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Windy's Cyberse

Windy's villa in his Cyberse



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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 50: "A Common Cause"

Windy's Cyberse, also known as the Wind World, is a hidden digital world in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, created by the Ignis Windy after the destruction of the original Cyberse.[1] This world served as the base of operations for Lightning's organization until its destruction by the Knights of Hanoi.


Windy created this fabricated Cyberse after Bohman destroyed the original. He linked it to LINK VRAINS via a gate in the depths of LINK VRAINS' restricted area, claiming to Ai and Flame that he hoping to lure those who had destroyed the Cyberse to his world. He caused intense winds of Data Material to guard the canyons by the gap.[1]

After capturing the consciousness data of Jin Kolter, Bohman and Harlan returned to this world, where Lightning wiped Bohman's memories, altering him to make him believe that he was the true Yusaku Fujiki.[2][3] SOL Technologies sent a two-man research team to Windy's Cyberse, but the intense winds trapped and injured them. Akira Zaizen sent Ghost Gal and Blue Gal after them, also hoping to learn what the Ignis intended.[4] They sent their information to Playmaker, Ai, Soulburner and Flame, and all six of them entered Windy's world. Blue Gal and Ghost Gal were delayed by the winds and saving the rescue theam, but Playmaker and Soulburner were able to endure due to their Ignis projecting Data Storms as shields. Windy eventually weakened the winds and allowed them to come to his villa, where he pranked them by having Echo assume the form of "Paradox Hydradrive Atlas". He claimed that he was hoping to rebuild the Cyberse and that he knew nothing of Bohman, but hinted that there had been a small disturbance near the edge of his world. He weakened the winds on the way under the condition that Playmaker and Soulburner defeat Ghost Gal and Blue Gial to log them out.[1] Soulburner recklessly challenged them, defeating Blue Gal and then giving Ghost Gal a program to log out with, while Playmaker continued on to face Bohman.[5] They Dueled on two statues in a field of clouds, and Playmaker was able to defeat Bohman, but Windy's Cyberse apparently began to destabilize upon Bohman's loss, and Bohman vanished without returning Jin's consciousness, forcing Playmaker and Soulburner to log out empty-handed.[3][6]

Windy later reconstructed this Cyberse into a crude copy of the original, with painted backgrounds and props, and he and Lightning called Ai to them to enlist his aid in their crusade against humanity. Playmaker tracked Ai there, and after they attempted to leave, Windy and Lightning attempted to rewrite Ai's personality with a Data Storm. Varis then arrived, and revealed that the other Knights of Hanoi were destroying Windy's Cyberse with "Cracking Dragon".[7] He challenged Windy to a Duel as the other Knights defeated Windy's Echoes.[8] Although Windy pushed Varis into a corner, Soulburner and Flame arrived and they used data created by Kal Kolter to block Lightning's attempts to capture them and to free Playmaker and Ai. Varis then defeated Windy by Synchro Summoning "Borreload Savage Dragon", and the Knights of Hanoi unleashed a virus that began to dissolve him until Lightning saved him. Bohman and Harlan then arrived, and Lightning revealed that Jin had been present the entire time.[9] Lightning confirmed that he had been responsible for the destruction of the original Cyberse, and he declared war on humanity and fled with Windy to heal him. The Knights of Hanoi led SOL Technologies' Bounty Hunters, The Shepherd, Kenchi and Yozaka to Windy's Cyberse and Lightning unleashed his legion of Bit and Boots to combat them. Bohman then challenged Playmaker to a Speed Duel and revealed his origins as an A.I. intended to succeed the Ignis, while Soulburner continued to pursue Lightning and Jin.[10] Bohman was able to survive Playmaker and Ai's instinct-fueled attack, and he used "Storm Access" on his next turn inside the dense Data Storm that surrounded the replica of the Ignis Tower to obtain "Rousing Hydradrive Monarch" and push Playmaker into a corner. Ai then granted Playmaker a new Skill, "Neo Storm Access", that allowed Playmaker to do the same, obtaining and Synchro Summoning "Cyberse Quantum Dragon". Bohman was forced to end the Duel in a DRAW, and he, Lightning, Jin, and Harlan all escaped, leaving the fabricated Cyberse to burn.[11]

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