World Legacy

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World Legacy
"World Legacy - "World Chalice""
  • せいぶつ
  • 星遺物 (base)
  • せいいぶつ (ruby)
  • Sei'ibutsu (romanized)
  • Star Relic (translated)
  • Héritage du Monde
  • Weltvermächtnis
  • Eredità del Mondo
  • 성유물
  • 星遺物 (Hanja)
  • Seong-yumul (romanized)
  • Legado Mundial
  • Legado Mundial

"World Legacy", known as "Star Relic" (せいぶつ Sei'ibutsu) in Japanese, is an archetype of DARK Machine monsters introduced in Code of the Duelist.

It is related to, as well as supports, the "World Chalice", "Krawler", "Mekk-Knight", "Knightmare", and "Orcust" archetypes; the "Crusadia" archetype and "Guardragon" series are also thematically linked despite not being directly supported. These archetypes and series form a collective series of storyline cards, commonly nicknamed the "World Legacy storyline".



The archetype appears to be based on religious relics, as evidenced by its Japanese name (星遺物 is an homophone of 聖遺物, which literally means "Holy Relic"). Visually, they appear as huge tool-shaped artifacts embedded in the environment, giving them a feel of being ancient and long abandoned, each glowing with one of the colors of the rainbow.


As teased in the flavor text of "Chosen by the World Chalice", there are 7 original "World Legacies", which corresponds to the 7 archetypes as shown in the table below. The number 7 is also related to "World Gears of Theurlogical Demiurgy", who's based on Demiurge, the creator of the Seven Heavens and the Seven Archons.

Set Monster Level Color Associated archetype Related Field Spell Holy Relic Location
COTD World Chalice 5 Blue World Chalice World Legacy Discovery Holy Grail Deep inside the Celestial Forest
CIBR World Armor 7 Red Krawler World Legacy in Shadow Seamless robe of Jesus A wetland swarmed by Krawlers
EXFO World Shield 6 Orange Mekk-Knight World Legacy Scars Galahad's shield The ruins of an ancient city
FLOD World Lance 8 Violet Knightmare World Legacy's Nightmare Holy Lance At the outskirts of the "Shield's" city, driven into the coastline
CYHO World Crown 6 Indigo Crusadia --- Crown of thorns Hovering above a lake
SOFU World Wand 8 Yellow Orcust Orcustrated Babel Staff of Moses/Aaron's rod Towering in the sky, at the top of "Orcustrated Babel"
SAST World Ark 7 Green Guardragon --- Ark of the Covenant Underground
CHIM World Key 1 Black --- --- --- Carried by "Lib the World Key Blademaster"

Playing Style[edit]

Many "World Legacy" monsters are either Anti-support for monsters Summoned from the Extra Deck or specifically act as Support/Anti-support for Link Monsters. In addition to often having effects designed to support their related archetypes (such as "World Armor" Special Summoning itself from your hand in response to a Flip Summon), many members have effects that can only be activated if they are Normal Summoned.

Although most are intended to work with other Archetypes, it is still possible to build a pure "World Legacy" deck thanks to their large amount of support. "World Wand" can be sent to the GY from anywhere to Special Summon another "World Legacy" monster from hand, circumventing the difficulty of getting high level monsters into play, and the deck has strong draw power to find its starters, like "Orcustrated Return" and "World Legacy Survivor". The deck also possesses several searchers, such as "World Chalice", "World Armor", "World Crown", "Crusadia Krawler", "Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-Knight" and "Lib the World Key Blademaster". Some of the most important cards in the deck are those that assist consistency and allow the deck to stay alive until it can have an explosive turn. "World Shield" is a difficult monster for many decks to defeat and can return to the field repeatedly, while "World Crown" is one of the easiest monsters for the deck to summon and can negate effects. "World Lance" is notable for being a searchable hand trap that can save even small Link monsters from being destroyed by battle when the deck has to end on a weaker board.

