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"Mark of the Monkey, Part 4"
Zeman begins to re-seal Ancient Fairy Dragon.
Zeman begins to re-seal Ancient Fairy Dragon.
EnglishMark of the Monkey, Part 4
Japanese name
Japaneseマイナスの呪い! 捕らわれたエンシェント・フェアリー・ドラゴン
RōmajiMainasu no Noroi! Torawareta Enshento Fearī Doragon
TranslatedCurse of Minus! The Imprisoned Ancient Fairy Dragon
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"Last Train - The New Morning"
English OP & ED"Hyper Drive"
Animation directorNagare Namikaze
Air dates
JapaneseMarch 18, 2009
EnglishAugust 27, 2009
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 1)
Previous"Mark of the Monkey, Part 3"
Next"A Whale of a Ride, Part 1"
Featured card"Earthbound Immortal Cusillu"

"Mark of the Monkey, Part 4", known as "Curse of Minus! The Imprisoned Ancient Fairy Dragon" in the Japanese version, is the fiftieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on March 18, 2009 and in the United States on August 27, 2009.

After defeating Zeman the Ape King and saving Ancient Fairy Dragon, Luna arrives in the human world just in time to help her brother Leo win his Duel against Devack, who has just Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu".


Battling Zeman[edit]

Yusei and Trudge are watching. Devack's Life Points are shown to be at 2500, while Leo's are at 2000. Leo begins his turn and uses the effect of "Power Tool Dragon" to add a random Equip Spell Card to his hand. Leo hopes very much that it will be a card that can beat "Zeman the Ape King this time. As he draws he closes his eyes, and after opening them he is happy, because he drew "Double Tool C&D".

In the spirit world[edit]

The portal to Ancient Fairy Dragon.

Inside Zeman's castle, while looking at the pit/screen, Luna thinks to herself, that she will rescue Ancient Fairy Dragon. Zeman then says "Magician" (because Luna is disguised) and asks that if he unseals Ancient Fairy Dragon right here and now, and Minumize both it and Regulus, Its powers will be his. Luna says that is correct. Zeman says he understands, but if what she is saying is lies, then she shall pay dearly. Torunka tells him "But It's true, and it will make Ancient Fairy Dragon all yours." Zeman hmphs and lifts up his staff, pointing it at the pit/screen and says "Cursed Needle, release Ancient Fairy Dragon!". A Needle suddenly appears on the pit/screen, and after a second, the screen pans over to the area where Ancient Fairy Dragon is sealed. As this happens, The Needle floating above the crag turns its clock upwards, producing a purple/dark aura on Ancient Fairy Dragons crag, and making Ancient Fairy Dragon regain its color and shape.

As Luna and Torunka look, Torunka says yes, just like that Zeman-sama. Luna stays silent as she watches Ancient Fairy Dragon's face get back its color. Zeman then asks the monkeys what they're doing, and to bring him Regulus, which they immediately obey. They go over to Regulus's cage and open it. Luna chants "O power to control all spirits, come to rest in my hand, Regulus come forward!". Regulus instantly get's up and walks out of the cage, while having an emotionless look. However this is an act as Regulus thinks to himself, that he will use these fangs to break those deplorable chains. Torunka says while dancing a bit excitedly, incredible, now Ancient Fairy Dragon is all Zeman-sama's.

Torunka suddenly loses his balance and bumps into Luna, causing them to fall. After getting up, the Minus staff Torunka is holding switches its clock sideways. This causes Torunka to say that Zeman sure is an idiot, and that they've got him totally suckered. He gets a scared look on his face when he realizes what he just said. Zeman asks what was that he said, while Luna looks at Torunka and says his name in a slight panic tone. Torunka goes on to say, they're there to rescue Ancient Fairy Dragon, and Zeman hasn't caught on to it, and finishes calling him a nitwit.

Torunka blows their cover.

One of the monkeys asks Torunka why he has the same staff they do. Luna starts to get up, asking Torunka why he said that, but as she does, she loses her balance and bumps into Torunka, which knocks off their hats. One of the monkeys says Luna is the girl that was in the town of Schwank, while another says she's no Magician. Torunka says they're busted, while Luna says they were so close. Zeman get's mad and curses, and then says so they were deceiving him all along, and to seize them. The monkeys immediately obey and run towards Luna and Torunka.

