Yu-Gi-Oh! - Volume 010

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"The Player Killer of Darkness"
EnglishThe Player Killer of Darkness
Japanese name
RōmajiŌkoku ni Arashi Fuku!!
TranslatedA Storm in the Kingdom!!
SubseriesYu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
Subseries number3
3-in-1 volumeVolume 4
Contains chaptersYu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 079Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 087
Release dates
JapaneseOctober 2, 1998
EnglishApril 5, 2005
Yu-Gi-Oh! volumes
Previous"The Puppet Master"
Next"Dungeon of Doom"

"The Player Killer of Darkness", known as "A Storm in the Kingdom!!" in the Japanese version is the tenth volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. In its first English printing, it was numbered as the third volume of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist. In the 3-in-1 edition, its number was changed to match the original Japanese printing.


Image Number Subseries number English title Japanese title
n/a #20 "The Ticking Clock!" 時を刻め!!
Toki wo Kizame!!
"Time Ticking!!"
Katsuya Jonouchi continues his Duel with Dinosaur Ryuzaki. "Flame Swordsman" easily disposes of Ryuzaki's Dinosaurs, but Ryuzaki knows he has a powerful card that can defeat it.
n/a #21 "The Night Intruder" 夜とともに来た男
Yoru to Tomo ni Kita Otoko
"The Man Who Came With the Night"
Mai spends the night with Yugi and his friends. Meanwhile a strange man lurks the area, looking for Duelists.
n/a #22 "The Invisible Cards" 見えないカード!!
Mienai Kādo!!
"The Invisible Cards!!"
Dark Yugi faces the Player Killer of Darkness, who hides his monsters within the darkness.
n/a #23 "Defeat the Darkness!" 闇をぶっとばせ!!
Yami wo Buttobase!!
"Defeat the Darkness!!"
Dark Yugi reveals his "Swords of Revealing Light" card to the Player Killer of Darkness, which he asserts will defeat the Player Killer in five turns.
n/a #24 "Swords of Light" 光の追撃!!
Hikari no Tsuigeki!!
"Pursuit of Light!!"
Dark Yugi and the Player Killer of Darkness conclude their Duel.
n/a #25 "A Storm in the Kingdom" 王国に嵐吹く!!
Ōkoku ni Arashi Fuku!!
"A Storm in the Kingdom!!"
Seto Kaiba travels to Duelist Kingdom, having awoken from his coma.
n/a #26 "Duelist's Honor" 決闘デュエル貴公子きこうし
Dyueru no Kikōshi
"Duel Honor"
Seto Kaiba arrives on the island, where he meets Yugi and his friends, including Jonouchi, who has not forgiven him for what happened in Death-T.
n/a #27 "The Secret Weapon" 新武器の実力!!
Shinbuki no Jitsuryoku!!
"New Weapon Capability!!"
Seto Kaiba and Katsuya Jonouchi battle, using Duel Disks.
n/a #28 "The Terror of Pegasus!" ペガサスの恐怖きょうふ
Pegasasu no Kyōfu!!
"The Terror of Pegasus!!"