Volcanic Wall (Tag Force 3)

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TF3 / TF4 / TF5 / TF6 / Special

Volcanic Wall
Vorukanikku Wōru
Card type Spell
Property Continuous
Internal number 3772

Once per turn, you can send 3 cards from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard. For each Pyro-Type monster sent to the Graveyard by this effect, inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent. Your monsters cannot attack during this turn.

Obtained by

"Volcanic Wall" is available in the following packs:

"Volcanic Wall" can be obtained from the card converter by inputting 28 cards.


Other languages

Name Lore
French Mur Volcanique
German Vulkan Rad
Italian Muro Vulcanico
Spanish Muro Volcánico
Japanese ヴォルカニック・ウォール 1ターンに1度、自分のデッキの上からカードを3枚墓地へ送る事ができる。この効果で墓地へ送った炎族モンスター1体につき500ポイントダメージを相手ライフに与える。この効果を発動するターン、自分のモンスターは攻撃する事ができない。