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Vylon OTK, like most OTKs, focuses on depleting all your opponent's Life Points in a single turn by either Summoning a single monster with humongous ATK (known as Vylon Sigma OTK), or just swarming the field with numerous monsters to ATK (known as Vylon Element OTK).

Vylon Sigma OTK[edit]

This deck focusing entirely on Synchro Summoning "Vylon Sigma" and maxing out its ATK power by using multiple "Mage Power" and giving a second attack using "Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce".

  • Summon either "Photon Thrasher" or "Trident Warrior".
  • If using Trident Warrior, use its effect for Special Summoning "Vylon Cube". If Photon Thrasher is used instead, you can just simply Normal Summon Vylon Cube.
  • Synchro Summon "Vylon Sigma" using Photon Thrasher/Trident Warrior + Vylon Cube.
  • Activate Vylon Cube's effect, adding "Mage Power" to your hand, and equip it to Sigma.
  • Set Spell/Trap cards you can set, boosting Mage Power's ATK gain. (At least keep two Spell/Trap Zone empty)
  • When Sigma declares an attack, activate its effect and equip "Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce" into it.
  • With Tryce's effect, declare a second attack with Sigma, activate its effect again and this time, equip another Mage Power.
  • Assuming there's two Mage Power equipped along with Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce and two other Spell/Trap Cards, and both of Sigma's attacks are direct attacks the damage output is 3300 + 6300 = 9600.
Vylon Sigma OTK

Vylon Element OTK[edit]

This deck focusing on utilizing "Vylon Element" for Special Summoning numerous Tuner monsters from your Deck and accumulating enough damage to win the game. Depending on your starting hand, this combo can be carried out in many ways, but it is always involving activating "Vylon Element", then equip one of your Vylon monster with Vylon equip cards, then equip "Rod of Silence - Kay'est" to that monster and destroy the Vylon equip cards equipped to that monster, while activating Vylon Element at the same time. Element's effect will be Chain Link 1, and Vylon Equip effects will be Chain Link 2. Vylon Equip effects will add another Vylon Spell to your hand (preferably another Equip Card) and Element will Special Summon a Vylon Tuner from your deck. Rinse and repeat until you either run out of Tuners from your Deck or you run out of Equip Cards. With the last Equip Card you can use, search "Vylon Matter". Then, you can Xyz Summon monsters with whatever Tuners you're able to Special Summon and attack with all of them.

This deck is just basically a modification from the original Omega Lock deck, and it is following the same basic steps and principles like most Omega Lock decks.

Vylon Element OTK