World Racing Grand Prix (arc)

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World Racing Grand Prix

World Racing Grand Prix (arc)




Wārudo Raidingu Dyueru Guran Puri

Japanese translated

World Riding Duel Grand Prix

Alternate names


Anime storyline


Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Original run

24 February 2010 – 29 September 2010



Preceded by

Pre-World Racing Grand Prix

Followed by

Ark Cradle

Japanese opening


Japanese ending

Close to you

English opening

Hyper Drive

English ending

Hyper Drive

World Racing Grand Prix is the fourth arc of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime succeeding Pre-World Racing Grand Prix. This arc includes the preliminary and Semi-Final rounds of the World Racing Grand Prix tournament hosted in New Domino City.

Story Setting[edit]

In order to celebrate the unification of the Satellite Sector with New Domino City, New Domino City is hosting the World Racing Grand Prix sponsored by various people. Iliasters are aiming to use the WRGP to fuel their plans to complete the Grand Design. However, Yusei and co. participate as Team 5D's in order to stop their plan.


Messengers of Destruction[edit]

Team 5D's prepare to face up against Team Catastrophe, the leader of which, Nicolas, has been given a card of darkness by Primo. Team 5D's are later visited by Breo, and study the memory chips of Jean and Andre's Duel Runners, revealing something had caused their wheels to suddenly lock up and crash, the same reason why Crow crashed. After studying a video Carly gave them, the Signers believe it to be linked to a monster called "Hook the Hidden Knight". Akiza gets hit by the same phenomenon, and her Psychic powers fail, as she loses it, to save her from getting injured. Crow gets upset and wants to go beat up Team Catastrophe, but Yusei convinces him to settle it in their Duel. Despite his arm not being fully healed, Crow decides to take her place in their match against Team Catastrophe. The first round sees Crow against Hermann, who instantly summons "Hook the Hidden Knight". As it uses its effect against Crow's attack, Crow notices a strange hook aim for his wheel and barely manages to avoid it. It becomes clear to the others that this isn't a normal card. Yusei wonders just who Team Catastrophe is.[1]

Crow continues to evade the monsters shadow attacks, and manages to defeat it using "Black-Winged Dragon" and "Gravity Collapse". Nicolas then takes over as the next Wheeler, claiming he still has one more card of darkness and then says to Jack that "Hook the Hidden Knight" wasn't his only card of darkness, shocking the gang. He activates it in an attempt to finish off Jack, but is surprised that the card is damaging him as well, but Primo says he's served his purpose. Jack manages to save himself and Nicolas by using "Power Giants" effect. The explosion sends Nicolas's Duel Runner against a wall and blows up. Because they cannot pass their Duel runner on to their third person, they're defeated, resulting in Team 5D's victory. Sherry, who was watching the Duel try to see Nicolas's Deck, as she believes she has a lead to Iliaster, but the card she wants to look at vanishes. Meanwhile Primo sends out an army of Ghost, telling them to descend the City into chaos.[2]

Ghost Onslaught[edit]

The Ghosts invade the WRGP, Dueling people using Battle Royal rules. Those who lose crash. Primo watches, saying for them to draw the Circuit if they value their lives. Yusei and Jack learn about the Ghosts, and go Dueling the Ghosts, while Crow is talked into staying by Luna and Leo as he would just be a burden with his wounded shoulder. As Yusei, Sherry, and Elsworth deal with the Ghosts and defeat more, Primo has the remaining Ghosts all converge on them. Although they're able to ward them off at first with their Synchro monsters and Yusei using the Trap Card "Synchro Prominence", Sherry and Elsworth are overpowered and defeated, leaving only Yusei to stand up to them. As Primo observes, he says the true hell begins now for Yusei and laughs.[3]

Yusei is afraid that if the Ghosts attacks continue he will lose. At this time Bruno gets back part of his memory by Iliasters god. Transforming back to his original self, he calls forth his Delta Eagle and heads over to Yusei. Arriving just in time, he uses "Buster Shotman" to remove the monsters the Ghosts played. After they escape the Ghosts, Primo decides to take care of Yusei personally, but Bruno hits his Duel Runner to make him lag behind. Bruno then tells Yusei that in order to get out of this crises, he must surpass his limitations and learn the way of Accel Synchro. He tells him to sharpen his heart, and reveals that the Momentum energy is living energy similar to a persons heart, and thus in a certain state one can control the Momentum. After conquering his fear of the Meklord Emperor, Yusei relaxes and enters Clear Mind, warping from the current location and re-appears outside the city where a Tablet awaits him. Yusei touches the tablet, and Z-one grants him "Shooting Star Dragon" stating all possibilities must be made equal. Meanwhile Bruno faces off against Primo, but midway in, more Ghosts intervene, just as Yusei comes back to challenge Primo. Primo is angered when Jakob and Lester warn him that Yusei obtained a new power and had a meeting with God. Primo then transforms and merges himself with his Duel Runner as they begin their Duel.[4]

