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Yosh Imimi
Yosh Imimi
  • Yosh Imimi
RōmajiAtachi Yoshio
  • Male
Favorite foodNapolitan spaghetti[2]
  • Career
  • Education
SchoolGoha 7th Elementary[4]
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Did not place (with Masahiko and Toshihiko)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 0088: "Post-Apocalypse and Napolitan"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Takuma Nagatsuka
Imimi, Yosh

Yosh Imimi, known as Yoshio Atachi (たちヨシオ Atachi Yoshio) in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is Mimi Imimi's son, and though he loves Rush Duels, this brings him into conflict with his mother.



Yosh in both his normal clothes and wearing the Good Max suit.

Yosh is a short and skinny young boy with pale skin and pink eyes like his mother, though his hair is back and cut back at the sides and back while it is longer at the top and concealed under his cap when he wears it. He dresses in a sailor-style school uniform; a white shirt and shorts with a black lining held up with a black belt, white socks, black shoes, and a white sailor's cap with the symbol of Goha Enterprises on it.

When he tries to become like Good Max, Yosh wears an inflatable cosplay suit of his favorite hero that also modulates his voice. The suit makes him appear as a tall, darker-skinned muscular man, wearing a black jacket with maroon shoulders tipped with golden spikes over a blue undershirt and black superhero-style shorts, maroon arm-guards with golden spikes on the backs of the hands and knee-high boots with golden knee spikes, a maroon belt with a golden buckle and holes, and a charcoal-colored helmet with silver horns, a yellow pattern on the top resembling an explosion, and a face mask with half-moon shaped red eyes and a mouth section designed to look like a jagged maw in two different shades of grey. The helmet is split in two after his Duel with Luke, though he later repairs it, while the suit is popped during his Rush Duel with his mother. Yosh wears this cosplay suit as a Goha Enterprises employee, with the uniform worn by the rank-and-file employees worn over it; a sleeveless grey knee-length jacket with the Goha Enterprises logo over his heart, a short-sleeved blue collared shirt over along-sleeved charcoal one, charcoal pants, black shoes and a black belt with a Goha Enterprises logo for the buckle.


Yosh is timid and excitable by nature, and prone to making hasty and ill-informed decisions on the fly; he misinterpreted Luke's advice to look after his mother due to Luke's coincidental use of his favorite hero's catchphrase and decided Luke should convince his mother to let him Rush Duel after his mother threatened not to make his favorite meal. He is shown to be passionate about Rush Dueling, enjoying his Rush Duel with Luke despite losing. After he takes Luke's advice, Yosh realizes that he was trying to mimic others and that he should tell his mother his true feelings. He cares deeply for his mother and his favorite food. According to his mother, Yosh is similar to Yuga.

Although Yosh is enthusiastic about post-apocalyptic media like his Deck and the Good Max series, he initially has no idea what he wants to do in the future or what he wants to grow up to be. Although Yosh has yet to determine this, he eventually comes to the conclusion that he wants to be as strong as his mother, who still has big dreams even as an adult.


Yosh speaks very politely normally, but when he tries to change himself as "Yosh the King of Combat", he puts on a gruff and tough-talking front, calling his mother his "mama" as Good Max does and often using the terms "destructive" and "hellish" as descriptors.


「安」 can mean "stability​", "peacefulness", or "inexpensive"; 「立」 means "standing up". Together, the two characters can also be written as "Adachi", which is one character off from 「アダチル」 (adachiru), abbreviation for "adult child(ren)".


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Yosh learned about Rush Duels, and he decided that he wanted to try them, though his mother forbade him from doing so and threatened not to make napolitan spaghetti for him again. Conflicted over what to do, Yosh wrote to Luke in the Goha 7th Elementary Newspaper, and Luke suggested that he take care of his mother and wished him good luck in English. Yosh misinterpreted Luke's advice as suggesting he do so in the same manner as Good Max, so he began wearing a Good Max cosplay suit and talking like Good Max, dubbbing himself "Good Yosh the Overcrusher" though this only made his mother fear that Rush Dueling had turned him into a delinquent.[1]

