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"Settling the Score, Part 1"
EnglishSettling the Score, Part 1
Japanese name
Japaneseさらわれたモクバ 海馬vsサイコショッカー
RōmajiSarawareta Mokuba Kaiba Vāsasu Saiko Shokkā
TranslatedKidnapped Mokuba - Kaiba vs. Psycho Shocker
Japanese ED"Paradise"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2 Theme"
Air dates
JapaneseMay 28, 2002
EnglishDecember 13, 2003
Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes (season 3)
Previous"Mechanical Mayhem, Part 2"
Next"Settling the Score, Part 2"

"Settling the Score, Part 1", known as "Kidnapped Mokuba - Kaiba vs. Psycho Shocker" in the Japanese version, is the one hundred and eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. It first aired in Japan on May 28, 2002 and in the United States on December 13, 2003.


  • Tristan wakes up and finds himself in the body of a one-foot-tall robotic monkey.
  • Nezbitt, in Tristan's body, appears before Kaiba and Mokuba. He assaults Kaiba, but as they are reunited with Yugi and the others, he is attacked by the robot-monkey Tristan and Joey.
    • Nezbitt escapes on a motorbike and kidnaps Mokuba along the way. Kaiba chases him on another motorbike.
  • Tristan cannot speak in his robot-monkey body, but Serenity convinces the others to bring him with them since he tried to save Kaiba.
    • The gang tries to follow Kaiba in a pickup truck.
  • Kaiba is stopped by Leichter, crashing his motorbike, and the two of them begin a Duel.
    • Like his associates, Leichter is in the form of his Deck Master, but he has disguised it with clothes, a hat, and sunglasses. Kaiba does not attempt to learn his identity, and only when Leichter uses his ability to destroy Trap Cards for the first time is it revealed to be "Jinzo".
    • Leichter reminds Kaiba of one of his past birthdays, when Gozaburo gave him 10 million dollars (in the dub) and set him a test to raise 100 million dollars within a year to prove his business acumen. With Leichter's help, Kaiba passed the test in one day by brutally taking control of a company and forcing the owner to buy it back at ten times the price. Leichter complains that Kaiba was given all the credit, despite only having worked under Kaiba's directions.
  • Noah stops Nezbitt, who is fleeing with Mokuba, claiming that Mokuba's kidnapping goes against his rules. He makes Nezbitt turn over Mokuba to him.
    • Mokuba wakes up in an unfamiliar room where he and Noah watch Kaiba's Duel via Noah's surveillance.

Deck Masters[edit]

Featured Duel: Seto Kaiba vs. Leichter, Part 1[edit]

Turn 1: Leichter
Leichter draws a monster and subsequently sets it. He then Sets two cards (one of which is "Imperial Order").

Turn 2: Kaiba
Kaiba draws. He then Normal Summons "Spear Dragon" (1900/0) in Attack Position. "Spear Dragon" attacks and destroys Leichter's face-down monster. It's revealed to be "Hiro's Shadow Scout" (650/500). "Spear Dragon" then inflicts piercing damage to Leichter (Leichter 4000 → 2600). Since "Hiro's Shadow Scout" was flipped, its Flip Effect activates, forcing Kaiba to draw three cards and reveal them and if Kaiba draws any Magic Cards through this effect, they will be discarded. The revealed cards are "Cave Dragon", "Double Snare" and "Magic Reflector", and the latter two cards are discarded. "Spear Dragon" switches itself to Defense Position at the end of the Damage Step due to its second effect. Kaiba Sets a card ("Crush Card"). On Kaiba's End Phase, Leichter activates his face-down "Solemn Wishes". Now each time Leichter draws a card, he will gain 500 Life Points.

Turn 3: Leichter
Leichter draws (Leichter 2600 → 3100). Leichter then Sets a monster and Sets a card.

Turn 4: Kaiba
Kaiba draws. He then Normal Summons "Giant Germ" (1000/0) in Attack Position (1000/100). He then switches "Spear Dragon" to Attack Position. "Spear Dragon" attacks Leichter's face-down monster, but Leichter activates his face-down "Mask of Perplexity" to redirect the attack to "Giant Germ", destroying it (Kaiba 4000 → 3100). Kaiba attempts to activate his face-down "Crush Card" which will destroy every monster in Leichter's hand, field, and Deck with at least 1500 ATK, but Leichter activates the Deck Master ability of his Deck Master: "Jinzo", which negates all of Kaiba's Trap Cards. Since "Giant Germ" was destroyed in battle, its effect activates, inflicting 500 damage to Leichter (Leichter 3100 → 2600) and allowing Kaiba to Special Summon another "Giant Germ" (1000/0) in Attack Position. "Spear Dragon" switches itself to Defense Position at the end of the Damage Step due to its effect.

