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  • Windy
  • Ignis's Control ID - IGN003[1]
  • Wind Ignis (風のイグニス, Kaze no Igunisu)
NicknamesIgnis (by SOL Technologies and the Knights of Hanoi)
  • Duelist
Anime DeckStormrider
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 1: "Link into the VRAINS"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
EnglishBryan Tyler[2]
JapaneseChihiro Suzuki

Windy (ウィンディ, Windi) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is one of the six Ignis, representing the WIND-Attribute. His Origin is unnamed. Windy was rewritten by Lightning to assist him in his crusade against humanity, and he is an antagonist in the second season, though he initially claims to be neutral.

He is crippled by the Knights of Hanoi after losing to Varis, and is later defeated by Soulburner, making him the second Ignis to be terminated. Flame kept his data, which allowed Windy to attempt to revive himself using Flame's data, but he failed and he and Flame were absorbed into Bohman during Soulburner's Duel with him. Windy was subsequently erased when Bohman was defeated.



Like all Ignis, Windy is a small digital humanoid being. When not in a solid form, his body is green prism-like data. Like other Ignis, Windy has markings over his light-green body; Windy has green curved lines on this head, hands, elbows, knees, feet and face. He has ovular red eyes, a side effect of his code having been rewritten. In comparison to other Ignis, Windy's body is notably shaped in a similar fashion to Ai's body with large shoe-like feet and a similar "magician's hat", but the top of Windy's head is longer and curves to a point. Windy is the smallest of all six Ignis in height.

After being affected by the Hanoi's virus and, his wounds were encrusted in black data and his face contained in a green cast. Once he was repaired, he wore bandages over his scars, a large cape, and an eye patch with the letter "W" on it over his damaged eye. After he was freed from Lightning's control as he was absorbed by Bohman, his eyes revert to their original droopy shape and indigo color and his original body returned to normal.[3]

When Windy emerges from Flame's Avatar during Soulburner's Duel with Bohman, his form is twisted and corrupted and his blackened scars have merged with his form. As he absorbs Flame's data his body regains its original shape and coloring. He can also transform his substance into a sickly green sludge.


Although Windy's true personality before getting rewritten by Lightning is largely unknown, afterwards Windy develops manipulative and cunning traits, pranking his fellow Ignis by having Echo take on the form of the monster that destroyed the Cyberse. He presents himself as cautious, but reasonable, refusing to help Ai and Flame directly, but offering to make passage through his fabricated Cyberse easier. In the dub, Windy speaks rapidly and breathlessly, rarely pausing or stopping, but sometimes dips into a monstrous register. He also makes more of an effort to appear affable, rather than his more openly malicious Japanese counterpart.

Like Lightning, Windy demonstrates a hatred of humans, and the notion of having a partner in particular. He caused his partner to get involved in a car accident purely because he didn't need him and constantly taunts Flame over Soulburner being a "nuisance". This bitterness continued to grow even more after his loss to Varis and near death due to a Hanoi virus, and he swore revenge on humans to the point he proceeded to destroy Soulburner through Flame's program. Windy views other Ignis who seek co-existence with humans as "human supporters" and looks down upon them. Despite Flame knowing his true personality, Windy denies any notion of changing, claiming to have always hated humans. During his Duels, he tends to let his guard down as he gains the upper advantage leaving himself open to the opponent's counterattacks, and he is easily annoyed when humans do things he does not expect them to do.

After being absorbed by Bohman, his personality presumably returned to normal.


Windy activates Storm Access.

Like other Ignis, Windy has the ability to summon a Data Storm, but he possesses greater control over it due to representing the wind element. With this power, Windy is able to use his Skill, Storm Access, even during Master Duels.

Lightning modified Windy's program to allow him to "curse" an Ignis if they absorbed his data, though it appears he is incapable of doing so to Bohman. Windy is capable of rewriting the data of the "host" Ignis from within, allowing him to project his Avatar from theirs and interact with other Avatars. He claimed he would devour Soulburner, presumably in a similar manner to how Ai does in his monster form, but Windy instead attempted to envelop him in his substance.



Windy and the other Ignis were created by Dr. Kogami to be the saviors of humanity. Alongside his fellow Ignis, Windy evolved and they created the Cyberse and the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted the AI and humanity would become enemies.[3] Despite this, Windy and the other Ignis continued developing the Cyberse; Windy's sector becoming a large forest with a curved jade tower and filled with wind. In Ai's words, the Ignis would never try to harm humanity, and would rather live in their own world.[4]

Windy and Flame are trapped by the Knights of Hanoi.