Yosh bore a grudge against Luke and decided to have him convince his mother to let him Rush Duel. A week after first writing to Luke, Yoshi, Masahiko and Toshihiko cornered Luke, Yuga Ohdo and Gavin Sogetsu before a vending machine and refused to let them use it unless Luke Dueled him. Luke himself showed disdain for Yosh calling himself the "Overcrusher", as he viewed it as similar to the title of "King of Duels", a title he believed only he should hold. Yosh quickly played his "Apocalypse - Beast Gear World" Field Spell Card and empowered his Beast Warrior monsters while weakening Luke's Dragon monsters. Despite the handicap, Luke was able to reduce Yosh's LP with his "Multistrike Dragon Dragias". He told the group about his situation and vowed to have Luke convince his mother to let him Rush Duel, though Luke claimed he wouldn't be able to do so, as he was going to win the Duel. Yosh Tribute Summoned "Beast Gear Emperor Catapult Kong" and destroyed Luke's defending monsters with its effect, then destroyed "Dragias" itself and reduced Luke to 500 LP. Luke was able to comeback by destroying "Beast Gear World" with "Dragonic Slayer" and re-Summoned "Dragias", vowing that he wouldn't change, but would change the world around him as he defeated Yosh and broke his helmet. After the Duel, Yosh and his friends shared drinks with Yuga and his friends, Yosh gushing about the Rush Duel despite his loss. Luke told him not to use the title of "King of Duels" again, and Gavin pointed out they still had the problem of convincing Yosh's mother to let him Rush Duel. Yuga offered to help Yosh with one of his Roads, though Luke asked Yosh if he was sure that was what he wanted. As he walked home that evening, Yosh thought about what Luke had said and decided to tell his mother how he really felt. When he got home, Yosh told Mimi that he really wanted to Rush Duel, and his mother told him he would have to keep up his studies as well, serving him napolitan spaghetti for dinner and leaving Yosh overjoyed.[1]

Yosh brings the Newspaper Club to Big Seven Arena.

Luke later called Yosh to ask him to bring the Goha 7th Newspaper Club to the Big Seven Arena.[7] Yosh (in his Good Max costume) took his tricycle to get the Newspaper Club and brought them to the Hall just as Kaizo was about to disqualify Yuga for using "Sevens Road Magician", whose legality was under question. The Newspaper Club were able to prove the card's legality, allowing Yuga to continue his Rush Duel with Roa Kassidy. Yuga brought out "Sevens Road Magician", but Roa destroyed it and reduced him to 500 LP, causing Yosh to worry that Yuga wouldn't be able to win without "Sevens Road Magician". However, Yuga was able to retrieve "Sevens Road Magician" from his Graveyard and defeat Roa.[8]


Yosh was assigned to write an essay on "My Dream", on his dreams for the future, but he found himself having difficulty with the subject. He approached his mother to ask her about the subject, but saw her stressing over her job at the balcony and decided not to bother her. After being approached by a teacher about his homework, he decided to ask Luke about the subject, and Luke suggested that Yosh needed to Duel more rather than waste time thinking. Yosh was inspired by Luke's advice, but was then drawn into the underground Garden of Curiosity with Luke, Yuga, Romin and Gavin. They were challenged to a Duel by a Goha Enterprises employee, Number Six, and they decided with a game of Rock-paper-scissors, which Yosh won. Although Yosh didn't exactly understand what was going on, he asked them to let him Duel and find his dream. Although his opponent increased her LP on the first turn, Yosh quickly brought out "Beast Gear Emperor Catapult Kong" and empowered it with his signature Field Spell Card, only for his opponent to destroy it. Yosh revived "Catapult Kong" with the ability to inflict piercing battle damage and destroyed all of Number Six's monsters and inflicted severe damage to her LP. On her next turn, his opponent brought out her own ace monster, "Dian Keto the Boogie Master" and used her own Field Spell, "Shining City Nights" to increase the ATK of her monsters, popping Yosh's cosplay suit and reducing him to 100 LP. Despite his injuries Yosh refused to give up, as he hadn't found his dream, though he had decided that he wanted to be like his mother, who retained her dreams even as an adult and worked hard for them. He brought out "Beast Gear King Convoy Liogon" and used its effect to defeat Number Six, but passed out after his victory. Afterwards he was brought home, where he finished his essay and showed it to his mother.[4] Despite winning the Duel, Yosh had received a penalty on his Duel Disk, which Yuga explained was due to the system judging Number Six as one of his friends.[4][9]