Turn 5: Leichter
Leichter draws (Leichter 2600 → 3100). He then Sets two cards.

Turn 6: Kaiba
Kaiba draws. He then switches "Spear Dragon" to Attack Position. "Spear Dragon" attacks and destroys Leichter's face-down monster. It's revealed to be "Cyber Jar" (900/900). "Spear Dragon" then inflicts piercing damage to Leichter (Leichter 3100 → 1700). Since "Cyber Jar" was flipped, its Flip Effect destroys every monster on the field and allows both players to pick up 5 cards from their Deck as well as allow both players to Special Summon any Level 4 or below monsters that they pick up while the other picked-up cards are added to the players' hands. Kaiba Special Summons "Vorse Raider" (1900/1200) in Attack Position and "Twin-Headed Behemoth" (1500/1200) in Defense Position while Leichter Special Summons "Injection Fairy Lily" (400/1500) in Attack Position. On Kaiba's End Phase, he discards three cards from his hand due to him exceeding the hand size limit.

Turn 7: Leichter
Leichter draws (Leichter 1700 → 2200). Leichter then activates "Watch Tranquilizer" to target "Vorse Raider" and decrease its ATK by its Level times 100. "Vorse Raider" is Level 4 ("Vorse Raider": 1900 → 1500/1200). "Injection Fairy Lily" attacks "Vorse Raider". Leichter then activates "Injection Fairy Lily's" effect to pay 2000 Life Points (Leichter 2200 → 200) and increase his "Injection Fairy Lily's" ATK by 3000 ("Injection Fairy Lily": 400 → 3400/1500) during damage calculation only. "Injection Fairy Lily" destroys "Vorse Raider" (Kaiba 3100 → 1200). Leichter then activates his face-down "Sebek's Blessing" to increase his Life Points by the same amount of Life Points Kaiba has just lost (Leichter 200 → 2100). After damage calculation, the effect of "Injection Fairy Lily" expires ("Injection Fairy Lily": 3400 → 400/1500). Leichter then Sets a monster.

Turn 8: Kaiba
Kaiba draws "A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon". His hand contains "Pot of Greed", "Polymerization", "Thunder Dragon", "Cave Dragon", "De-Fusion", "A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon", "The Wicked Worm Beast", and "Hyozanryu". Kaiba Sets a monster. On Kaiba's End Phase, Leichter activates his face-down "Life Absorbing Machine". Now during each of Leichter's Standby Phases, he will gain Life Points equal to half the total amount of Life Points he paid during his last turn.

Turn 9: Leichter
Leichter draws (Leichter 2100 → 2600). On Leichter's Standby Phase, the effect of "Life Absorbing Machine" activates (Leichter 2600 → 3600). Leichter then Tributes his face-down monster ("Fire Princess") in order to Tribute Summon "Satellite Cannon" (0/0) in Attack Position.

Duel concludes next episode.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • In the original, when Kaiba is instructed to select his Deck, Kogoro Daimon (Leichter) reveals his knowledge of the God Cards, that he won't find them in their system and that they are forbidden cards. This is not mentioned in the dub.
  • A closeup of Kaiba and a shot of "Injection Angel Lily" are cut from the dub, while Kaiba is thinking out his strategy.
  • The writing on the IOU is obscured in the US version, even though it's not readable in the Japanese.
  • Cut from the dub are shots of Not-Tristan with unconscious Mokuba on the motorcycle.
  • In the original, Nezbitt in Tristan's body knocks out Mokuba after he grabs him. This is removed from the dub.
  • In the Japanese version, the card Kaiba throws at Not-Honda is just an non-identifiable Monster Card. It's changed to a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in the dub.
  • In the flashback which shows Kaiba likening 100% of stocks in a company to 100 Duel Monsters cards, the cards in the dub keep changing between shots. Ring of Destruction can briefly be seen with its OCG artwork (Grenades rather than fireballs) in the first shot.


  • The Battle Damage Kaiba's "Spear Dragon" inflicts to Leichter's "Cyber Jar" is 1400, which is 400 more than it should be, making the math incorrect as their point difference is 1000.


  • Leichter is the second member of the Big Five to assume the form of a monster used by a Main Character. In this case, "Jinzo" is used by Joey. Ironically, the first was Johnson, who Dueled Joey as "Judge Man," which Kaiba uses.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. a b c d e f g This card can be seen in Kaiba's hand.
  2. a b This card can be seen when Leichter activates "Life Absorbing Machine".
  3. This card was played as a Magic Card. It was depicted as a Trap Card in the English version. It is a Trap Card in the TCG/OCG.
  4. This was played as a Normal Monster. It is a Fusion Monster in the TCG/OCG.
  5. This was played as a Normal Monster. It is an Effect Monster in the TCG/OCG.