As Primo starts breaking glass, Yusei imagines Zero Reverse and then tells him to stop and rams him repeatedly. He asks why he's doing something like this to the city. In response Primo calls him a fool, and that going against him is to go against Iliaster and "God" (The three Emperors refer to Z-one as "God"). Yusei realizes his group is the one who tried to use Rex Goodwin and Roman Goodwin and bring destruction to the world. Primo responds Yusei was given a tablet and didn't even know that. He then laughs saying it seems God choosing Yusei was on a whim, so he'll crush him to his hearts content. Yusei readies his Deck and the two Duel with Primo's "Meklord Emperor Wisel" and Face-down "Divergence" already on the field. As the Duel progresses, Yusei wards off the Meklords effect to absorb his Synchros. Yusei eventually tries to use Clear Mind by tuning "Stardust Dragon" and "Formula Synchron", but Primo's words block his concentration and it fails. Primo then absorbs Yusei's "Stardust Dragon", leaving him in a dangerous situation.[5]

Yusei is frustrated at his Accel Synchro failing, but Bruno notes Yusei's mind was clouded which is why it failed. Yusei struggles to hold out against Primo for a while, until he uses "Rescue Warrior" to get back "Stardust Dragon". Primo starts to cause a large tornado to go through the City, which causes havoc. Haluna gets sucked out of the building she and Akiza are in. Akiza wants to try using her powers, but decides not to rely on such things. Going outside, she manages to save the little girl, and realizes she no longer needs her Psychic Duelist powers. After some dialog between Yusei and Primo, Primo attempts to take "Stardust Dragon" again, but Yusei says "Stardust will not be taken again! I won't allow such tragedys to repeat again. For that reason, I'll protect this city with my own two hands." Yusei's Mark of the Dragon glows, as do the others. Yusei finally enters clear mind and performs Accel Synchro by using the bonds with his friends and the Marks, summoning "Shooting Star Dragon". Lester says something troubling just showed up, but Jakob finds it interesting and says "So that's the card God bestowed upon you. Our Destiny predicted by God is getting away from us. If the power of the human's coming towards us, we must watch carefully".[6]

Lester notes how great the Circuit is getting completed by this one Duel, but Jakob says this Duel alone won't be enough, for they must use the power of all the Signers. Yusei defeats Primo by attacking multiple times with "Shooting Star Dragon". Primo then breaks in half. Yusei goes over to him, but Jakob tells him he doesn't need the losers sympathe, as that's how a person of his calibre is. Upon seeing Lester, Yusei realizes he's the one who fought Leo and Luna. Lester says he was only testing them back then, and reveals that Lazar stole their Duel Engine program, which Yusei realizes that Primo then used them on the Ghosts. At this time Jack and Crow arrive. They learn that Iliaster is an organization that God created in order to guide the Earths history. Jakob says they existed since Ancient times. Sherry later shows up and asks if they were the ones who murdered her parents. Jakob says he can't remember the people who vanished for the sake of guiding history. Sherry trys to take him out with her Duel Runner, but Jakob catches it with one hand, saying she can't kill him with something like that. Elsworth trys to fight them, but is easily beaten. Jakob reveals that there is an unavoidable future because of Dr Fudo creating the Momentum. He also reveals they tried to use Roman to destroy it, but it turned out to be wasted effort because it did not vanish from history. He reveals they then came to this time to destroy New Domino City. Yusei asks what he means, but Jakob says if he wants to know the whole truth to enter the WRGP, as they will also enter. Jakob then obtains his tablet, gaining "Meklord Emperor Granel" and then leaves after briefly playing it for the gang to see. As the gang talk later, Yusei makes up his mind to settle things with the 3 Emperors in the WRGP.[7]

Journey to Nazca[edit]

Later Greiger has a dream of Jack being defeated by his own power. Jack is troubled and wonders if he can beat the Emperors with the way he currently is, to which Yusei says there is (Greiger contacted them). Sometime after they arrive 3 days later, Greiger talks about his Dark Signer crime, but Yusei tells him not to blame himself. Greiger then reveals that after the war between the Signer and Dark Signers, the Earthbound Immortals were re-sealed, and they built a temple to pacify them. He also says lately animals have been dying and people were spreading Rumors that it's the work of the Crimson Devil. He thinks this is just the collection of an entity that is slowly leaking from the ground, and feels something is coming back to the land. Yusei asks if there's relation between it and Iliaster. Worried, Jack begins to wonder if it is possible that the Earthbound Immortals could return. Greiger says he doesn't know, but laments he may not be able to seal everything. Greiger says he then had that dream about Jack being destroyed by his own power, and feels this isn't chance because he feels the same way he did when he was took over by an Earthbound Immortal. Greiger then has him Duel Max when Jack says power is his only way. As they Duel, Jack notices some cards that were not in Max's Deck (he also notices something dwells in him), and is overpowered by Max's strategy. Jack is upset and Greiger apologizes, saying he hoped Jack would find another method of fighting. Jack says he's not throwing away power and leaves on his Duel Runner.[8]

