We are the Ones

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We are the Ones was a candidate for the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's english dub's opening theme. Members of the 4Kids.tv website were able vote for it on that site. It lost to the song Hyper Drive.


In this universe where all the stars survive.
Speeding towards the future using all our might.
Here for the taking is how we charge life.
We've got technology and the will to fight.
So what's that? (What's that?)
When you hear our name.
Come a little closer and let me explain.

Ladies and gentleman, class is in session.

Woh-oh-oh-oh, (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
We are the ones, we are the ones!
Woh-oh-oh-oh, (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
We are the leaders of the pack!

Everybody wants to win the race.
But nobody can keep up with my pace.
Let's go.
You're just in our way.


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