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  • Serves as home and transportation for 8.8 million Velgians.

Yudias Velgear

Valvelgear (バリベルギャー, Bariberugyā) is Yudias Velgear's spaceship in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!.



Valvelgear's profile combines aspects of a classic UFO and a Goha Enterprises Drone. It has a saucer-shaped dark bluish-grey body with orange and blue lights that are visible at larger sizes, a "head" atop the body topped with a single red "eye", a spire at the bottom possibly meant for anchorage while landing, and twin thrusters on each side capable of rotating and tipped with orange blades at the rear.

Valvelgear contains many more rooms than it appears to; an airlock that Yuhi and Yuamu Ohdo initially enter and a gigantic arena have been seen thus far. The arena is apparently able to house all of the Velgians living within on massive domed hovering platforms, and can create artificial gravity. It is also capable of deploying electrical fields for punishment and containment purposes.

Valvelgear is capable of changing size; its most common size on Earth is around the size of a Goha Enterprises Drone, but it has been shown to shrink even smaller. Its largest size has been depicted as at least several meters. Valvelgear can also camouflage itself to appear invisible regardless of size, and project the voices of its occupants and a spotlight. It is an incredibly fast spaceship, leaving Earth in mere seconds. Regardless of size, it is capable of containing 8.8 million Velgians without issue.


Yudias Velgear and 8.8 million Velgians fled the war that engulfed the Velgear Star Cluster in Valvelgear. Hearing of Rush Dueling, they traveled to Earth in Valvlgear to learn more about it in the hopes they could use it to save the Velgear Star Cluster.[1]

Valvelgear landed outside Mutsuba Town, creating a crop circle that gave away its location despite being cloaked and allowed Yuhi and Yuamu Ohdo to discover it. Valvelgear took off as soon as the Ohdo twins boarded it and returned to space with them aboard. Yuhi ended up Rush Dueling Yudias, and Yudias defeated him, securing the promise of learning about Rush Dueling from the Ohdo twins.[1]

Yudias began working for the Ohdo twins' alien extermination company, UTS, and Valvelgear shrunk to accompany him. Yudias and the Ohdo twins searched for a missing cat as per a request, and Yuhi tried to catch it, but bumped into the invisible Valvelgear; Yudias successfully caught the cat. When Yudias Rush Dueled Manabu Sogetsu, Manabu taught Yudias that Tributing his monsters was not a sacrifice, but his monsters entrusting victory to him; Yudias subsequently proclaimed this wisdom and Valvelgear projected a spotlight and the cheers of his countrymen on him. After Yudias defeated Manabu, Yuamu revealed Valvelgear and its personal to Manabu and his fellow MIK, claiming they had saved him from harm by defeating him.[2]


  • Valvelgear is similar to the TARDIS from the Doctor Who franchise; it appears to be bigger on the inside and capable of containing a vast quantity of people despite its relatively small size. The TARDIS contains a pocket dimension to accomplish this, though it has yet to be revealed whether Valvelgear operates on a similar principle.


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