As Jack ponders the Duel, he arrives at a small village. Seeing only an old man, he asks what happened, to which the man responds that it is the work of the Crimson Devil. Jack questions if this is the village Greiger was talking about and asks where the other villagers are. The old man says they all fled the village. Jack then hears an evil laugh and follows it. After getting back to the old man, Jack demands to know what he is. The old man (whom is took over by Familiar of Red Nova) tells him he is the Crimson Devil's faithful servant. He tells Jack to ask what it wants and he'll grant it. Jack states he wants overwhelming power that nobody can overcome. In response the Familiar tells him to come to the shrine and then leaves the old man. Meanwhile Yusei questions why Greiger let Max Duel Jack. Greiger says he doesn't know why, and a bit later he realizes he had been used. Jack goes to the shrine and vanishes, and Max shortly informs Greiger and Yusei of it. They notice a hidden corridor which Greiger states they did not build. Jack meets the Familiar and demands to know where the Crimson Devil is. The Familiar says he's been locked away for a while and has waited for Jack all this time. Jack demands power, to which the Familiar tells him on the condition they first perform a contracted ritual. He tells Jack if he wins, the Crimson Devil will grant him overwhelming power. Jack accepts and asks what the ritual is. The Familiar tells him it's of course a Duel. Jack once more says he wants power, and is then hypnotized by the Crimson Devil into saying "Begin the ritual". The Duel begins just as Yusei, Greiger and Max arrive. Yusei attempts to run over to Jack, but the Familiar collapses the area so that he has no way to get to Jack, who's standing on a rock in the middle. He also blasts their exit so they can't escape. Yusei calls out to Jack who regains control only to see Yusei blasted against the wall by Familiar. Greiger apologizes to Jack, saying he and Max have both been used by the Crimson Devil to bring him to this country. Familiar although found out, states the ritual has already started. Jack says that's invalid, but the Familiar won't allow it, and once again reminds Jack he'll gain power if he wins, but if Familiar wins, Jack's body will become the Crimson Devils. Jack is surprised, while the Familiar says by taking on his flesh, the Crimson Devil will revive from 10,000 years of slumber. After a bit more talk, the Duel begins. As the Familiar blocks his power strategy, Jack realizes that the Familiar was the one controlling Max. Eventually the gang notice a red snake energy figure below Jack. Greiger remembers and says the Crimson Devil is an Earthbound Immortal. He states it is an Earthbound Immortal that was sealed away 5000 additional years before the other Earthbound Immortals. It fought the Crimson Dragon to exhaustion and was sealed in a hieroglyph, and that it is called Scar-Red Nova. The Familiar says that's right, an Earthbound Immortal not even the Dark Signers could use is his master. Jack begins to feel afraid. Outside, a sky geoglyph of the Immortal appears along with Dark purple flames.[9]

As the Duel continued, Scar-Red Nova kept getting stronger and was starting to brake free from its imprisonment. It tried to blow Jack off the rock, but Jack hanged on and got back up. Greiger notes how there was a Legendary Signer 10,000 years ago when the Crimson Dragon and its servants fought Scar-Red Nova. Using Burning Soul, he sealed the Earthbound Immortal away. Jack eventually begun to use a alternate strategy, so effective that it brought down the Familiar's Life Points to 200. Although the Familiar tried to turn it around and even tried to kill Jack with falling debris, the Crimson Dragon appeared and stopped it. As it stayed next to Jack, Jack obtained Burning soul and sealed Scar-Red Nova into a card. Performing Double Tuning with "Red Dragon Archfiend", Jack Synchro Summoned "Red Nova Dragon". Using it, Jack wins the Duel and Familiar is crushed by a Statue. The Crimson Dragon gets them out in time and then leaves. Later Yusei and Jack leave. Yusei thinks for Jack to enter into their team, it must be the Crimson Dragon's doing. Jack says for him to use Burning soul, he must use Scar-Red Nova's power. He then holds up his new card while Yusei does the same, and each announces their ability, Clear Mind and Burning Soul. Jack states with these two new powers, they must stop Iliaster's ambition.[10]

Mystery relate to Lazar[edit]

Jack is upset that his favorite Ramen ran out at a shop, and gets into an argument with Crow. Shortly after they notice someone take cup Ramen from an old lady, but someone else comes out and stops him with a rope, knocking him off his Duel Runner. The old lady gives him a Cup Ramen to show her gratefulness, but instead the person takes them all and runs. The gang believes that person was Lazar. Following him they try to trap him and Yusei asks if he can tell them what he knows about Iliaster. However Lazar escapes from them. Jack comes up with a plan to lure him out again. Meanwhile Lazar has his Wife and Son eat Cup Ramen. Later the gang put their plan into motion by hosting a Red Demons noodle Duel contest, which works and they try to trap Lazar again. Although he gets away, Yusei, Jack, Crow and Bruno track him thanks to the transmitter Yusei planted on him before he fully escaped. Lazar refuses to tell them anything, so Crow suggests a Duel in which if Lazar wins they'll leave him alone, but if Crow wins he has to tell them what he knows about Iliaster. Lazar agrees and they Duel. Although Lazar fights back by trying to seal his Synchro Summoning, Crow fights back with "Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights". A bit after this, Lazar's son and Wife show up, which surprises Crow that he has a family. Lazar says although it may not look like it, he is a respectful member of society, which Jack refutes due to him stealing Cup Ramen. Lazar tells him to can it and resumes the Duel. He turns the tables by "Jester Queens" effects and attacks him directly 4 times, bringing Crow down to 800 Life Points. As Lazar's son praises him, Lazar says he will not let himself be caught by them or Iliaster. This angers Crow who thinks he's just running away for his own life, and says what Lazar doesn't understand is that he'll fight Iliaster no matter what. Lazar eventually says he fights not just for his life, but for his family's too, surprising Crow. Crow then holds back finishing him off with "Blackwing - Abrolhos the Megaquake"s effect, which gives Lazar another turn. Despite this Lazar ultimately sees his Face-down "Blackwing - Boobytrap" card by using "Jester's Panic", but even knowing the effect he lets himself lose by destroying it. Although his son is upset, Lazar tells him not to cry, as he lost this fight so he could protect them. Lazar then walks over to Crow and the others, saying he'll tell them about Iliaster.[11]