Kogami's son Varis and the Knights of Hanoi launched an attack on the Cyberse with three "Cracking Dragons". Windy and the other Ignis were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Varis and one "Cracking Dragon" chased Ai, who escaped and severed the connection to Cyberse's location. Windy and the others realized that Ai meant to hide their world, at the price of being unable to return. Just as Ai succeeded and gloated about it, the pursuing "Cracking Dragon" devoured him.[5]

Windy taking control of a taxi to kill his partner.

Afterwards, the Ignis held talks about whether or not to ally with humans. Lightning, who was the sole Ignis that desired to turn against humanity, rewrote Windy's code, turning him from a carefree being with no evil in him at all to his ally, a deranged individual that harbored a vicious hatred of humans.[1] Lightning's creation Bohman destroyed the Cyberse using the "Judgment Arrows" Link Spell Card. Deciding to rebuild their world, and separated from his friends, Windy set out to build a new world in the restricted area of LINK VRAINS, hoping his fellow Ignis would detect it, as well as the perpetrator of the incident in the Cyberse. In reality, Windy acted to lure Playmaker to Duel Bohman and allow Bohman to evolve. At another point he caused a car accident in an attempt to kill his Origin, simply for the reason that he didn't need him anymore.[6]


Windy was contacted by Ai and Flame, who were accompanied by Playmaker and Soulburner. After pranking them by having Echo take the form of "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas", Windy revealed himself and introduced himself to the other Ignis, explaining that he was rebuilding a world for the Ignis. Flame pointed out they were after Bohman, who not only had stolen Jin's consciousness, but also had the card used to destroy the Cyberse, and suggested he could've escaped to a world inside Windy's world. They then asked Windy to join them, which he promptly refused, as those statements had no evidence (in the dub, Windy instead refuses due to wanting to continue developing his world). However, Windy said he could weaken the winds near the area where Bohman supposedly escaped to, under the condition that Playmaker and Soulburner defeat the two invaders, Ghost Gal and Blue Gal.[7] After Playmaker defeated Bohman, Windy caused the wind field they were Dueling in to disappear, forcing Playmaker and Soulburner to log out.

Following this, Windy altered his world into a crude reconstruction of the Cyberse, with his palace outside its boundaries. He and Lightning decided to recruit Ai to their cause, and they set up a site with a crossword puzzle that offered an Ai pin as a reward in order to lure him to Windy's Cyberse. Windy removed the lock on Yusaku's Duel Disk to allow Ai to enter the Cyberse, and sent a fabricated "Linkuriboh" to bring him to the palace. Windy casually greeted Ai, surprised that Ai was insisting they speak human languages rather than Ignis. He claimed that he had called Ai for a meeting to rebuild the Cyberse, and Lightning revealed himself. They discussed the destruction of the Cyberse, and Ai revealed that he had since met Earth, who had claimed that Aqua had predicted the destruction of the Cyberse. Windy teased Ai over his simplistic names for the Ignis and suggested that Aqua could have been a traitor, keeping Lightning's involvement secret from Ai. Sensing Playmaker's approach, Windy put an end to that discussion, and he and Lightning revealed their plan to subjugate humanity to Ai. Windy acted flippantly in regards to the desires of humans, while Lightning presented a more reasonable approach. Playmaker then arrived, and Windy greeted him in a friendly manner. Playmaker deduced their goals, and that they were already viewing humanity as their enemies, and stated that he desired a peaceful solution. Ai agreed, asking Windy and Lightning to allow him more time to decide. Windy was impressed by Ai's wisdom in stalling for time, but he and Lightning combined their powers to imprison Playmaker and Ai and Windy conjured a Data Storm to rewrite Ai's personality, claiming that he hated how slow he was.[8]

To Windy's shock, Varis arrived and dispelled his Data Storm, announcing his intention to kill them.[8] Windy was surprised that Varis and the Knights of Hanoi had been able to find them, and Varis warned him not to underestimate them. Deciding that talking to Varis was pointless, Windy eagerly volunteered to Duel him, curious to test the skills of someone who had pummeled Playmaker. Varis began by Link Summoning "Dillingerous Dragon" and Setting two cards, which Windy destroyed with the effect of "Stormridership Rockbuster". He was shocked to learn that he'd destroyed the dangerous "Magic Cylinder", especially when Varis re-Set it, and was going to hold off attacking until Varis revealed that the effect of "Dillingerous Dragon" would destroy "Rockbuster" and damage Windy if he didn't attack. Windy subsequently chose to attack, negating "Magic Cylinder" with "Stormrider Harpiarm" and destroying "Dillingerous Dragon". Windy mocked Varis over the Duel not proceeding as he'd thought, and Varis brought out his ace monster "Borreload Dragon". Windy countered by stealing "Magic Cylinder" and negating the effect of "Borreload" with "Stormrider Turbulence", forcing it to attack and be countered by "Magic Cylinder", reducing Varis to 300 LP in an instant.[9]

