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"Mark of the Monkey, Part 3"
At the disguised Luna's behest, Zeman the Ape King begins to release Ancient Fairy Dragon.
At the disguised Luna's behest, Zeman the Ape King begins to release Ancient Fairy Dragon.
EnglishMark of the Monkey, Part 3
Japanese name
Japaneseマイナスをつかさどるおう えんおうゼーマン
Baseマイナスをつかさどる王 猿魔王ゼーマン
Furiganaマイナスをつかさどるおう えんまおうゼーマン
RōmajiMainasu wo Tsukasadoru Ō Enmaō Zēman
TranslatedThe King that Rules over Minus - Monkey Demon King, Zeman
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"Last Train - The New Morning"
English OP & ED"Hyper Drive"
Animation directorKenichi Hara
Air dates
JapaneseMarch 11, 2009
EnglishAugust 27, 2009
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 1)
Previous"Mark of the Monkey, Part 2"
Next"Mark of the Monkey, Part 4"
Featured card"Zeman the Ape King"

"Mark of the Monkey, Part 3", known as "The King that Rules over Minus, the Demonic Monkey King Zeman" in the Japanese version, is the forty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on March 11, 2009 and in the United States on August 27, 2009.

Luna, Torunka, and Regulus confront Zeman the Ape King, the Duel Monster spirit who has taken the Ancient Fairy Dragon captive. Meanwhile, in the human world, Devack manages to Summon "Zeman the Ape King" in his Duel against Leo.



Yusei says that a Field Spell has been activated, and now all the conditions required to Summon an Earthbound Immortal have been set. Trudge yells Leo's name worriedly. Devack explains that due to the effect of the field spell "Closed Forest", "Zeman the Ape King" increases its ATK for every monster in his graveyard. He further explains that he currently has five monsters in his graveyard (Zeman then powers up as its ATK rises to 3000). Leo is shocked to see it has an ATK of 3000. (In the dub, Leo says, "I don't suppose a banana would solve this.")

Back in the spirit world[edit]

Regulus is growling (he also has wounds). Luna tells Regulus that he fought all on his own, until he got hurt so badly. Luna continues and tells him to please don't be afraid, and that they're not going to hurt him. Regulus get's mad and roars, baring his fangs. This causes Luna to scream and run behind Torunka. Torunka tells Regulus to stop, and that this child (Luna) has come all the way from another world to save Ancient Fairy Dragon. Regulus narrows his eyes and asks what was that. Luna says Torunka is right and for Regulus to relax. This makes Regulus angry, and he tries to pounce on them saying "Don't you dare toy with me!".

Torunka says he knew it would be impossible, and that they should flee for now. Luna however tells Regulus to please believe her, and that she made a promise with Ancient Fairy Dragon that she would protect the spirit world. Regulus get's a bit angry and says so he was right, and so she is trying to capture him and misuse the power of "Ancient Fairy Dragon" power. (In the dub, Regulus mishears "find" with "fight".) Luna looks a bit confused, but Torunka says to her that he get's the feeling that they aren't talking about the same thing. Luna spots something on Regulus's leg, and tells Torunka to look. Torunka realizes It's a Cursed Needle, and since It's turned into Minus. Luna finishes saying Regulus has been hearing what they've said as the opposite. Torunka face-palms and says what a mess, and so that was the cause of Regulus's disturbance.

They then turn back to Regulus, who calls Luna a foul villain defiling the spirit world, and that he won't let her have her way. Luna steps a bit closer and says he's got it all wrong, and that she is not his enemy. The Cursed Needle on Regulus's leg changes what he hears Luna say. He hears her say "Yes Regulus, we shall rule the spirit world!". Regulus growls and tries to pounce on them again, as they quickly run, which Regulus pursues them.

