Yu-Gi-Oh! - Volume 006

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"Monster Fight!"
EnglishMonster Fight!
Japanese name
RōmajiMonsutā Faito!!
TranslatedMonster Fight!!
3-in-1 volumeVolume 2
Contains chaptersYu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 04351
Release dates
JapaneseJanuary 9, 1998[1]
EnglishSeptember 7, 2004[2]
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"Monster Fight!" is the sixth volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.


Yugi faces Koji Nagumo, a "Monster Fighter Hunter", in a game of Monster Fighter.

Anzu takes Yugi on a date, where she tries to bring out his other self.

Jonouchi has another encounter with Hirutani's gang, who are fighting with yo-yos.

The new transfer student, Ryo Bakura, invites Yugi and his friends over to play the tabletop role-playing game, Monster World.


In the foreword, Kazuki Takahashi talks about something that happened he went shopping. After finishing his business he went to a pachinko parlor. He became too caught up in the game to realize that his bag had been stolen. Inside was his wallet, containing all his money and his notepad of manga ideas. He says that he would feel embarrassed if anyone saw those ideas. He calls on thief to give back his notepad ands says that that is why he has forgotten all of his ideas.

Monster World Battle Game[edit]

The volume contains instructions and some set up for a variation of the Monster World game played the volume. This game is called Monster World Battle Game.

A subsection titled, "The Story of Monster Wold" gives the history of Monsley Kingdom, up to a hero arising to start a quest to defeat Zorc.

The game is for two players. One plays the Hero and the other plays the Game Master.

The game requires:

  • Four six-sided dice; two pairs of different colors.
  • A marker for the Hero.
  • A game board is supplied, but two are required. The reader is advised to make two enlarged photocopies.
  • A calculator
  • Markers for the Gamer Master's monsters.

The Gamer Master's monsters and equipment are:

Name HP Amount
Goblin 100 10
Gargoyle 150 5
Dragon 200 5
Land mines n/a 5
Zorc 500 1

The game is setup as follows:

  • Who plays the Hero and who plays the Game Master is determined via rock-paper-scissors.
  • The Game Master controls Zorc and his monsters.
  • The Game Master places some kind of marker for their monsters, land mines and Zorc on one of the copies of the game board. This is not shown to the Hero.
    • The amount of each monster, mine and Zorc that they can place on the board is in the table above.
    • Zorc must be placed on the "Zorc Area" square.
    • Monsters cannot be placed on town or mountain squares.
    • Monsters, mines and Zorc cannot be moved once the game begins.
    • Monsters and/or mines cannot be placed in squares next to each other, but be placed diagonally next to each other.
  • The Hero chooses the Level of the game. The Level determines how much HP the player has. Level 1: 400, Level 2: 300, Level 3: 200.
  • Each player takes two dice. A player cannot have two dice of the same color.
  • The Hero's marker is placed on the "Start" square.


Image Number English title Japanese title
n/a "Monster Fight!! (Part 1)" モンスターファイト!! <前編>
Monsutā Faito!! <Zenpen>
Yugi Mutou takes-up playing the game Monster Fighter, which quickly becomes popular at school. Yugi is soon challenged to a game by Koji Nagumo, who has a reputation for stealing.
n/a "Monster Fight!! (Part 2)" モンスターファイト!! <後編>
Monsutā Faito!! <Kōhen>
Dark Yugi and Koji "the Spider" Nagumo continue their Shadow Game of Monster Fighter. After trying to cheat cost him the previous game, Nagumo begrudgingly agrees to play fair.
#45 "13 O'clock Terror!!" 13の恐怖!!
Jūsan no Kyōfu!!
Anzu and Yugi go on a date to Domino Park. In Anzu's attempts to make the other Yugi appear, she ends up used in one of the Playing Card Bomber's dangerous games.
n/a "The Evil Dragon Cards (Part 1)" 龍札ドラゴン・カードぜんぺん
Ma no Doragon Kādo ❬Zenpen❭
Yugi's classmate Imori arrives at the Kame Game, asking about an ancient game, he has found. Sugoroku Mutou recognizes it as the ancient game, Dragon Cards, and warns Imori not to open it as yin and yang would clash, creating a warped power.
n/a "The Evil Dragon Cards (Part 2)" 龍札ドラゴン・カードこうへん
Ma no Doragon Kādo ❬Kōhen❭
Dark Yugi faces Imori in another game of Dragon Cards. Dark Yugi plays to win back Yugi's soul, while Imori plays to take the Millennium Puzzle and become the Guardian of Darkness.
#48 "Jonouchi!! Soul Battle!! (Part 1)" 城之内!! 魂のバトル!! <前編>
Jōnouchi!! Tamashii no Batoru!! <Zenpen>
Jonouchi hears of a gang using a yo-yos to mug people and vows to teach them a lesson.
n/a "Jonouchi!! Soul Battle!! (Part 2)" 城之内!! 魂のバトル!! <後編>
Jōnouchi!! Tamashii no Batoru!! <Kōhen>
Jonouchi and Dark Yugi battle Hirutani and his yo-yo-wielding gang.
#50 "Millennium Enemy 1: The Mysterious Transfer Student" 千年の敵1 -謎の転校生-
Sen'nen no Teki Ichi -Nazo no Tenkōsei-
Yugi and his friends meet Ryo Bakura, a gentle new student with an interest in role-playing games. Little do they know of the danger that dwells within him.
#51 "Millennium Enemy 2: Monster World" 千年の敵2 -モンスター・ワールド-
Sen'nen no Teki Ni -Monsutā Wārudo-
Dark Bakura posing as Ryo Bakura starts playing Monster World with Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu and Honda.


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