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"Meklord Emperor Wisel".
  • ワイゼル
  • Waizeru (romanized)
Anime appearances

"Wisel" (ワイゼル Waizeru) is an archetype of DARK Machine monsters used by Primo (and later Aporia) in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It is a group of monsters that assemble to act as one complete monster, the humanoid robot "Meklord Emperor Wisel". "Wisel" is one of the three "Meklord Emperors", the other two being "Skiel" and "Granel".

In the anime, "Wisel" monsters are a mixture of EARTH and DARK, with "Meklord Emperor Wisel" itself being DARK. In video games, all of the "Wisel" cards are DARK.

The 5 basic parts are all Level 1 Machine-Type monsters, and in their artworks the monsters are surrounded by a green light. Some parts have upgraded versions: "Wisel Top 3", "Wisel Attack 3", "Wisel Guard 3" and "Wisel Attack 5" ("Wisel Carrier" being the only part not to have any upgraded form). The upgraded forms have higher Levels, corresponding to their numbers. The related card "Wise Core" can easily Special Summon all of the basic parts at once when it is destroyed by a card effect.

In the TCG and OCG, instead of being 5 separate monsters that combine into one, "Meklord Emperor Wisel" is a single Monster Card. "Meklord Emperor Wisel" can be Special Summoned when a monster its owner controls is destroyed by a card effect, similar to the effect of "Wise Core". The "Top", "Carrier", "Attack", and "Guard" cards have not been released in the TCG/OCG.

The anime version of Meklord Emperor Wisel and all its other parts appear in Tag Force 5, where the other parts support "" monsters. In Tag Force 6, Tag Force Special, and Duel Links, "Meklord Emperor Wisel" appears as a complete monster, and its other parts appear as separate monsters that support "Meklord Emperor" monsters.


The Wisel parts


Part Level 1 Level 3 Level 5
Body Meklord Emperor Wisel ∞ N/A N/A
Head Wisel Top Wisel Top 3
Right Arm Wisel Guard Wisel Guard 3
Left Arm Wisel Attack Wisel Attack 3 Wisel Attack 5
Legs Wisel Carrier

Assembled monsters[edit]

Monster Description
Meklord Emperor Wisel Assembled "Meklord Emperor Wisel"
Meklord Emperor Wisel - Synchro Absorption Signature move counterpart of "Meklord Emperor Wisel"
Meklord Army of Wisel "Meklord Army" soldier based on "Wisel"