Yosh later received four more penalties on his Duel Disk.[10] Yosh was with Masahiko and Toshihiko when they watched Yuga and Nail's Maximum Monsters, "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord" and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" battling on their Duel Disks, a sight that shocked Yosh, who asked if this was really the same kind of Rush Duel he'd played. Yosh was overjoyed when Yuga was able to re-Maximum Summon "Magnum Overlord" again after Nail returned it to his Deck and when Yuga defeated Nail, who erased the penalties on Yosh's Duel Disk after the Rush Duel.[11]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Yosh was with Masahiko and Toshihiko in the Post-Apocalyptic Club one day after school at Goha 7th Elementary when Luke came to ask him to join his new Luke Club. Despite his adoration of Luke, Yosh had to decline, as he was dedicated to the Post-Apocalyptic Club, though Luke didn't seem to understand Yosh's declaration and left, telling him that he was member seven.[3]

Yuga, Luke, Gavin, Romin, Rayne and Rino were all forced to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary. The Newspaper Club came to Yosh and his friends with a warning that a caterpillar track was headed for the Road Laboratory, so they waited at the laboratory to defend it, but they were all easily disarmed by the caterpillar track's driver, Caterpillio Zomyoji, scaring Yosh and his friends away in embarrassment at having their costumes stripped from them.[12]

Yosh later witnessed Yuga's second Rush Duel with Asana Mutsuba from afar at Goha 7th Elementary.[13]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Yosh, Masahiko and Toshihiko learned about the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal from Sweets Kakoko's announcement.[14] They decided to enter as a team, attending the registration at Goha Stadium.[15] They attended the opening ceremonies of the tournament, embarrassed by Luke's joining in of the Goha Rush chanting with the rest of the crowd. Roa interrupted the Goha President's opening speech and challenged her to a Rush Duel, as he wanted to talk with the incarcerated Otes. Roa defeated the President, who became woozy after the Duel and fell off her platform, though Yosh caught her and asked if she was okay.[16]

Yosh, Masahiko and Toshihiko made it through the first day of the tournament as the Post-Apocalyptic Conquerors, Yosh defeating an opponent with "Convoy Liogon".[17] On the second day, Rino contacted Yosh and explained that Luke, Romin and Gavin required aid in their efforts to uncover the truth behind an organization calling themselves "Goha 66", so Yosh, Masahiko, Toshihiko and Bochi went with the Newspaper Club and the Gourmet Comrades Team to rescue them from a mob of defeated Duelists. At Scoop's suggestion, Saburamen, Nick and Sushiko accompanied Luke, Romin and Gavin, while Yosh, Masahiko, Toshihiko and Bochi remained behind with Scoop, Masaru and Nico to hold off the Duelists.[18]

Despite their efforts, Yosh, Masahiko and Toshihiko failed to place in the tournament, so they attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal on the third day, watching Romin's victory against Roa and Gavin's Duel against Nail, where Yosh was shocked by Gavin's new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", Gavin eventually returned to his normal persona after a power outage in the stadium and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[19][20]

Yosh watched Yuga and Luke's Rush Duel, and was stunned when Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" against Luke. Afterwards the power in the stadium began to fail again, revealed to be due to the Goha Duel Server being hacked, and Yosh witnessed the revelation of the Goha Duel Server on the moon and the Rush Duel Program contained within, under attack by Goha Enterprises Drones that were uninstalling it and had been all tournament.[21] Despite knowing their Duel would complete the uninstallation, Yuga and Luke continued to Duel, and Luke eventually won, resulting in the uninstallation of Rush Dueling. Yosh shed tears over the uninstallation of the Rush Dueling he'd come to love, but Yuga and Nail were able to reinstall the program and install it in the Super Rush Robot to protect it from another attack. Yosh then watched Luke's coronation as King of Duels.[22]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

After Romin learned that Yosh had never washed his Good Max costume, she had Buff Grimes hose him, Swirly, and the members of the Concert Band Club down, then had Yuga dry them with his new air-conditioning Road. Before they could be taken down from their clothesline, the Goha Siblings returned to Goha City and issued their challenge to Yuga and his friends with the Super Rush Robot held hostage, resulting in Yosh being forgotten while Yuga Turbo Rush Dueled Yuro Goha.[23]