As they run Luna says Torunka is a Spellcaster-Type, and asks if he can do something. Torunka says that's not possible, as he is unable to do magic while a child. Luna asks what they should do. Torunka says to wait, and says he might have a good idea. He says that Regulus hears what one says as the opposite, so then (after saying this he stops, and so does Luna, followed by Regulus). Torunka says to Regulus that he hates his guts, and goes on to say he is stupid, an ugly lion, a cowardly lion. Regulus however growls and runs towards him, causing Torunka to yell and run behind Luna. Regulus then stops and says if they expect such flippant flattery to work on him. Torunka says it didn't work, while Luna wonders what meaning Regulus heard. Luna then looks at the Cursed Needle on Regulus's leg, and thinks if they could somehow get the Cursed Needle back to normal. As Regulus continues to growl, he stops and turns his head, having sensed/heard something, and says something is coming.

Luna and Torunka hide behind a log. Four monkeys than appear, surrounding him, to which Regulus simply says "You guys again?". One of the monkeys says they found him at last, while another says by the order of Zeman, they're catching him this time. The monkeys begin to walk closer to him, while Luna and Torunka watch from behind the log. One of the monkeys turns the clock on his Minus staff, sideways, and then points his staff at Regulus saying to turn him into Minus. The other monkey says for him to quit that and calls him a twit, and reminds him saying there is a Minus Cursed Needle on Regulus's leg. The other monkey realizes his mistake and says he's right, and says it would place Minus in contact with one another, thus turning it all into powerful Plus Energy.

The monkeys turn their attention back to Regulus, who is charging at them baring his fangs. They immediately get out of the way, as Regulus runs past them, and past a few logs. The monkeys then go after him, while Luna and Torunka come out of hiding. After Luna says what the monkey said about the Minus and plus energy, she jumps over the log and runs in the direction Regulus and the monkeys went, followed by Torunka telling her to wait for him.

The screen pans over further ahead where the monkeys are. One of them says they lost sight of Regulus, but another says he can't be far enough yet, and says for them to split up and search, which the others nodd in agreement and split up. One of the monkeys, who is searching for Regulus stops when he sees something come out from behind a tree ahead. Luna taunts the monkey and dares him to catch her. The monkey recognizes she is the girl that was in the town of Schwank, and asks what she is doing here, and then shortly runs after her. Luna then signals Torunka now, who is still behind the tree, and she runs. Torunka then turns the clock on the Cursed Needle that is attached to the tree sideways, and then comes out from behind the tree and runs. As the monkey is about to go after them, everything turns upside down in his view and he flys upwards into the tree, dropping his staff which Luna catches. Luna says if they just use this, while Torunka says this was a smashing success, and they take off.

Luna as Regulus sees her.

Meanwhile, Regulus finishes walking across a log that is hanging over a river stream. He thinks they lost his trail. He narrows his eyes in alert however, when he sees Luna and Torunka coming towards him. Luna calls out Regulus's name, which only makes him growl. Luna then turns the clock on the staff she is holding sideways, and get's on the log, followed by Torunka and they slowly walk towards Regulus. Luna tells Regulus to please listen to her true voice and asks for them to rescue Ancient Fairy Dragon together. Regulus warns her to stay back, and that if she comes any closer she will not be spared. Luna then says something, but the Cursed Needle on Regulus's leg changes what he hears her say. He hears her say "I am one of the good guys and I want to save Ancient Fairy Dragon from Zeman's curse!". Regulus has enough, and jumps, preparing to pounce on them. Torunka says Luna's name scared. As soon as Regulus is close enough, she holds the Cursed Needle and it touches the Cursed Needle on Regulus's leg. This causes a white flash to occur. As this happens both clocks on the Needles turn upwards. Right after, it produces a small explosion which destroys the log they're on, and causes them all to fall in the river current.

The bridge collapses as Luna attempts to undo the curse on Regulus.