Lazar at first tries to put it off, but Sherry loses her patience and Yusei convinces him to tell them. But after he tells them, they're still left with questions. They reveal that Iliaster intends to destroy the Momentum and New Domino City, which surprises Lazar. Lazar recalls that someone made an appointment with the 3 directors a while back and takes the gang to the database so they can gain it and learn who made the call. To get the password, one must complete a Duel. Although Lazar tries, he fails and the Cup Ramen man reminds him the match has to be settled in one turn. Akiza decides to try next and wins, but another timed Duel comes up. Jack gives it a shot, inflicting 3200 points of damage to the opponent, but he still loses since he couldn't settle the Duel in that turn. Jack argues with Crow, but Yusei says Jack didn't make any mistakes, it was just his timing. He uses Speed World 2 once to inflict 1600 damage due to having 2 Speed Spells in hand. Instead of activating Speed World 2 again, he focuses on boosting Jester Queen's points. After attacking he wins, and Lazar unlocks the data. What comes up on the screen is Momentum Express.[12]

Momentum Express infiltration[edit]

With Ricks help, they infiltrate the place and meet Clark. Sherry thinks she's met him before, but he says they haven't. They learn of a machine Infinity, which Clark's company is currently studying. In the machine, the planetary particles start to run at high speed to create a dimensional distortion, then creates a wormhole that is used to transfer material. As Yusei test Rides in a tube, Sherry and Bruno hack and try to learn the workings of the company. After needing an Access key to see what's behind a door they saw before, they go to Clark's office and get it, but they notice Clark coming. Yusei stalls for time by challenging Clark to a Concentration Duel in which the winner gets all the cards remaining on the table. Meanwhile Sherry and Bruno download all their data and try to escape. Yusei detects Clark's cheating, and after defeating him points out he knew where cards were based on his glasses reflecting them. Clark admits he's been beat, calling him Fudo Yusei, which Yusei asks how he knew his name. Clark tells him he knew who they were from the start by his company examining their finger prints and faces to find out who they were. Yusei thinks he is involved with Iliaster, but Clark states his friends are more important than that and presses a button to trigger an alarm. Yusei arrives to Sherry and Bruno, and they hide in a shuttle. It locks them in, and as the machine starts to warp the shuttle, Clark says Yusei will now disappear in between two periods.[13]

Bruno detects they're going to be sucked into a wormhole and says they have no idea where it's going or where it will drop. At this time Clark appears on a view screen saying their names. Sherry asks how he knows her name, and Yusei says he knew their identity from start. After Clark says they fell easily for his trap, Sherry thinks the company is involved with Iliaster. She thinks he must know who killed Dr. LeBlanc. Clark says he's familiar with that name. He says LeBlanc was a good human being, but he asked far too many questions. Dr. LeBlanc created the cards to complete infinity, but he had to know the true way to use the device. He says "Simply put, Infinity is a device that connects all time periods. Iliaster will use Infinity for the Falsification of history." Clark goes on to say it isn't known to the rest of the world, and as such Dr. LeBlanc was disposed of. Sherry says unforgivable, but he says because he told them this, they won't return safely. Also he tells them the shuttle has no control card, and eventually they will enter the wormhole and be swallowed by the dimensions. He leaves, as the shuttle starts to break down. Sherry uses the card her Father left her, and it works as a shuttle card. However the glass breaks, and even though Yusei tries to save Sherry, she is sucked out. They arrive at a mysterious place. Dr. Fudo appears to Yusei, saying he shouldn't get close to it, and says "That is the place which leads to the destruction of mankind and the last Momentum." before vanishing and saying for Yusei to return to his world. Meanwhile Jakob is not pleased that Clark tried to eliminate Yusei. Clark says he knew of Iliaster's secrets, but Jakob says he still plays an important role to them. Clark asks what's so important about him, but Lester says it doesn't matter, because it looks like Yusei isn't dead. Jakob states since Clark appears to know too much himself, they can no longer ignore his location and require him to disappear. Primo arrives saying it was already done and he should disappear now. The wave is emitted, which affects everyone but Team Ragnarok and anyone near Team 5D's marks. Clark vanished, and Lester says Primo is back so quickly despite being so hurt, but Primo says he won't die so easily from a Duel with Yusei. Team Ragnarok holds out their Polar Gods, noting they had protected them from the wave. Meanwhile Team 5D's and Lazar head near the ocean, where a shuttle appears on the water, which Yusei and Bruno come out of. Crow thinks the mark was leading them to Yusei, but Jack says that isn't the case and points to an object in the sky. Leo and Lazar are unable to see it because they don't have marks. Later they learn that Sherry's team was replaced with Tean New World consisting of Jakob, Primo and Lester. Yusei explains Iliaster performed a Falsification of History to manipulate the past so the present is changed. Akiza wonders if Iliaster had such power why didn't they get rid of them, and Yusei guesses they may play an important role to them. Trudge and Mina arrive telling them the WRGP might be canceled, but eventually Lazar reveals himself. After leaving he takes over as directer and says the WRGP will continue. Yusei says they will try to find clues on Sherry. Elsworth says it shames him he didn't acknowledge Yusei until the end and leaves. Meanwhile Sherry wakes up in a white space. She believe she sees her father, but the person says it is just her heart showing him as such. Sherry asks who he is and he says he is one who knows the truth. He tells her if she desires to know the truth he can show it to her, but once she sees it her fate will change greatly. Sherry says she doesn't care and wants to know this truth he speaks of. Yusei ponders about his father and makes a realization.[14]

