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"Wonder Wings" (Wonderワンダー Wingsウィングス, Wandā Wingusu) is the sixth Japanese opening theme of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime, performed by Diamond☆Yukai. It debuted on October 6, 2013, and aired during episodes 124 to 145.

The single containing the full version was released November 13, 2013.


  • Episode 131 - Don Thousand's eye now appears in the background when Shark is gazing at the waterfall. When Marin appears alongside Nash, she shatters away. The montage of character images as Yuma and Astral remember moments from the series now zooms out, rather than staying still. The shot at the end showcasing the cast with Earth as a backdrop has been altered.


TV Version[edit]

Lyrics (TV Size)[edit]

Wonder Wings 連れて行くよ
まぶしすぎる世界へTake Off
いつも隣で おなじ夢見てた
Oh 向かい合うことで
創り出すのさ 新しい未来 シャイニングドロー
Wonder Wings 連れて行くよ
繋いだ手は ほどかぬまま
まぶしすぎる世界へTake off to the future

Wandā Wingusu Tsureteyuku Yo
Mabushisugiru Sekai e Teiku Ofu
Unmei wo Kimeru Dyueru
Saa Kimi no Kokoro Misete
Kotoba Ja Unmekirenai
Kanjō ga Sugata Arawasu
Itsumo Tonari de Onaji Yume Miteta
Kimi to Ima
Oh Mukaiaukoto de
Tsuridasu no sa Atarashī Mirai Shainingu Dorō
Wandā Wingusu Tsureteyuku Yo
Tsunaida Te wa hodokanumama
Kattobingu!! Taiyō yori
Mabushisugiru Sekai e Teiku Ofu Tu Za Fyūchā

Taken by these Wonder Wings
Let's Take Off towards a radiant world
This Duel will decide our destiny
Come, show off your heart (cards)
These feelings of mine which words can't express
are showing off
We've always dreamed the same dream,
Next to you, right now
Oh, as we face each other
Let's create a new future with our Shining Draw
Taken by these Wonder Wings
Don't let go of your hands
Fly to the sky, further than the sun
Let's Take Off to the Future, towards a radiant world

Character appearances[edit]

Duel Monsters[edit]

Card appearances[edit]

NOTE: Some cards were added in later episodes to the opening.

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