World Legacy

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World Legacy
"World Legacy - "World Chalice""
  • せいぶつ
  • 星遺物 (base)
  • せいいぶつ (ruby)
  • Sei'ibutsu (romanized)
  • Star Relic (translated)

  • Héritage du Monde

  • Weltvermächtnis

  • Eredità del Mondo

  • 성유물
  • 星遺物 (Hanja)
  • Seong-yumul (romanized)

  • Legado Mundial

  • Legado Mundial


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"World Legacy", known as "Star Relic" (せいぶつ Sei'ibutsu) in Japanese, is an archetype of DARK Machine monsters introduced in Code of the Duelist. It is related to, as well as supports, the "World Chalice", "Krawler", "Mekk-Knight", "Knightmare", and "Orcust" archetypes; the "Crusadia" archetype and "Guardragon" series are also thematically linked despite not being directly supported.


The archetype appears to be based on religious relics, as evidenced by its Japanese name (星遺物 is an homophone of 聖遺物, which literally means "Holy Relic"). Visually, they appear as huge tool-shaped artifacts embedded in the environment, giving them a feel of being ancient and long abandoned, each glowing with one of the colors of the rainbow.


As teased in the flavor text of "Chosen by the World Chalice", there are 7 original "World Legacies", which corresponds to the 7 archetypes as shown in the table below. The number 7 is also related to "World Gears of Theurlogical Demiurgy", who's based on Demiurge, the creator of the Seven Heavens and the Seven Archons.

Set Monster Level Color Associated archetype Related Field Spell Holy Relic Location
COTD World Chalice 5 Blue World Chalice World Legacy Discovery Holy Grail Deep inside the Celestial Forest
CIBR World Armor 7 Red Krawler World Legacy in Shadow Seamless robe of Jesus A wetland swarmed by Krawlers
EXFO World Shield 6 Orange Mekk-Knight World Legacy Scars Galahad's shield The ruins of an ancient city
FLOD World Lance 8 Violet Knightmare World Legacy's Nightmare Holy Lance At the outskirts of the Shield's city, driven into the coastline
CYHO World Crown 6 Indigo Crusadia --- Crown of thorns Hovering above a lake
SOFU World Wand 8 Yellow Orcust Orcustrated Babel Staff of Moses/Aaron's rod In orbit above the planet
SAST World Ark 7 Green Guardragon --- Ark of the Covenant Underground
CHIM World Key 1 Black --- --- --- Carried by "Lib the World Key Blademaster"


Playing Style[edit]

Many "World Legacy" monsters are either Anti-support for monsters Summoned from the Extra Deck or specifically act as Support/Anti-support for Link Monsters. In addition to often having effects designed to support their related archetypes (such as "World Armor" Special Summoning itself from your hand in response to a Flip Summon), many members have effects that require them to be Normal Summoned in order to receive their full benefits.

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