Team Taiyo saga[edit]

As Yusei, Jack and Crow practice, Leo reads a magazine at a store on Team Ragnarok and their Polar Gods. After he leaves, he runs into Yoshizo Hayashi of Team Taiyo and hurts his knee. As such, Taro takes him to his apartment. He treats his knee, and Leo then learns they come from the east side of the country to join the WRGP, and want to test how strong the guys here are. When Leo learns they made it to the finals, he says he's part of Team 5D's, shocking Taro and Yoshizo, but Jinbei isn't impressed. After the say their Duel Runner got crashed by the Ghosts, Leo offers to have Yusei repair it, but Jinbei gets angry which causes Leo to leave. He goes to Yusei still, and asks if he could repair their Duel Runner, which Yusei and Bruno agree to. When they get there, Jinbei stops them, and after some suasion from Taro, he allows them to help. Meanwhile Akiza informs Jack and Crow of a exhibition Duel with Team Ragnarok, which they agree to go have a look. Yoshizo asks Yusei for an autograph, however he is reprimanded by Jinbei for showing them their Deck. Team Ragnarok arrives near the WRGP, and for the exhibition Duel, Jack is picked by Dragan as an opponent. They Duel, with Jack bringing out "Red Dragon Archfiend" on the second turn and brings Dragan's points to 2200. However Dragan Synchro Summons "Polar God - Thor" and it starts to resonate with Jack's monster. As the two clash, the Duel is called off due to the increasing cracking above everyone. Akiza and Crow are amazed at the Polar God. Yusei and Bruno fix Team Taiyo's Duel Runner, and promise to meet in the WRGP. The WRGP begins again, and for their first match, they're pited against Team Taiyo, who Leo didn't think they'd have to face so soon.[15]

Team 5D's and Team Taiyo begin their Duel. Taro thinks back to the past and how he wanted to enter the WRGP with Yoshizo and Jinbei. Although Jinbei thinks they won't win against people like them, he agrees to it. Taro and Yoshizo buy a Duel Runner from someone and try to fix it. Taro's Father gives him a better Duel Runner and says it's bad if he doesn't say anything, and says he showed it to him because he thought he'd go off somewhere. Taro says he won't come back, as he plans to enter the WRGP and stay there and wants to know whether it's possible to far. Taro and Yoshizo fix the Duel Runner and the engine starts up. But Jinbei says it's too bad it'll go to waste and throws cards near them. He says those are the junk cards he collected, and says with these cards they'll never win. Taro disagrees, saying you can Duel with any cards and picks them up while Jinbei sighs. As they sit down looking at the cards, Jinbei gets upset and leaves saying for them the WRGP is impossible. However Taro finds a card that will make it possible for them to Duel. As Jack and Yoshizo Duel, Yoshizo is able to block Jack's attacks with "Scrum Force" and "Holding-Hands Majin". Jack eventually brakes his defense with "Fiendish Chain", negating "Holding-Hands Majin"s effect and destroys it. As Taro and Jinbei talk, Yusei wonders if they have another strategy.[16]