Back in the real world with Leo[edit]

Devack declares battle, and "Zeman the Ape King" attacks "Power Tool Dragon" with its "Cursed Flare" attack, blasting the magenta beam of the Minus Curse from its staff. Leo activates "Power Tool Dragon's" effect, and sends "Break! Draw!" to the Graveyard to prevent "Power Tool Dragon" from being destroyed. Devack however says that the damage calculations will still be applied. Leo's Life Points drop to 2500. Leo begins to yell out in pain from parts of the beam hitting him, but it then subsides causing him to look up, and widen his eyes in shock (Power Tool Dragon is in-front of him and shielding him from the attack). Leo says "Power Tool Dragon" is protecting him. Trudge says Leo's name worriedly. Leo then says "I'll protect you too...Luna!" (as he says Luna's name, he yells it, while his head is slightly upward).

Back in the spirit world[edit]

As the three are going downstream, Torunka is scared and says Luna's name, to which Luna who is scared as well holds onto Torunka. As she does, she hears Leo yelling her name, and realizes that Leo is fighting on. Luna then turns to Regulus and calls out his name, with her sleeve up. Regulus gasps when he spots the Mark of the Dragon on Luna's arm, and realizes that is the sign of the Signer. Torunka realizes they're heading to a waterfall, while Luna calls out Regulus's name. Regulus swims over and holds onto the back of their shirts with his fangs. They then shortly fall off the river, but Luna turns the clock on the staff sideways, forcing time to stop, and as a result, causes them to fly back up the river stream.

Regulus is then shown getting out of the river stream and carrying Luna and Torunka on his back. Once he sets them down, Torunka and Luna pant, tired and out of breath. After a few seconds Torunka says he thought he was a goner, while Luna asks if Regulus is okay. Regulus says they finally meet, causing them to look at him as he walks in-front of them, and sits down facing them. Regulus then continues saying "Young Signer maiden, I have waited here for the moment when you would come to this world." Luna smiles, realizing he believes her, and says his name.

Back in the real world with Leo[edit]

Leo's legs are shaking, and he is breathing hard. Yusei says Leo's name worried, and Trudge asks if he's okay. Leo turns to Power Tool dragon and asks if its doing okay, to which it nods its head. Leo smiles, but then turns back to Devack, who says "You held out, it seems." Devack then Sets 2 cards in his Spell & Trap Card Zone and ends his turn.

Leo says the real fight starts now, and begins his turn and draws "Respect Synchron", and puts it in his hand. Leo starts to think he needs to get a card that can beat "Zeman the Ape King". He then activates the effect of "Power Tool Dragon", which adds a random equip spell to his hand. As he puts his hand on the random card slightly sticking out of the deck, he silently prays for this card to please be the one, and draws it. Leo is happy he drew what he hoped for. He then equips Power Tool Dragon with the equip spell "Megamorph", and says to Devack hows that for him, and says now the ATK of "Power Tool Dragon"doubled, but stops when he realizes that the ATK of "Power Tool Dragon" are still at 2300. Leo says It's attack power didn't change, and wonders what happened.

Devack then calls him an ignorant fool. He explains to Leo that "Megamorph" is a card that doubles the attack points of the monster it is equipped to, when Leo's Life Points are lower than his, and goes on to say but right now, their Life Points are even, therefore the effect doesn't activate. Leo panics as a few tears quickly appear in his eyes, and says darn, and that it was supposed to be his big game-breaking combo, and that he's all out of options now. Devack says that it would seem fate will not smile easily on someone who is not a Signer after all. Yusei than calls out Leo's name, which causes Leo to face him. Yusei tells Leo "Don't forget, that the cards you poured your faith and wishes into are in that deck of yours, if you believe in your cards, they will answer back, just believe, the cards you took care of won't betray you!". Leo says Yusei's name and then looks back at his cards in his hand which contains "Respect Synchron", "Gadget Hauler", "Pot of Avarice" and "Urgent Tuning".

Leo widens his eyes in realization as he remembers that Power Tool Dragon can negate being destroyed as long as he sends an equip card equipped to it, to the graveyard. Leo switches Power Tool Dragon to Defense Mode, which it has 2500 defense points (as Power Tool Dragon is switched to defense mode, it turns blue). Leo then ends his turn. Devack says to think, maintaining a defense in a Shadow Duel, and says such foolishness. Leo however stays calm, and says he'll trust in his cards, and wait for his chance, just like Yusei said.

