Velgear Star Cluster

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The Velgear Star Cluster

The Velgear Star Cluster (ベルギャーせいだん Berugyā Seidan) is a location on the far side of the galaxy in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!, and the original home of Yudias Velgear and Zuwijo zir Velgear. They appear to be involved in battle, though the specifics are unknown.[1]

Known planets[edit]



Velgearians speak in the language "Velgearian" throughout the show. Multiple phrases are said without a translation. The following are known phrases:

  • Gyanari du zwai - Said by Yudias after Yuhi and Yuamu explain how powerful the effects of "Galactica Amnesia" and "Voidvelgr Hecatoncheir" can be.
  • Jo jon du - Said by Yudias when annoyed that he misplayed, when giving up as his group was surrounded by fire, and when tripping.
  • Vam bi do - Said by the 8.88 million followers when asked how Yuhi should be punished for humiliating Yudias and by Yudias after being sent flying.
  • Veeg vi bal du - Said by Yudias, Zuwijo and followers at the end of Zuwijo’s speech.
  • Vi bal du - Said by the 8.88 million followers when accepting Yuhi as one of them, by Yuhi and the 8.88 million followers when trying to repair the Valvelgear in Duel Disk form, and by Yudias and followers when chanting for Zuwijo.
  • Zabeil du gilai velgeardt - Said by Zuwijo after he loses to Yudias.
  • Zuba bi du - Said by Yudias at the end of a commercial.

Several Galaxy Type Normal Monsters also appear to have Velgearian flavor text:


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