Yoshizo tries to fight back with Speed World 2's effect, but Jack counters it with "Crimson Hell Flare", resulting in Yoshizo's loss. Jinbei now faces Jack and plays another "Holding Hands Majin". This annoys the crowd and some protest he used the same card again and for him to try withstanding the Duel farther. However Jack detects by Jinbei's eyes that he's stalling for time. Crow asks if they plan on using the same card forever. However Yusei says he's selling something in there way of fighting and says he doesn't think they came here with the intention of losing. Luna and Leo wonder what secret they can expect when their Deck consists of mostly normal cards. Yusei wonders what Team Taiyo is trying to do. Yoshizo panics at the protesting crowd, but Taro says "It doesn't matter. Our battle will decide us. We have to believe in the way we fight in order to fight." Jinbei thinks back to the past when he got upset saying with the crap cards they have, they can't win and runs out of the house thinking the town is useless to him, and that he's going to the city to find the strongest cards out there. As he walks in the sunlight, he thinks back to when Taro said "So, we can create a Deck with all the cards we collected. But, if you believe in your friends, then the power that you believe in will create miracles. That's the strategy I have" Jinbei doesn't see the point, and then notices someone having car trouble. He fixes it up, and the man brings him to a house. After he fixes an air conditioner, he notices a rare card (which is "Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier") and realizes they're from the city. During the night as they ride in the car, they accidentally bump into a motorcycle, which in turn enrages a bunch of Biker guys and they give chase. Although the person he helped fix the car leaves the other two people behind, Jinbei goes back for them and tries to reason with the Biker gang, but to no avail. Taro and Yoshizo act as Sector Security in order to make them leave, but the leader finds them as they escape with Jinbei on their Duel Runner. Sometime after they escape, Jinbei holds up "Key Mace" saying it is their hope. Around this time Taro says they will be called Team Taiyo saying "It rises with a bright and intense light everyday". He once more says they're Team Taiyo and the 3 laugh together. Back at the present, Jack eventually tries to take himself out with Jinbei using "Overgain" and "Shockwave", but Jinbei manages to stay in the game. After Jack tells Crow to not let them repeat their turns, Crow takes on Jinbei. He defeats him which leaves only Taro of Team Taiyo left. However seeing Jinbei and Yoshizo still confident, Jack thinks that faith should be reversed. Yusei notes for 16 turns they've only used low level monsters and begins to think. Although Crow seems to have the upper hand, he becomes very nervous at seeing Taro enjoy the situation. Yusei finally realizes the card that requires the current situation, and says if that card appears, this Duel could end with them defeated.[17]

Team 5D's warn Crow with a pit sign that warns him of "Zushin the Sleeping Giant". The crowd is confused until the MC clarifies Team Taiyo is planning to summon Zushin. He further adds a bit later that not a single Duelist in Duel monsters history has been able to summon it in an official game, and if it is called out, it will be a Duel Monsters miracle. The crowd starts to cheer on Team Taiyo, and even Halldor is impressed they got an audience to cheer for them. Crow tries to stop Taro from summoning it, but is unable to do so. After "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" is summoned, the crowd is amazed at witnessing it, and the MC says they're witnessing a Duel Monsters miracle that was brought on by an unknown Team, Team Taiyo. The crowd roar in excitement and keep cheering Team Taiyo on. Jinbei's father (after bringing him inside a house to see Taro, Jinbei and Yoshizo on TV) apologizes to Taro's father for what he said before. Taro's father says perhaps they kept them in the country too long and notes they're now shining so brightly. He thinks back to when Taro said he will come back after testing his true power. As he watched the TV, he hopes Taro will win. Taro destroys Crow's "Black-Winged Dragon" and finishes Crow off with "Power Throw". Now Yusei is left to face Taro and quickly brings out "Stardust Dragon".[18]

A crowd hold tons of "Zushin the Sleeping Giant" cards saying Zushin is unstoppable. Yusei manages to hold Taro back enough to Summon "Shooting Star Dragon". Although he struggles against Taro's monster for a time, Yusei manages to defeat it using the card Crow left behind and "Explosive Breakout". After the loss, Taro apologizes to Jinbei and Yoshizo, but they were happy they did their best. The crowd claps for them asking them to show them Zushin again. As Team 5D's congratulate Team Taiyo, the 3 Emperors of Iliaster watch, and Jakob says they will defeat Team 5D's to accomplish their goals.[19]

Team Ragnarok vs Team 5D's[edit]

Noticing the appearance of the Divine Temple in the sky, Yusei, Jack and Crow go over to investigate, where they run into Team Ragnarok's members, who all possess a Rune Eye, similar to the Mark of the Dragon. Halldor tells them about he got his Rune Eye and his Aesir, later recruiting Dragan and Broder, and uniting them with their powers. When Yusei realizes they entered the tournament to uncover the secret of Team New World, he suggests they join forces. Halldor says the Aesir's do not consider Team 5Ds their allies. Dragan then explains that three years ago, his father got hospitalized following a cave in. In order to pay for his hospital bills, Dragan had to follow Goodwin's orders and throw a match against Jack, along with his pride as a duelist. With both sides desiring to fight against Iliaster, the two teams decide to settle things in the semifinals.[20]

Jack gets the truth behind the fixed duels out of Lazar, who confirms what Dragan had told him. Jack becomes irritated as a result, so Yusei suggests he use the WRGP duel to regain his pride. In the match between Team 5D's and Team Ragnarok the next day, Jack and Dragan start off, and are surprised to find out that their starting hands are the same as their previous duel. Realizing the chance to do things properly, the two replicate their first turns from that match, this time, with Dragan being able to use his trap card, which Jack counters with his own. Dragan then brings out his Aesir, Thor, which manages to destroy Jack's "Red Dragon Archfiend". As Dragan continues his attack, Jack starts to take real damage from Thor. However, Jack starts to make a comeback and summons "Red Nova Dragon". However, Dragan activates a trap which weakens "Red Nova Dragon", and protects Thor. Jack manages to pull off a tactic to return "Red Nova Dragon" to its full power, destroying Thor and defeating Dragan. However, before he loses, Dragan revives Thor and deals damage to Jack.[21][22]