Back in the spirit world[edit]

Luna says so that the one that called her to the spirit world was Regulus. Regulus says yes, and that Ancient Fairy Dragon told him about her. He further explains that he used all his available power while continuing to fight, and cast a spell to lead Luna here to the spirit world. He then humbly asks them to forgive him, albeit deceived by the curse, to think that he had thought they were his enemy. Torunka says honestly he thought Regulus was going to gobble them up, and then slightly turns his head and crosses his arms. Luna turns to him and says nicely that that's enough, and that when they fell down that waterfall back there, Regulus protected them. Luna turns to Regulus and thanks him.

She then says that next on the agenda is saving Ancient Fairy Dragon. Regulus get's up and says Ancient Fairy Dragon was sealed up into a crag, by Zemans curse. He further says that if they can infiltrate Zeman's castle, and defeat Zeman, the Minus Curse will be lifted and those turned to Minus might return to normal. He then tells them to get on his back, which Luna says Torunka's name and they get on Regulus's back. He then tells them to hold on tight, and shortly takes off.

In Zeman's lair[edit]

Lightning strikes outside his layer, and then Zeman is revealed (though not entirely). Monkeys are then shown kneeling before him. Zeman then says "O Sky of the spirit world, now is the time for you to flow through the earth! I am the great ruler Zeman! All in this world shall be Minusized and become mine!" After he says this, a white/blue light shoots out of the pit/screen in the middle of the room. As this happens, the spirits who are on the wall in tablets become entirely Minusized, as their tablets turn white/blue.

Outside Zeman's lair[edit]

The beam of light from Zeman's spell.

The White/blue beam of light is flying outside Zeman's layer and is flying upwards, which causes the sky to spin. Meanwhile Regulus and the others stop as they see the blue lightning. Luna asks Regulus what's wrong, to which he tells her to look up. Dark clouds surround the sun. Luna says the sun looks strange (while Luna is saying this, it get's darker and darker). After a second, Torunka notices something forming in-front of the sun, and asks what is it. After it is fully formed, it is shown to be a Cursed Needle staff blocking the sun. As the screen pans closer on it, the clock part of it can be seen turning.

Luna and Torunka then get off Regulus, and Luna wonders what's happening. After saying this, she notices that all the trees, and plants are disappearing, further more they notice a mountain behind them with plants that are disappearing. Regulus turns back around and says that this grand nature is trying to return to the primordial world. Luna says this is terrible, and at this rate the spirits won't have a place to come back to.

Luna and Torunka are made even younger by the Minus Curse.

Torunka then yells, causing Luna and Regulus to turn to him. Luna asks what happened, and that his cloths have gotten all baggy. Torunka however says no, and that his body has gotten smaller again. He continues saying if this keeps up, her and him will become babies, and then poof, disappear. Luna says no way, while Regulus says they haven't a moment to lose then. He says that they have to defeat Zeman while they can still fight, and tells Luna to let's make haste. Luna agrees, and they get back on Regulus, who shortly takes off again. Luna then prays for Leo to give her the strength, to fight Zeman.

Back in the real world with Leo[edit]

Devack begins his turn, and draws. He has "Zeman the Ape King" attack "Power Tool Dragon" with Cursed Flare. Leo tells him to bring it on if he wants, and not only is "Power Tool Dragon" in Defense Mode, but its Equip Card will help shield it, so he won't take any damage. Devack however says "Useless." He then activates the Continuous Trap Card "Roaring Earth". He explains that when a Beast-Type monster attacks a Defense Position monster, it will inflict piercing damage. "Zeman" then attacks, while Leo sends "Megamorph" to the Graveyard and his Life Points drop to 2000 as he takes some real damage.

