Weevil Underwood (Duel Generation)

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Weevil Underwood
Weevil Underwood
English name
  • Weevil Underwood
Other language names
Insector Haga
Weevil Underwood
Bruchido Haga
Insector Haga
  • Male
  • Insect Evolution
  • Ultimate Insect
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation
Underwood, Weevil

Weevil Underwood is a Duelist Construct of Weevil Underwood from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series in the Virtual Dueling System. He is also the opponent that the player faced in Stage 1-3 of the Classic Campaign mode in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation. The player has to defeat him in a Duel in order to unlock the next stage and progress Campaign mode.


As a Duelist Construct, his appearance is based on Weevil Underwood, and the outfit is what he wore during the Duelist Kingdom arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series.


His English and German given name "Weevil" comes from Weevil, a small beetle with an elongated snout. Many types of said insect are also pests of crop, referring to his less than pleasant personality. His surname "Underwood" is played on "under the wood", possibly to compliment his Insect Deck.

His French, Italian and Spanish name "Haga" comes from Weevil's Japanese given name "Haga" (羽蛾) which literally means "Winged Moth", referring to his first ace monster, "Great Moth". It can also be played on the word "Hakazu" (剥がす) which means "to peel off", referring to the many types of insects that go through molting during their life cycle. His title "Insector" refers to his occupation of being a Insect Duelist. The Italian name "Bruchido" is the translated version of "Insector" in Italian.


There are a total of six rewards that the player can earn and received after defeating the Duel Construct in a Duel. The first two rewards are cards that come from the Duel Construct's Deck and the third reward is a recipe for their Deck. Then the fourth, fifth and sixth rewards repeated the same process of the three earlier rewards, but in a harder difficulty with a different Deck. In addition, the sixth reward will allow the player to have the Duel Construct's avatar and the ability to Duel them anytime between the two difficulty.

English French German Italian Spanish
Deck Name:
Insect Evolution
Non de Deck:
Évolution d'Insecte
Deck Name:
Nome Deck:
Insetto Evoluto
Nombre del Deck:
Evolución de Insecto
Signature Card:
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
Carte Emblématique:
Grand Moth Ultimement Parfait
Signature Karte:
Perfekte ultimative große Motte
Carta Signature:
Grande Falena Perfetta
Carta Signatura:
Gran Moth Definitivo Perfecto
Reward for Win:
Swarm of Scarabs
Scary Moth
Récompense pour la Victoire:
Nuée de Scarabées
Papillon du Chaos
Belohnung für Sieg:
Schaurige Motte
Premio per la Vittoria:
Sciame di Scarabei
Falena Spaventosa
Recompensa por Ganar:
Enjambre de Escarabajos
Polilla Terrorífica
Deck Name:
Ultimate Insect
Non de Deck:
Insecte Ultime
Deck Name:
Ultimatives Insekt
Nome Deck:
Insetto Finale
Nombre del Deck:
Insecto Definitivo
Signature Card:
Ultimate Insect LV7
Carte Emblématique:
Insecte Ultime LV7
Signature Karte:
Ultimatives Insekt LV7
Carta Signature:
Insetto Finale LV7
Carta Signatura:
Insecto Definitivo LV7
Reward for Win:
Flying Kamakiri #1
Creature Swap
Recipe & Avatar
Récompense pour la Victoire:
Kamakiri Volant N°1
Permutation de Créature
Recette & Avatar
Belohnung für Sieg:
Fliegender Kamakiri #1
Rezept & Avatar
Premio per la Vittoria:
Kamakiri Volante #1
Ricetta & Avatar
Recompensa por Ganar:
Kamakiri Volador #1
Intercambio de Criatura
Receta & Avatar


In the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series, during the Duelist Kingdom arc, Weevil uses a Deck that focused on evolving "Petit Moth" with "Cocoon of Evolution" and using Equip Spell Cards to power up his weaker Insect monsters. Then in the Battle City arc, Weevil utilized "Insect Barrier", "Parasite Paracide" and "DNA Surgery" to prevent the opposing monsters from attacking, and changing their monster Type to Insect.

In Duel Generation, the Duelist Construct plays a Deck called Insect Evolution which combines some element from both of Weevil's Insect Decks. The first element is the strategy of using "Petit Moth" with "Cocoon of Evolution" to evolve to its other forms, the second element is to uses the many Spell and Trap Cards to protect and buff his Insect monster ATK power, and the third element is to change the monster to Insect, so they can't attacked due to the effect of "Insect Barrier". With these three elements, Weevil can safely evolve his "Petit Moth" into his signature card "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth" which is one of the most powerful Insect monster in the game.

After the player defeat Weevil's Insect Evolution Deck three times, the next difficulty and Deck is unlocked. If the player unlocked this part early, they will be introduced to the concept of Synchro Summoning. The "Ultimate Insect" series isn't a Deck that Weevil used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series.

The Ultimate Insect Deck have the style on leveling up "Ultimate Insect LV1" to its other forms and weakening the opposing monster's ATK. This Deck focuses on a offensive and swarming approach in order for Weevil to level up his "Ultimate Insect LV1". Each "Ultimate Insect" can lower the ATK by a minimum amount and Special Summon their other form during the next Standby Phase. The offensive approach is to use "Solidarity" which can raise the ATK to 800 for monsters with the same Type as the monster(s) in the Graveyard, and since this is a Insect Deck, then this condition can easily be fulfilled. The swarming approach come from many of the Insect's effect to Special Summon from the hand, Deck or Graveyard onto the field without any drawback as the "Ultimate Insect" monsters can be Summoned anytime to lower the opposing monster's ATK.