Ultimately, the goal of "World Legacy" decks is usually to stall out the opponent with their effects that limit Extra Deck monsters until they can summon Link Monsters of their own. Because so many members have high levels, they can take advantage of Link Monsters some other swarm decks have difficulty making. Although "World Gears of Theurlogical Demiurgy" is a powerful monster that directly supports the archetype, it is rarely able to use its destruction effect in a pure build due to the fact that most of the members are DARK Machines. Nevertheless, it has a powerful 3500 ATK, immunity to Monster Effects, and the ability to Special Summon from deck. Another Link Monster that the deck synergizes well with is "Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos", which gains powerful protection when Summoned with at least one Level 7 or higher monster. The deck also has room to cheat out Cyberse monsters like "Accesscode Talker" with the help of "The World Legacy", and supports Cyberse monsters with "World Legacy Collapse" and "World Legacy Bestowal".

In general, however, it is often easier to use "World Legacy" cards in tandem with another Archetype, because many of their best cards have powerful Support effects that are useless in a pure build, and because their cards rarely lock the player into specific types of Monster. "World Chalice" cards are useful for "World Legacy" decks due to "World Legacy - World Chalice"'s second effect, and allow the deck to make a "Auram the World Chalice Blademaster" with high ATK. "Mekk-Knight"s can summon themselves using the deck's preponderance of Spells and Traps and assist in the goal of Summoning Link Monsters that require high level materials, Normal Summoning the bigger members, or even Summoning high level Xyz monsters. "Orcust" decks can take great advantage of sending cards to the GY and can summon large numbers of monsters to assist the deck in Tribute Summoning. They also allow "World Wand", one of the most important "World Legacy" cards, to use its second effect. "Crusadia" decks enjoy the Link support and can make good use out of some members' high ATK. Finally, "Krawler"s provide decent swarming capability and can take particular advantage of "World Legacy's Mind Meld" to give the deck a strong floodgate in the form of "Deus X-Krawler".

Recommended Cards[edit]

Recommended Cards
Main Deck


With no level 4 or lower monsters other then "World Key", pure "World Legacy" decks often have difficulty starting the game. Even with "World Key" available, the deck's swarming takes time and tends to rely on Spells and Traps that need set-up, like "World Legacy Landmark" and "World Legacy Succession". This means that getting enough monsters onto the field to actually Normal Summon its bigger monsters can be extremely difficult.

Despite its large number of searchers, many of them require set-up time as well, like "World Chalice" and "Crusadia Krawler" being unusable on the first turn. This makes it easy for aggressive decks to defeat "World Legacy" players before they can Summon anything notable, and leaves the deck with many "chokepoints" where interaction like "Ash Blossom" can leave them helpless. The deck also lacks strong protection effects even when it does manage to make a powerful board.

"World Legacy" decks have few unique boss monsters and thus often tend to use the same power plays as other Link decks, which makes them very predictable. Their most powerful draw cards also make it hard to play them with other engines, due to the chance of getting no value off of "Orcustrated Return" and "World Legacy Survivors", which further reduces their flexibility.

Although "World Legacy" decks have strong draw and recursion power once they get going, many of their most powerful effects depend on banishing cards that the deck has difficulty retrieving, leaving the deck with fewer recovery options when their Link Monsters are destroyed. Indeed, the deck is often so dependent on its Graveyard that cards like "Dimensional Fissure" can leave it incapable of mounting a defense.

Because the deck is so dependent on Link Summoning, Link Monster anti-support like "Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay" can severely threaten the deck. Furthermore, despite being a deck with Normal Summoning dependent effects, it still requires Special Summoning for most of its plays and is thus enormously vulnerable against effects that restrict that like "El Shaddoll Winda".

Many of the deck's more powerful effects are pointless if the opponent doesn't depend on monsters Summoned from the Extra Deck.

Being mainly a DARK Machine deck, the main deck monsters of the archetype are very vulnerable to the standard threats of Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, System Down, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, and so on.