Leo tells Devack that Power Tool Dragon won't be destroyed as long as he sends an Equip Spell from his monster. Leo gasps in shock as chunks fall off "Power Tool Dragon" and it let's out a roar of pain. Leo says Power Tool Dragon is getting hurt, and wonders why. Devack explains that when Leo receives the effect of "Roaring Earth", one monster on his field loses 300 ATK and DEF, and "Power Tool Dragon" lowers itself a bit, and then its ATK goes down to 2000). Devack sets a card in the Spell & Trap Card Zone, and ends his turn. Devack then says how pathetic, and that Leo remains on the field, while he and his monster make an unsightly exibition of themselves.

Leo looks at the beaten up Power Tool Dragon and smiles thanking him, and says he took so much punishment protecting him. Leo turns back to Devack determinedly, and states he doesn't care how banged up he looks, he will protect Luna.

Back in the spirit world outside Zeman's lair[edit]

Luna and the others are outside Zeman's layer, and Luna says so that's were Zeman is. Torunka says security looks pretty tight. Regulus agrees, and says if they approach this without a plan, they will most likely get caught where they stand. Luna asks what they should do then. Regulus tells her that there is only one way to infiltrate the castle.

In Zeman's lair[edit]

Luna, Torunka and Regulus's disguises.

Zeman asks if Regulus was finally caught. The monkey kneeling before him says yes. Zeman tells him well done, and now all they need is Regulus to completely Minusize Ancient Fairy Dragon. The monkey however says it was not the capture units that captured him. Zeman asks who was it then. The monkey responds saying it was someone called the "Traveling Magician". The doors then open, and Luna, and Torunka (who're in disguise) walk in, along with a cage that has Regulus in it, that some monkeys are pushing. Once they get near the middle of the room, Luna and Torunka kneel, and Luna says "Great Monkey King Zeman-sama, it is a great honer to meet you." Torunka says near the same thing, but stutters a bit.

Zeman tells Luna to raise her head, which she does. She thinks to herself, that this person she is staring at is Zeman. Luna quietly gasps when she hears Kuribon's voice, and turns to see the wall of captured spirits (who're in the tablets). Luna then says Kuribons name, followed by Sunny Pixie (not added in the dub), and Sunlight Unicorn, and says she is going to save them, and not to worry. Zeman then says from what he has heard, she is the Traveling Magician. Luna says yes, while Torunka says he is her assistant. Zeman then asks Luna how she was able to capture Regulus, who could not be captured by his units, despite their best efforts. Luna takes out a staff, which is the Cursed Needle in disguise, which makes Zeman curious.

Luna than says/chants "O power to control all spirits...come to rest in my hand, awaken!". Regulus, who is in the cage wakes up, and get's up and growls, scaring the monkey soldiers. Luna then says "Be quelled!" Regulus instantly calms down, goes back to sleep. Zeman then says that she controls him quite easily. Torunka then says yes, and that Magician-sama's spells will control any violent spirit. Zeman however says that is highly dubious, and if Luna really does use magic. Luna asks if he still doubts her and continues saying if she should sic Regulus on his soldiers, as she points the disguised staff at his soldiers, they get scared and don't want her to do it (in the dub, Luna instead threatens to turn the soldiers into bananas with her staff).

Zeman says no, and that she shouldn't, and says getting Regulus was good enough, and says to hurry up and Minusize him. With a signal of his hand, the monkeys surround the cage Regulus is in. Luna however tells Zeman to wait. Zeman asks what is it. Luna goes on to say that if he insists on casting the Minus Curse, then the spell she spent the trouble casting on would be lifted, and if that happens, Regulus will go berserk once again. Zeman asks what she proposes they do then, and he says there is no point in simply showing him some tricks Regulus can do in a cage.

Luna says if she may be so blunt, might one assume that Zeman doesn't know of the way to Minusize Regulus. Zeman asks what she means. Luna says he is familiar with the fact that Regulus is Ancient Fairy Dragon's servant is he not. Zeman says of course he knows, and sealing Ancient Fairy Dragon in that crag was well and good, but he has been in great straits over not being able to completely Minusize it. Luna says in that case she can get straight to the point, and says if he simultaneously cast the curse whilst unsealing Ancient Fairy Dragon, he can Minusize both, making them his own. Zeman is a bit surprised to hear her asking him to unseal Ancient Fairy Dragon. Luna answers and says there is no other way.

