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A few pointers...[edit]

Uploaded Filenames:

TwoTailedFox (who happens to be the creator of this site) is currently working on a way of creating card image galleries for all sets. So, he'd appreciate it if people uploading images would standardize the file names as follows:

  • CardNameSET-LN.jpg
  • CardNameSET-LN.png


CardName is the official UDE English name of the card (if it exists in the English TCG) OR, the commonly-accepted English translation of the card's name (if it does NOT exist in the English TCG). If you're dealing with Japanese OCG-only cards, a good source of accepted English name translations are the numerous Yu-Gi-Oh! video games. If at all possible, try to get the name from the NEWEST of these (i.e., try WC6 first, then NTR, then WC5, and so on).

SET is the two- or three-character abbreviation used for the set's name (e.g., MFC for Magician's Force, 301 for "The New Ruler", etc.). Some early cards have no set abbreviation. In this case, certain "in house" abbreviations have been decided upon. These currently include:

  • Booster 1 = 1
  • Booster 2 = 2
  • Booster 3 = 3
  • Booster 4 = 4
  • Booster 5 = 5
  • Booster 6 = 6
  • Booster 7 = 7
  • Volume 1 = V1
  • Volume 2 = V2
  • Volume 3 = V3
  • Volume 4 = V4
  • Volume 5 = V5
  • Volume 6 = V6
  • Volume 7 = V7
  • Starter Box = SB
  • EX Starter Box = E
  • Premium Pack 1 = P1
  • Premium Pack 2 = P2
  • Dark Ceremony = DC
  • Limited Edition 1 = L1
  • Limited Edition 2 = L2WJ (LE2 has printed set abbr. WJ since it was distributed by W-Jump; L2WJ distinguishes them from later W-Jump promos)
  • Valuable Book 1 = VB1
  • Duel Monsters 1 = G1
  • Duel Monsters 2 = G2
  • New Duel Monsters 1 = S1
  • Duel Monsters 1 (Tournament) = DM1
  • Duel Monsters 2 (Tournament) = DM2
  • World Standard Championship 1 = WS1
  • World Standard Championship 2 = WS2
  • Asian Championship 1999 = T1

LN is a two-letter abbreviation indicating language. Designations currently in use are:

  • EN = English
  • JP = Japanese
  • FR = French
  • C = French-Canadian (LOB, SDY and SDK only)
  • DE = German
  • IT = Italian
  • KR = Korean
  • PT = Portuguese
  • SP = Spanish

For example, the "HellPolymer.jpg" you uploaded should have had its name standardized to "ChthonianPolymerDP2-JP.jpg", since the official UDE English name of the card is "Chthonian Polymer", the picture is from the DP2 set, and the language of the card is Japanese.

Card Pictures:

THIS IS MAJOR. As you hopefully noticed before starting to edit pages on Yugioh Wikia, ALL submissions must be

a) written by yourself; OR b) copied from a PUBLIC domain or similar free resource.

THIS INCLUDES PICTURES! Any card images that have site names overprinted on the picture should NOT be uploaded. Most of the pix you've added are ok, but new pix need to be found for "Feather Shot" (has insignia overprinted near top-left corner of card) and "Sorcerer of Dark Magic" (has insignia watermark over entire card).

A good source of pix is Even there, though, you need to keep a close eye on the stuff you save off, as although most of their pix are clean, some (although very few) are marked.

Another small point: Although the size limit on pix is a recommendation, not a law (not yet, anyway!), it is a very reasonable one. It may be nice to have a card picture that fills the entire screen, but the larger the picture, the more space it takes up in Wiki's mainframe, and the longer it will take to load for those accessing Yugioh Wikia from older systems.

So, try to keep your pictures around 300 × 450 pixels, with no overprinted site advertising, and they should be fine.

Other than that...?

Well, other than those two points, what you're doing seems to be looking ok so far. If anything major is wrong, TwoTailedFox will let you know.

If you want any help, whether to check accepted English translatios of OCG names, or suggestions on improvements, whatever, give me a shout. You can leave me a message on my Discussion page, or IM me at <>, and I'll get back to you. (I'm usually online for at least 3 to 4 hours a day, quite often more, so it shouldn't take that long.)

Good luck for now, and keep on editing!

--Narchibald84 11:27, 30 July 2006 (UTC)