Windy offered to spare Varis if he surrendered, though Varis refused his offer as he believed Windy would never spare them given what he did with his partner. Ai was shocked that Windy harmed his partner, though Windy simply claimed not to need him as a partner would have been annoying. Varis declared that they could never coexist with the Ignis, and he counterattacked with "Speedburst Dragon", inflicting damage to Windy equal to the damage he'd taken, restoring some LP, and then destroying "Rockbuster", much to Windy's shock and fury. Varis claimed Dr. Kogami regretted creating them, though Windy insisted that they were Kogami's greatest achievement and that he thought of Varis as a failure. Varis spurned his beliefs, and Windy claimed not to care, reviving "Rockbuster" and using "Storm Access" during the Master Duel to obtain "Stormridership Bahamut Bomber", destroying Varis's monsters and reducing him to 100 LP. The other Knights of Hanoi, Soulburner, and Flame then arrived, and Ai revealed to Flame that Windy and Lightning had captured them. Windy was disgusted to see another human sympathizer, and Lightning attempted to capture them, but Flame used a program to protect them and free Ai and Playmaker. To Windy's shock, Varis then Summoned a Tuner monster, Synchro Summoning "Borreload Savage Dragon" and equipping it with "Borreload Dragon". Windy seized his chance to activate the effect of "Bahamut Bomber", attempting to defeat Varis, but the effect of "Savage Dragon" negated the effect of "Bahamut Bomber", allowing "Savage Dragon" to destroy it and defeat Windy. Windy called out for Lightning, who ignored him as the Knights of Hanoi unleashed a virus on Windy, impaling him with spikes that began dissolving his body. Windy weakly called out for Lightning again, and Lightning eventually rescued him after Ai also called for him. Windy's body remained maimed and still deteriorating.[6]

Windy continued to deteriorate as Lightning revealed to Playmaker, Soulburner, the other Ignis and the Knights of Hanoi that he had been behind the theft of Jin Kolter's data, and Windy weakly laughed when Lightning claimed to not be as cruel as Windy had been in dealing with his partner. Lightning cut things short for Windy's sake, due to the powerful virus that continued to infect him, and he fled with Bohman and Harlin, having Jin squeeze Windy's remains to force him to unleash a Data Storm to allow Bohman to approach Playmaker.[10]

Lightning took Windy to his palace, healing him in a fountain of green liquid, though his program could not be completely repaired due to the effects of the virus. As his body was reconstructed, Windy cursed the humans that had done this to him. Lightning arrived and commented on Windy's battered appearance, and he informed him that Earth had been terminated by SOL Technologies and that Aqua had escaped and joined Playmaker's side. Windy celebrated Earth's demise, believing they'd have had to eliminate him themselves if SOL hadn't, and claimed that he'd have crushed Aqua were it not for his injuries. Lightning told him to go to Mirror LINK VRAINS, explaining that Bohman's task was nearly complete, while he remained behind to Duel The Shepherd.[11]

Later, they detected a powerful scan program, and Lightning realized that Mirror LINK VRAINS had been discovered sooner than he anticipated. Windy was unfazed by Bohman still completing his operation, suggesting that they strike back without him, vowing revenge for his injuries.[12] Lightning trapped Playmaker's team in separate locations, and Windy complained about having to do so much work. Lightning explained that he had separated the humans to prevent them from using their bonds against them, so Windy suggested that they defeat the humans one-by-one to install fear in them, regardless of revealing Lightning's plan. He captured Frog and Pigeon, trapping them with explosive collars and forcing them to broadcast their Duels to the other humans.[13] Lightning Dueled and defeated Specter, claiming his data, and Windy celebrated his victory, before wondering who was next.[14]

Flame absorbs Windy's data after his loss.

