwork showing the changes. This is another piece of work I have planned for later on, but if somebody else wants to "fix" these, be my guest. --Astromath 00:06, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

My decks[edit]

You asked earlier what I used for decks. I now have them posted if you want to see them. --Astromath 03:15, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

i hate 5ds to[edit]

i agree on those stupid speed counters and old yugioh.i also hate all the anoyying speed related comments such as lets catch up to speed with yugioh 5ds.--Gyzarus 04:42, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

I really don't want 2 hear this comment anymore![edit]

When i said that they were running out of ideas in 5Ds, it was my honest opinion. Now, that doesn't mean that i hate 5Ds in general. It's great, but editors really need to realize that the Dark Singers ark is da 2nd season, not da 1st!!! Anyway, im back, and if i hear anymore "i hate 5ds too" or "They should uv never made 5Ds", well, i can't do anything, but just don't do it, k? Mr.Archfreak


what are you willing to trade for cosmos fortress ultimate rare version but i will only trade in person so i'll need to know where you are located Sammykill98 02:13, September 10, 2009 (UTC)