Weather Report

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Weather Report
Wezā Repōto
Card type Monster
Attribute WATER
Types Aqua / Effect
Level 4 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg
ATK / DEF 950 / 1500
Password 72053645
Effect types


FLIP: Destroy all of your opponent's face-up "Swords of Revealing Light" on the field. If "Swords of Revealing Light" is destroyed, you can perform your Battle Phase twice this turn (or your next turn, if activated during your opponent's turn).

English sets


2004-12-01SRL-EN020Spell RulerCommon

North America

2002-09-16MRL-020Magic RulerCommon
2002-09-16SRL-020Spell RulerCommon


2003-10-24MRL-E020Spell RulerCommon

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Other languages

Language NameLore
French Bulletin Météo

FLIP : Détruisez toutes les "Épées de Révélation de la Lumière" face recto sur le Terrain de votre adversaire. Si "Épées de Révélation de la Lumière" est détruite, vous pouvez réaliser deux Battles Phases durant ce tour (ou durant votre prochain tour, si l'effet est Activé durant le tour de votre adversaire).

German Wetterbericht

FLIPP: Zerstört alle "Verräterischen Schwerter", die offen auf der Spielfeldseite deines Gegners liegen. Wenn "Verräterische Schwerter" zerstört wird, kannst du in diesem Zug zwei Kampfphasen durchführen (oder in deinem nächsten Zug, wenn diese Karte im Zug deines Gegners aktiviert wird).

Italian Previsioni Meteo

SCOPRI: Distrugge tutte le carte "Spada Rivelatrice" dell'avversario scoperte sul Terreno. Se una "Spada Rivelatrice" viene distrutta, puoi effettuare due volte la Battle Phase durante il turno attuale (o nel turno successivo, se questa carta è stata attivata durante il turno del tuo avversario).

Spanish Informe del Clima

VOLTEO: Destruye todas las "Espadas de la Luz Reveladora" boca arriba en el Campo de tu adversario. Si "Espadas de la Luz Reveladora" es destruida, puedes realizar tu próxima Battle Phase dos veces.

Japanese ウェザー・レポート


Wezā Repōto

FLIP: Destroy all face-up "Swords of Revealing Light" on your opponent's side of the field. If "Swords of Revealing Light" is destroyed, you can perform your next Battle Phase twice.

Korean 일기 예보

리버스 효과: 상대 필드 위에 앞면 표시로 되어있는 "빛의 봉인검" 을 전부 파괴한다. 파괴에 성공했을 경우. 다음 자신의 배틀 페이즈를 2회 실행할 수 있다.

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2003-10-22MDM-F020Spell RulerMaître des MagiesCommon


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2003-10-21SRL-G020Spell RulerSpell RulerCommon


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2003-12-01SDM-I020Spell RulerSovrano della MagiaCommon


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2004-09-01SDH-S020Spell RulerSeñor de HechizosCommon


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2000-04-20MR-20Magic RulerMagic Rulerマジック・ルーラーほうはいしゃCommon
2002-06-20DL1-013Duelist Legacy Volume.1DUELISTデュエリスト LEGACYレガシー VolumeボリュームCommon
2007-04-01TP01-JP005Tournament Pack 2007 Vol.1トーナメントパック 2007 Vol.1Common


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2004-05-07SRL-K020Spell Ruler마법의 지배자Common
2008-03-15TP01-KR005Tournament Pack 2008 Vol.1토너먼트 팩 2008 Vol.1Common


2002-10-24MRL-020Magic RulerCommon

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Video games

Video gameDate#NameCostStatus
5D's Tag Force 42009-09-17Present

Lores and sets

Video gameLoreSets
OnlinePack 15
5D's Tag Force 4Monsters 101 (Common)