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Vector's full force.

Vector's army (ベクター軍 Bekutā Gun)[1] is a large contingent of military vessels under the flag of the brainwashed (by Don Thousand) sovereign, Vector.


Consisting of numerous smaller ships, one humongous flagship where Vector commands his forces, numerous "Gorgonic Guardians" and a plethora of loyal soldiers, the fleet laid waste to countries across the world.[2]

The flag used by all the ships in the fleet.

Much of the force was destroyed in an attack against the United Lands of the Poseidon Ocean due to Marin's sacrifice, which called forth an ocean god to counter the other ocean god that was bound to Vector via his own blood sacrifice.[1] What remained of his army fled, laying waste to the areas they fled to, but King Nash's army pursued. Eventually, Vector challenged Nash to a Shadow Duel personally. The more monsters sent to the Graveyard, the more soldiers in the commander's army would die. Though Vector lost the Duel, the entirety of Nash's army was massacred due to Vector's ruthless mill strategy.[3]

Vector barely survived and limped back to his own kingdom, but Nash continued to pursue him. When Vector arrived, he slaughtered his remaining followers and the castle's servants. When Nash found him, they engaged in another Duel, with Vector losing again.[4]


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