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Virtual World
"Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen"
  • でんのうかい
  • 電脳堺 (base)
  • でんのうかい (ruby)
  • Dennōkai (romanized)
  • Monde Virtuel
  • Virtualwelt
  • Mondo Virtuale
  • 전뇌계
  • 電脳堺 (Hanja)
  • Jeon-goegye (romanized)
  • Mundo Virtual
  • Mundo Virtual

"Virtual World" (でんのうかい Dennōkai) is an archetype of WIND Psychic & EARTH Wyrm monsters which debuted as The Valuable Book 22 and V Jump May 2020 promotional cards, and received its first support in Phantom Rage. It has a sub-archetype in the "Virtual World Gate" archetype.


The "Virtual World" monsters have designs based on Chinese and Japanese mythological animals and individuals, with sleek and cybernetic appearances similar to that of Cyberse monsters. Every "Virtual World" monster is either humanoid in appearance or has the appearance of an animal robot (except "Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou", which has both a humanoid and animal robot in its artwork).


The archetype's Japanese name, 「電脳堺」 (Dennōkai), is composed of the word 「電脳」 (Dennō) and the character 「堺」 (Kai). 「電脳」 is a non-standard Japanese word for "computer" borrowed from the Chinese word for computer, diànnǎo (Simplified: 电脑, Traditional: 電腦), and in Japanese usage is typically used for stylistic effect. 「堺」, read as jiè in Chinese, is a variant character for the character 界 (jiè), meaning "realm".

Individual "Virtual World" monsters feature a title and a given name. The title is made of up of 「電脳堺」 (Dennōkai) plus an additional title character, read in on'yomi (just like Dennōkai itself). The given name meanwhile always consists of a single reduplicated Chinese character, with the second character written using the kanji repetition character, 「々」.

Additionally, the given name is always read using an approximation of the character's Mandarin Chinese reading (applied as furigana, written in katakana), instead of the Japanese on'yomi reading. For instance, the given name of "Virtual World Kyubi - Shenshen", "Shenshen", is 「シェンシェン」 (Shenshen) in Japanese. The standard Japanese on'yomi reading of 「仙」 is sen, but it is read as shen because it approximates the Chinese reading for 仙, xiān.


Attribute Type Virtual World Origin
EARTH Wyrm Dragon Longlong Azure Dragon
Phoenix Fanfan Vermilion Bird
Kirin Lili Qilin
Oto-Hime Toutou Moon Rabbit
Shell Jaja Black Tortoise
Xiezhi Jiji Xiezhi
WIND Psychic Beast Jiujiu Fenghuang
Hime Nyannyan Hime
Kyubi Shenshen Nine-Tailed Fox
Mai-Hime Lulu The Dancing Girl
Roshi Laolao Rōshi

Playing style[edit]

"Virtual World" focuses on Synchro and Xyz Summoning monsters with Levels/Ranks that are multiples of 3. All members of the archetype have Levels/Ranks consisting of multiples of 3, at either 3, 6, or 9, and the Main Deck members have effects that allows them to Special Summon themselves from the hand or GY. Secondarily, "Virtual World" cards have effects focusing on banishing cards and recurring banished cards.

Four of the six Main Deck "Virtual World" members share the following once per turn effect to Special Summon themselves from the hand:

"If this card is in your hand: You can target 1 "Virtual World" card you control; send 1 "Virtual World" card of a different type (Monster, Spell, Trap) from your Deck to the GY, and if you do, Special Summon this card, then, [Additional Effect]."
Virtual World Level Additonal Effect
Xiezhi Jiji 3 In the End Phase, add 1 "Virtual World" monster from GY to hand.[a]
Kirin Lili 6 Send 1 "Virtual World" card of the third type from Deck to GY.[a]
Mai-Hime Lulu 3[b] Add 1 "Virtual World" card of the third type from Deck to hand.[a]
Roshi Laolao 6[b] Special Summon 1 "Virtual World" monster from GY, with a different name than the card sent to GY.[c]
  1. a b c Except a copy of itself.
  2. a b Also a Tuner monster.
  3. Summon in Defense Position, and negate its effects.

These shared and individual effects let the Deck easily swarm the field and mill their deck for useful cards, setting up their Synchro and Xyz plays. Using these effects applies a restriction to the player, that the rest of this turn, the player can only Special Summon Level/Rank 3 or higher monsters; this restriction fully disables Link Summoning.

Two "Virtual World" main deck monsters, "Virtual World Hime - Nyannyan" and "Virtual World Oto-Hime - Toutou", deviate from the other monsters' shared effects, and instead have effects that lets them Special Summon themselves from the GY as Tuner monsters. Using these effects will also apply the shared restriction as the other "Virtual World" monsters' Special Summon effects.

The "Virtual World Gate" Continuous Spell and Trap cards are the main targets for the targeting requirement in the Special Summon effects of the "Virtual World" monsters, as they allow "Virtual World" monsters to mill "Virtual World" monsters to make plays. "Virtual World City - Kauwloon" is the Deck's main searcher for "Virtual World Gate" cards, being able to directly place them from the Deck face-up in the Spell & Trap Zone - bypassing cards like "Denko Sekka".

Each "Virtual World Gate" card has two effects: a disruptive effect on the field, and a second supportive effect in the GY that require banishing themselves as cost. Notably, the GY effects of the "Virtual World Gate" Trap cards can only be activated in the player's own Main Phase.

Virtual World Gate Type Field Effect GY Effect
Chuche Trap Shuffle 2 banished "Virtual World" cards into the Deck, destroy 1 face-up card Level modulation
Qinglong Spell Banish 1 "Virtual World" card from GY, negate 1 face-up monster's effects Search a "Virtual World" monster, then discard 1 card
Xuanwu Trap Conditional battle position change Revive a "Virtual World" monster from GY, then discard 1 card

The Deck's swarming ability gives it a wide range of Level/Rank 3/6/9 Synchro and Xyz Extra Deck options, among which includes its in-achetype Extra Deck monsters. "Virtual World" Extra Deck monsters have largely generic summoning conditions and effects, providing board-breaking ("Jiujiu", "Fanfan", "Jaja"), disruption ("Longlong"), and floodgating ("Shenshen") effects, and loosely synergize with the Deck's use of banishing and its combination of monster Types and Attributes. Some notable external Extra Deck options include "Vermillion Dragon Mech" or "Number 39: Utopia Beyond", but easily the most notable and powerful option among them is "True King of All Calamities", which was the Deck's primary boss monster at its peak performance.

The archetype is typically played pure due to its requirements for "Virtual World" cards to activate its monsters' effects. Externally, the Deck primarily benefits from generic consistency cards like "Emergency Teleport". The archetype has situational synergy with "PSY-Framelord Omega" (usually summoned when the player is using "PSY-Frame" monsters as generic hand traps), as it can return banished cards to the GY.

Recommended cards[edit]