Ragnarok's 2nd turbo duelist, Broder, takes over and uses Thor's special abilities to knock Jack out. Crow enters the fight, but his attacks prove ineffective against Broder's trap, and he takes a lot of damage from Thor's attacks. Noticing the support Crow gets from the children, Broder explains how he came across a similar group of children, expressing his desire to fight Iliaster in order to protect them. Having the same feelings as Broder, Crow brings out "Black-Winged Dragon", but Broder brings out his Aesir, Loki, which destroys Crow's "Black-Winged Dragon". With just 50 life points left, Crow's supporters almost get into danger while trying to cheer him on, reinvigorating Crow's resolve, and he soon manages to revive "Black-Winged Dragon". Then, Crow activates a trap card from the Graveyard, which clashes with Broder's trap, knocking them both out. Yusei begins his round against Halldor, who quickly summons his Aesir, Odin.[23][24]

Yusei must now face the power of Halldor and all three Aesirs. As Yusei expresses his desire to defeat Iliaster and protect New Domino City, he gains the Mark of Crimson Dragon, and summons "Majestic Star Dragon". However, Halldor manages to learn Yusei's strategy, and executes a successful counter. Halldor then activates a continuous trap card from his Graveyard, "Gjallarhorn". Yusei faces not only all three Aesirs, but also a countdown from Halldor's trap card, Gjallarhorn, of which the end of the countdown means that the opponent takes damage equal to the combined attack points of all 3 Aesirs, at the cost of removing from play all 3 Aesirs in order to activate the effect, once the countdown has reached its end. At the End Phase of each of Halldor's turns, Gjallarhorn will gain 1 counter, and once it has 3 counters, its effects will activate. Which means that Yusei has only 3 turns to defeat Halldor. Yusei also had to face Halldor's increasing defense. However, Yusei summons "Shooting Star Dragon" and deals some damage, before using the trap, "Zero Force", to reduce all 3 Aesirs' attack points to 0, resulting in Yusei taking 0 points of damage when the countdown reached its end. Now that all 3 of the "Nordic God" cards have been removed from play, Yusei then has "Shooting Star Dragon" attack Halldor directly, allowing Yusei to win.[25][26]


Screenshot Number Names Japanese air date English air date
YGO5D098.jpg Episode 98 Japanese WRGP開催 チーム5D’s VS チームユニコーン
(Daburuyūārujīpī Kaisai Chīmu Faibudīzu Bāsasu Chīmu Yunikōn)
24 February 2010 26 March 2011
The WRGP Commences, Team 5D's VS Team Unicorn
English Power Plays
YGO5D099.jpg Episode 99 Japanese 燃えろ!フェニキシアン・クラスター・アマリリス
(Moero! Fenikishian Kurasutā Amaririsu)
3 March 2010 2 April 2011
Burn! Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis
English Trouble for Team 5D’s
YGO5D100.jpg Episode 100 Japanese 窮地 ラスト・ホイーラー遊星
(Kyūchi Rasuto Hoīrā Yūsei)
10 March 2010 9 April 2011
Dilemma, Last Wheeler Yusei
English The Edge of Elimination, Part 1
YGO5D101.jpg Episode 101 Japanese フォア・ザ・チーム
(Foa Za Chīmu)
17 March 2010 16 April 2011
For The Team
English The Edge of Elimination, Part 2
YGO5D102.jpg Episode 102 Japanese ただ勝利のために
(Tada Shōri no Tame ni)
24 March 2010 23 April 2011
Just for the Sake of Victory
English The Edge of Elimination, Part 3
YGO5D103.png Episode 103 Japanese 戦いの果てに得たもの
(Tatakai no Hate ni Etamono)
31 March 2010 30 April 2011
The Spoils of Battle
English Party Crashers
YGO5D104.png Episode 104 Japanese 破滅の使者 チームカタストロフ
(Hametsu no Shisha Chīmu Katasutorofu)
7 April 2010 7 May 2011
Envoy of Destruction, Team Catastrophe
English Knight Takes Pawn
YGO5D105.jpg Episode 105 Japanese 闇のカード ヒドゥン・ナイト -フック-
(Yami no Kādo Hidun Naito -Hukku-)
14 April 2010 14 May 2011
The Dark Card, Hidden Knight -Hook-
English Rook Takes Knight
YGO5D106.jpg Episode 106 Japanese ゴースト氾濫! 恐怖のバトル・ロイヤル・モード
(Gōsuto Hanran! Kyōfu no Batoru Roiyaru Mōdo)
21 April 2010 21 May 2011
Ghost Flood! The Terrifying Battle Royal Mode
English Primo's Plan, Part 1
YGO5D107.jpg Episode 107 Japanese 覚醒!! 揺るがなき境地 クリア・マインド
(Kakusei!! Yuruganaki Kyōchi Kuria Maindo)
28 April 2010 28 May 2011
Awakening!! Unwavering State, Clear Mind
English Primo's Plan, Part 2
YGO5D108.jpg Episode 108 Japanese 蘇る恐怖 機皇帝ワイゼル
(Yomigaeru Kyōfu Kikōtei Waizeru)
5 May 2010 4 June 2011
The Revived Terror, Machine Emperor Wisel
English Primo's Plan, Part 3
YGO5D109.jpg Episode 109 Japanese アクセル・シンクロ! 生来せよ! シューティング・スター・ドラゴン!
(Akuseru Shinkuro! Shōraiseyo! Shūtingu Sutā Doragon!)
12 May 2010 11 June 2011
Accel Synchro! Be Born! Shooting Star Dragon!
English Primo's Plan, Part 4
YGO5D110.jpg Episode 110 Japanese イリアステルの三皇帝
(Iriasuteru no Sankōtei)
19 May 2010 18 June 2011
The Three Emperors of Iliaster
English Primo's Plan, Part 5
YGO5D111.jpg Episode 111 Japanese 古の地 ナスカヘ
(Inishie no Chi Nasuka e)
26 May 2010