Windy was eager to Duel Varis again to get revenge for his injuries, but Lightning warned Windy that he had lost his cool and that he wanted him to defeat someone else first. Windy realized that Lightning wanted him to Duel Soulburner after telling him that Bohman would likely Duel Blue Maiden. He transported to Soulburner's location with Echo, Frog, and Pigeon, ordering the journalists to film their Duel. Windy taunted Flame and Soulburner, claiming they were "super weak", though Flame replied that they would prove him wrong by defeating him and asked how Windy had become so twisted. Windy claimed he had always been this way and that he didn't want forgiveness, deciding that he was tired of talking and beginning the Duel. He brought out "Bahamut Bomber" on the first turn, manipulating Soulburner's cards to look at his hand and damage him before he even took a turn. Soulburner Link Summoned "Salamangreat Heatleo", but his eagerness to Duel clashed with Flame's desire for caution, prompting Windy to gleefully call Soulburner a nuisance. When pressed by Windy about what he felt when he eliminated his partner, Windy claimed to have felt nothing, infuriating Soulburner and Flame. Windy ignored their outrage, taking advantage of their Field Spell Card to activate his own and negate the effects of "Heatleo", manipulating their attacks to his advantage. He destroyed all of their monsters, claiming that his wind would blow out their flames.[15] Windy watched carefully as Soulburner began activating Equip Spell Cards, finally deciding to use the effect of "Bahamut Bomber" to destroy Soulburner's "Salamangreat Claw". But Soulburner had been waiting for Windy to try to destroy his card, and he retrieved "Salamangreat Claw" with the effect of his "Salamangreat Falco", before Reincarnation Link Summoning "Heatleo" and re-equipping it with "Claw" to allow it to attack three times. Windy feigned fear, but allowed his LP to fall below 1000 before ending the Battle Phase, allowing him to use "Storm Access" the next turn. Soulburner and Flame argued again over whether Soulburner should Set another card, much to Windy's mirth. He acquired "Stormriderflagship Custom Bahamut Bomber" with "Storm Access", using its effects to destroy Soulburner's Spells and Traps. But this saved Soulburner, as the effect of his destroyed "Salamangreat Ascetic" Trap allowed him to block Windy's attack by reviving "Falco". To Windy's shock, Soulburner Xyz Summoned "Salamangreat Miragestallio", using its effects to bring out "Salamangreat Beat Bison" and negate the effects of Windy's cards, then reincarnated "Heatleo" again and reduced the ATK of "Custom Bahamut Bomber". He defeated Windy, destroying Echo, and Windy angrily asked why he'd lost. Flame claimed that Windy had lost because he was only trying to satisfy himself. Windy's data then began to burn, and Windy desperately screamed for Lightning's help again, but received no answer. Flame absorbed Windy's data to preserve him, and Windy angrily vowed that his hatred would curse Flame.[16]

Windy revives within Flame's programming.

As he promised, Windy's curse persevered. When Soulburner Dueled Bohman, Windy used the impact from one of Bohman's attacks to disguise his attack on Flame's programming. His corrupted Avatar emerged from Flame's, withering it to a husk and trapping Soulburner to devour him, heedless of Bohman's anger. Flame was able to restore his Avatar and re-absorb Windy, but the effort taken to regain control over his programming reduced him to data. Bohman eventually defeated Soulburner, absorbing his, Windy and Flame' data.[17]

After being absorbed by Bohman, Windy regained his original persona. Ai entered Bohman's body to rescue the other Ignis; Windy was catatonic when Ai found him. Despite this, Windy and the other Ignis channeled their remaining power to Ai in an attempt to stop Bohman; Ai was forced to leave Windy and the other Ignis in Bohman. Windy subsequently aided the "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" that had been created from their power with the attack "Neo Tempest Windy". Windy was erased when Bohman was defeated alongside his fellow absorbed Ignis, and as with all of the A.I. who had perished in the Ignis War, he did not return.[18]


Windy uses a "Stormrider" Deck, which is based around WIND Cyberse monsters. The Deck focuses on manipulating the opponent's Spell & Trap Zone using various effects to inflict effect damage and using Field Spells to negate the effects of his opponent's Link Monsters, increase the ATK of his own monsters, and force the opponent to engage said monsters in battle. Several of his card effects require him to have no cards in his Spell & Trap Zones or Main Monster Zones to activate; consequently, Windy is the only member of Lightning's organization who does not use the Link Spell Card "Judgment Arrows". To compensate for this necessity to have no cards in his Spell & Trap Zones, many of his monsters have effects that can be activated from the hand. Windy's Skill is "Storm Access", which his control over the wind allows him to activate even during a Master Duel, adding a random Cyberse Link Monster from a Data Storm to his Extra Deck when his LP is 1000 or less.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Ryoken Kogami/Varis 69-70 Lose
Theodore Hamilton/Soulburner 88-89 Lose


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