Yosh, Masahiko and Toshihiko watched the Rush Duel between Yuga and The☆Lukeman as it was being broadcast across Goha City, including Yuo Goha's demands for The☆Lukeman and Yuga to Duel seriously. During the Duel the Goha Meteor Shower began to occur and a meteor entered the atmosphere above Yuga. Yuga blocked the meteor with his Duel Disk and acquired the "Fusion" card contained within it, allowing him to defeat The☆Lukeman and free the Super Rush Robot.[24]

Goha Employee[edit]

Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Swirly, Rayne and Rino were hired by Goha Enterprises, and Luke hired Yosh, Masahiko and Toshihiko to work in his Luke Division. The Newspaper Club interviewed Luke, who claimed they would plan their day around what their colleagues were doing. They observed Gavin stamping documents, Romin arguing with the Chef Drones, and Yosh was proud to see his mother working in the Gohanium Section and told her to do her best. However when they visited Yuga trying to present a new vending machine, Bochi urinated on the machine and Masahiko and Toshihiko were kicked out of the building as a result, Yosh noting they had been unable to withstand the combat. Hunt Goto then arrived and led them to an underground stairway he claimed smelled of money. Hunt's nose led them to an abandoned Goha factory containing a Duel Card Manufacturer, which Scoop demonstrated by making "The★Luke Division Manager" for Luke and Yosh made "Post-Apocalyptic Combat King Yosh". Hunt eagerly asked if the machine could make normal Duel Monsters cards, hoping to partner with Luke by making more Maximum Monsters and "Fusions". Scoop protested against the idea and Yosh tried to stop him, but Hunt easily popped Yosh's cosplay suit and suggested he and Scoop settle the matter in a Rush Duel. Scoop gained an early lead, but Hunt Maximum Summoned "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix" and easily destroyed all of Scoop's cards and depleted most of his LP. Scoop vowed that he would reveal the truth and Fusion Summoned "Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship", using his prior knowledge of Hunt's monsters in combination with "Tile Burn" and the effect of "Lightning Speed" to damage his LP and weaken "Dynarmix", defeating Hunt. Luke offered Hunt a job so he could have a real dream after the Duel, and the ceiling caved in and destroyed the Duel Card Manufacturer, an outcome Luke suggested was for the best. They then found a Duel ID card in the rubble with the name "Yuga Goha".[25]

A recreation time event was planned at Goha Enterprises, with the theme "Become a zombie". When the event began, Masahiko, Toshihiko and Bochi were quickly "zombified" despite Yosh's efforts. They attacked Gavin, Rayne and Rino in a hallway, and Yosh arrived and knocked his friends down, apologizing for failing to save them. When the rest of the horde arrived with Mimi at their head, Masahiko, Toshihiko and Bochi grabbed the distracted Rayne and Rino. Yosh, Rino, and Rayne urged Gavin to escape, Yosh pushing him towards the staircase and preparing himself to Duel his mother. However he was defeated, dramatically screaming "mama!" as he was zombified. Yosh and the horde later emerged on the helipad to find Gavin there as one of the last "survivors", and according to Yuga's orders as the "Zombie King", Zo Ikitenai challenged Gavin to a Rush Duel, Gavin vowing to Duel all the zombies if he had to. After Gavin defeated Zo, Yosh and the other "zombies" applauded his victory, and once the event ended at 3pm, Yosh removed the makeup from his cosplay suit and praised his mother's acting; Mimi praising Yosh and his friends' acting in turn.[26]


Yosh uses a Post-Apocalyptic Deck, composed of the Beast-Warrior-Type Beast Gear series. His strategy largely revolves around empowering his monsters with the Field Spell Card "Apocalypse - Beast Gear World" while also weakening his opponent's monsters; his most powerful monsters have strong effects that require him to send other Beast-Warriors to the Graveyard to activate, which is depicted in a merciless manner.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 8 Lose
Mimi Imimi 20 Win
Yuga Goha and Dueling Insects Club 78 Lose (with Saburamen, Sushiko Maki, Nick Yagi, and Scoop Pitman)


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