The Ancient Land - To Nazca
YGO5D112.jpg Episode 112 Japanese 紅蓮の悪魔
(Guren no Akuma)
2 June 2010

The Crimson Devil
5Dx113 Scar-Red Nova breaking through.jpg Episode 113 Japanese 燃え滾る魂!スカーレッド・ノヴァ・ドラゴン
(Moe Tagiru Tamashī! Sukāreddo Nova Doragon)
9 June 2010

Burning, Seething Soul! Scar-Red Nova Dragon
5Dx114 Red Demon's Noodle promotion.jpg Episode 114 Japanese イェーガー捕獲作戦Ⅱ!
(Yēgā Hokaku Sakusen Tsū!)
16 June 2010

Operation: Capture Yeager II!
5Dx115 Accel Simulator.jpg Episode 115 Japanese 謎にせまれ!詰めライディングデュエル!!
(Nazo ni Semare! Tsume Raidingu Dyueru!!)
23 June 2010

Press Him About the Mystery! The Endgame Riding Duel!!
YGO5D116.jpg Episode 116 Japanese モーメント・エクスプレス開発機構
(Mōmento Ekusupuresu Kaihatsu Kikō)
30 June 2010

Momentum Express Development Agency
5Dx117 Distorted dimension.png Episode 117 Japanese 歪められた過去
(Yugamerareta Kako)
7 July 2010

The Distorted Past
YGO5D118.jpg Episode 118 Japanese 新たなるライバル
(Aratanaru Raibaru)
14 July 2010

A New Rival
YGO5D119.jpg Episode 119 Japanese 鉄壁のスクラム! 強硬守備を打ち砕け!
(Teppeki no Sukuramu! Kyōkō Shubi wo Uchikudake!)
21 July 2010

The Impregnable Scrum! Crush the Unbreakable Defense!
YGO5D120.jpg Episode 120 Japanese 想いをつなげ! 手をつなぐ魔人
(Omoi wo Tsunage! Te wo Tsunagu Majin)
28 July 2010

Hold onto Those Feelings! Hand-Holding Djinn
YGO5D121.jpg Episode 121 Japanese 奇跡の切り札 眠れる巨人ズシン!
(Kiseki no Kirifuda Nemureru Kyojin Zushin!)
4 August 2010

The Miraculous Trump Card, Zushin the Sleeping Giant!
YGO5D122.jpg Episode 122 Japanese 信じる力! 最強の巨人ズシン VS シューティング・スター・ドラゴン
(Shinjiru Chikara! Saikyō no Kyojin Zushin Bāsasu Shūtingu Sutā Doragon)
11 August 2010

The Power to Believe! The Strongest Giant Zushin VS Shooting Star Dragon
YGO5D123.png Episode 123 Japanese ルーンの瞳のデュエリスト
(Rūn no Hitomi no Dyuerisuto)
18 August 2010 25 June 2011
Duelists of the Rune Eye
English Eyes on the Prize
YGO5D124.jpg Episode 124 Japanese 傷つけられたプライド
(Kizutsukerareta Puraido)
25 August 2010 2 July 2011
Damaged Pride
English Duel For Redemption
YGO5D125.jpg Episode 125 Japanese 魂の戦い! 極神皇トール VS スカーレット・ノヴァ・ドラゴン
(Tamashī no Tatakai! Kyokushin'ō Tōru Vāsasu Sukāreddo Nova Doragon)
1 September 2010 9 July 2011
Battle of Souls! Polar God Emperor Thor VS Scar-Red Nova Dragon
English Soul Solution
YGO5D126.jpg Episode 126 Japanese 降臨! 第二の神 極神皇ロキ
(Kōrin! Daini no Kami Kyokushin'ō Roki)
8 September 2010 16 July 2011
Descend! The Second God, Polar God Emperor Loki
English When Nordic Gods Attack
YGO5D127.jpg Episode 127 Japanese 激闘! 運命を賭けた黒い羽!
(Gekitō! Unmei wo Kaketa Kuroi Hane!)
15 September 2010 23 July 2011
Fierce Fight! Destiny Riding on Black Feathers!
English Tricking The Trickster
YGO5D128.png Episode 128 Japanese 不死身の三極神! 叫べ、セイヴァー・スター・ドラゴン!
(Fujimi no Sankyokushin! Sakebe, Seivā Sutā Doragon!)
22 September 2010 30 July 2011
The Three Immortal Polar Star Gods! Cry Out, Saver Star Dragon!
English Yusei's Last Stand
YGO5D129.jpg Episode 129 Japanese ギャラルホルン! 終焉へのカウントダウン
(Gyararuhorun! Shūen eno Kauntodaun)
29 September 2010 6 August 2011
Gjallarhorn! Countdown to the End
English Fight to the Finish Line


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