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"Vernusylph Corolla"
  • はるしょう
  • 春化精 (base)
  • はるけしょう (ruby)
  • Harukeshō (romanized)
  • Vernalizer Fairy (translated)
  • Vernusylphe
  • Frühlingssylphe
  • Vernasilfide
  • 봄화정
  • Bomhwajeong (romanized)
  • Vernasílfide
  • Vernusilf

"Vernusylph", known as "Vernalizer Fairy" (はるしょう Harukeshō) in the OCG, is an archetype of EARTH Fairy monsters introduced in Power of the Elements.


"Vernusylph" is a portmanteau of vernus (the Latin word for "spring") and "sylph" (an invisible, mythological being of the air).

The theme's Japanese name is derived from the Japanese word「雪化粧」(Yukigeshō), which literally translates to "snow makeup", and refers to a scenery blanketed by snow.「春化精」substitutes「春」(haru "spring") for「雪」(yuki "snow") and「精」(shō "fairy") for「粧」(shō) in「雪化粧」, so that the first two characters form「春化」(shunka "vernalization"), the name of a phenomenon in which some plants will not flower if they were not subjected to winter-like conditions (such as prolonged cold) during their growth.


The "Vernusylph" monsters are based on fairies that tend to the land and cause natural phenomena to happen. The Level 4 monsters are winged pixies who carry baskets of flower crowns made of golden light. The Level 3 monsters are animals that have been given one of these crowns to become a fairy, as depicted in the artwork of "Vernusylph Corolla".

Playing style[edit]

"Vernusylph" is an archetype centered on supporting EARTH monsters. All Level 3-4 "Vernusylph" monsters share the once per turn effect of discarding themselves as well as either 1 other monster or 1 "Vernusylph" card to activate a unique effect, followed by a shared effect to Special Summon 1 EARTH monster from the Graveyard, at the cost of being unable to use monster effects, aside from those of EARTH monsters:

"You can discard this card and 1 other monster or "Vernusylph" card; [unique effect], then you can Special Summon 1 EARTH monster from your GY, also you cannot activate monster effects for the rest of this turn, except EARTH monsters'."

Vernusylph Unique effect
Flowering Fields Add 1 EARTH monster from GY to hand.
Awakening Forests Send 1 EARTH monster that can be Normal Summoned/Set from Deck to GY.[a]
Flourishing Hills Add 1 "Vernusylph" card from Deck to hand.
Thawing Mountains Draw 1 card.
Seedlings and Haze Add 1 EARTH Fairy monster from Deck to hand.[b]
  1. You cannot Special Summon a monster with the sent monster's name for the GY Special Summon effect component of the effect.
  2. Except "Vernusylph of Seedlings and Haze".

"Vernusylph" monsters also have effects on the field that give various benefits to other "Vernusylph" monsters; such as protection, ATK doubling, and even a second attack. This is supported by their Continuous Spell Card, "Vernusylph Corolla, which treats all EARTH monsters the player controls as "Vernusylph" monsters. The theme's Trap Cards support a more defensive playstyle, as "Vernusylph and the Changing Season" acts as a means of mass revival during the opponent's turn while "Vernusylph and the Flower Buds" acts as disruption that refills the hand of resources for next turn.

Their boss monster, "Vera, the Vernusylph Goddess", fuels this disruptive gameplay style through its ability to take control of monsters the opponent controls, treating them as EARTH monsters in the process, as well as the ability to bring back an EARTH monster from the GY during the opponent's turn. The ultimate goal is to amass a board of 5 EARTH monsters for Vera's final effect, to negate any monster effect your opponent uses once per turn and then destroy that monster, as well for their Field Spell Card, "Flower Bloom of the Vernusylph", which offers stat increase, an easy means of summoning Vera, as well as additional disruption.

Due to the nature of the theme's playing style, there are numerous EARTH monsters to use and take full advantage of their effects. Some examples include "Amorphage Goliath" to prevent the opponent from using their Extra Deck, "Dinowrestler Pankratops" for easy disruption, and "Mechanical Hound", due to the theme's ability to empty the player's hand swiftly.

Recommended cards[edit]