Zeman narrows his eyes at her, while Luna keeps the same stare. Torunka shifts uncomfortably at the stares they give each other. Zeman says very well, and that he shall trust what Luna says. Torunka says they did it, which Luna whispers for him to be quiet. Zeman than get's up and says "Come forth to me, Ancient Fairy Dragon!" As he points his staff at the pit/screen, a yellow light flys out. When the light clears, the crag where Ancient Fairy dragon is sealed up, is revealed in the pit/screen. Luna and Torunka then walk over to get a better view. Luna then says Ancient Fairy Dragon's name. (In the dub, the says in her mind that she's gonna save Ancient Fairy Dragon, or get petrified trying.)

Featured Duel: Leo vs. Devack[edit]

... continued from previous episode.

Leo has 3200 Life Points and controls "Power Tool Dragon" (2300/2500) in Attack Position, as well as "Morphtransition" Set and "Break! Draw!" equipped to "Power Tool Dragon" in his Spell & Trap Zones. Devack has 2500 Life Points and controls "Zeman the Ape King" (2500/1800) in Attack Position, and he has just activated "Closed Forest" in his Field Zone.

Turn 6: Devack
The effect of "Closed Forest" increases the ATK of all Beast-Type monsters Devack controls by 100 for each monster in his Graveyard. There are currently five monsters in Devack's Graveyard ("Dark Tuner Dark Ape", two copies of "Magician Ape", and two copies of "Fighter Ape"; "Zeman the Ape King": 2500 → 3000/1800). "Zeman the Ape King" attacks "Power Tool Dragon", but as "Power Tool Dragon" would be destroyed while it is equipped with an Equip Spell Card, Leo activates its second effect, sending that Equip Spell Card to the Graveyard instead. He sends "Break! Draw!" to the Graveyard (Leo: 3200 → 2500 LP). Devack Sets two cards.

Turn 7: Leo
Leo draws "Respect Synchron". Leo activates the first effect of "Power Tool Dragon", adding a random Equip Spell Card from his Deck to his hand. He adds "Megamorph" to his hand. Leo activates the Equip Spell Card "Megamorph", equipping it to "Power Tool Dragon". The effect of "Megamorph" doubles the original ATK of the equipped monster while Leo's Life Points are lower than Devack's Life Points and halves the original ATK of the equipped monster while Leo's Life Points are higher than Devack's; Leo and Devack currently both have 2500 Life Points, so the ATK of the equipped "Power Tool Dragon" does not change. Leo's hand contains "Respect Synchron", "Gadget Hauler", "Pot of Avarice", and "Urgent Tuning". Leo switches "Power Tool Dragon to Defense Position (2300/2500).

Turn 8: Devack
"Zeman the Ape King" attacks "Power Tool Dragon". Devack activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Roaring Earth". When a Beast-Type monster he controls attacks a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the attacking monster's ATK, the effect of "Roaring Earth" inflicts the difference as Battle Damage to Leo, and when Leo takes Battle Damage from this effect, the attack target loses 300 ATK and DEF. As "Power Tool Dragon" would be destroyed while it is equipped with an Equip Spell Card, Leo activates its second effect, sending "Megamorph" to the Graveyard instead (Leo: 2500 → 2000 LP). As Leo took Battle Damage from the first effect of "Roaring Earth", its second effect activates, reducing the ATK and DEF of the attack target by 300 ("Power Tool Dragon": 2300 → 2000/2500 → 2200). Devack Sets a card.

Continued next episode...

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. a b Two copies of this card are shown in Devack's Graveyard when he counts up the number of monsters in his Graveyard for the effect of "Closed Forest".
  2. This card is shown in Devack's Graveyard when he counts up the number of monsters in his Graveyard for the effect of "Closed Forest".