Yaiba Robo (DDS)

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Yaiba Robo
Kattā Robo
Cutter Robo
Level 4 ★★★★
Number 406
Deck Cost 23
ATK / DEF 1000 / 1300
Type Machine
Alignment Fiend

Machine attacks with hidden blades

Password 10315429

Obtained by

"Yaiba Robo" can be obtained via random drop from the following characters. The chance of winning it is listed as a percentage and a probability out of 2048.

Character % 2048th
Pandora 1.95 40

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese カッター・ロボ しかくいからだに はものをかくしもち なんでもかんでも きりきざむきかい
Japanese translated Cutter Robo A machine that conceals blades in its cube body for cutting everything.