White Warrior

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White Warrior
"White Warrior - Hail the Iron Hammer", "White Warrior - Snow the Rope Dart" and "White Warrior - Fog the Treasure Shield" being used by Bolton.
  • WWホワイト・ウォリアーズ
  • WW (base)
  • ホワイト・ウォリアーズ (ruby)
  • Howaito Woriāzu (romanized)
  • Weiße Krieger
  • Guerreiros Brancos
Anime appearances

"White Warrior" (WWホワイト・ウォリアーズ<, Howaito Woriāzu) is a series of cards used by Bolton, seen when he Duels Crow Hogan. They form part of what Bolton calls his "Anti-Blackwing" Deck.

They have a theme of water-based weather in their names (e.g Fog, Hail) as opposed to the "Blackwing" theme of wind-based names (e.g Gale, Foehn, North Wind). Their names are styled in the same way as the "Blackwings" in regards to name ordering. They are LIGHT Fairy monsters and focus on destroying opponent's cards, attacking directly, etc.