War Rock

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War Rock
"War Rock Fortia", "Orpis", "Skyler", and "Gactos" clashing against an unknown monster in the artwork of "War Rock Ordeal".
"War Rock Fortia", "Orpis", "Skyler", and "Gactos" clashing against an unknown monster in the artwork of "War Rock Ordeal".

  • Rocher de Guerre

  • Kriegsfels

  • Roccia di Guerra

  • Caverguerra

  • Roca de Guerra

TCG Sets

A new combat-crazed World Premiere theme...

— Blazing Vortex promotional material

"War Rock" is an EARTH Warrior TCG World Premiere archetype introduced in Blazing Vortex.


"War Rock" is designed after primitive warriors, adorned in armor and tattoos, some to the point of mimicking animals.

Playing Style[edit]

"War Rock" focuses on an aggressive playstyle centered around spamming the boards with monsters, battling opponent's monsters, and giving boosts of 200 ATK to its members until the end of the opponent's turn after successfully activating their effects, allowing them to build up surprisingly high ATK in a short space of time. This is facilitated by their Field Spell, "War Rock Mountain", which can search a "War Rock" monster on activation and Summon a "War Rock" monster from the hand at the start of the Battle Phase while also protecting a "War Rock" from being destroyed by battle.

Alongside this, most members of the archetype includes an effect in order to Summon themselves or another "War Rock"/Warrior monster to the field under certain conditions; usually related to battling or being destroyed. The Level 4 members of the deck, "War Rock Fortia" and "War Rock Gactos", can Special Summon a Level 5 or higher "War Rock" monster from hand or Deck when sent to the GY by an opponent's card effect. "War Rock Skyler" can revive a Level 5 or lower Warrior monster in a Battle Phase where an EARTH Warrior battled, at the cost of Level 5 or lower monsters being unable to attack directly. "War Rock Bashileos" can Special Summon himself from the hand or GY if an EARTH Warrior monster is destroyed by battle, but is banished when he leaves the field. The only outlier currently to this mechanic is "War Rock Orpis", who can Normal Summon himself for free if you control no monsters or only Warrior monsters and can send an EARTH Warrior monster to the GY if an EARTH Warrior battles.

Recommended cards[edit]