Regulus instantly jumps in and saves them. For a few seconds they run from the monkeys, while on Regulus's back. The monkeys say to capture them, while Zeman says he will never hand them Ancient Fairy Dragon. He points his staff at the pit/screen, and the Cursed Needle above Ancient Fairy Dragons crag turns sideways while a dark aura surrounds it, Minumizing Ancient Fairy Dragon again who turns back how she was before. Luna who was watching, while on Regulus's back is saddened to see Ancient Fairy Dragon being Minumized again. Torunka says what a horrible mess because he goofed up. Regulus tells Luna to give him the staff. Luna asks if he has a plan. Regulus tells Luna that he is going to combine two Minuses to change it into Plus Energy, just like when Luna lifted the curse on him. Luna and Torunka are worried if he does that, there will be another huge explosion. Regulus however says hurry, otherwise Ancient Fairy Dragon will be sealed up entirely. Luna nods.

Regulus takes the Minus staff, and bumps it against the cage he was in (as he does, he narrows the bars so that the monkeys can't get in it), telling Torunka and Luna to stay in there, and then heads for Zeman. Two monkeys get near the cage with one of them telling them to open up, while another says they will turn them into Minus. Luna and Torunka back away a bit, while Luna says Regulus can do this.

Back in the real world with Leo[edit]

Leo switches Power Tool Dragon into Attack Mode, which it has 2000 ATK (weakened because of "Roaring Earth"). Leo then looks at Power Tool Dragon, telling it for them to throw their very best at him (The eyes of "Power Tool Dragon" turn very red after Leo says this). Leo equips "Double Tool C&D" to Power Tool Dragon, increasing its ATK by 1000, bringing it up to 3000. Devack says "So? You just lined up its ATK with Zeman the Ape King's.", and finishes saying "In the eyes of a non-Signer such as yourself, that bit of nothing is the very best you have?". Leo spins his arm telling him to just keep blowing smoke, and stops spinning it as he commands "Power Tool Dragon" to attack "Zeman" (Power Tool Dragon heads for Zeman after Leo says this).

Back in the spirit world in Zeman's lair[edit]

Regulus is jumping towards Zeman. Zeman holds out his staff, as his and Regulus's collide, producing a small white flash. A dark/purple aura surrounds Zeman as he tells Regulus to stay out of his way, while Regulus also has a dark aura around him. Both Torunka and Luna say Regulus's name worried. As the struggle goes on, Regulus looks at the crag Ancient Fairy dragon is sealed in, in the pit/screen, and asks Ancient Fairy Dragon to please come back to him. Regulus then gets out of the struggle and jumps back at Zeman.

Back in the real world with Leo[edit]

Power Tool Dragon is heading for Zeman. Devack says Leo's settling for a draw, but then says no in slight shock as he realizes something. Leo says that's right, and that Power Tool Dragon won't be destroyed, as long as it is equiped with an equip spell. Two white barriers form in front of Leo's monster as it collides with Zeman's staff.

Back in the spirit world with Regulus[edit]

Regulus and Zeman collide.

Regulus's Cursed Needle staff collides again with Zeman's, but this time a big flash occurs, which destroys all of the monkeys, and produces fire. As the fire heads towards Luna and Torunka, Luna's birthmark glows and a red barrier protects them both. Zeman says don't think this is over, and that as soon as he is defeated, the Minus Curse will be sent to Devack. Luna gasps having heard what Zeman said. Zeman is then destroyed.

Back in the real world with Leo[edit]

Power Tool Dragon destroys Zeman, to which Leo yells excitedly, glad he beat Zeman. Leo then discards "Double Tool C&D" from Power Tool Dragon so it will go unharmed (The ATK of "Power Tool Dragon" goes back down to 2000). Trudge is glad, and says Leo finally beat that Dark Synchro Monster, but Yusei gets very alert when he realizes something. Devack begins to laugh. Leo asks what he's laughing about. Instead of answering, he reveals his face-down Trap Card, which is "Dark Matter". (In the dub, Devack answers that he's amused when somebody willingly walks into a trap.) Devack explains when a Synchro Monster is destroyed, it sets two cards from the top of his deck, treating them as monsters. He then places two cards on his Monster Zone, both revealed to be "Fighter Ape" and "Magician Ape". Leo equips Power Tool Dragon with the equip spell "Power Converter" and ends his turn. Devack silently laughs sinisterly.

Back in the spirit world at Zeman's lair[edit]

The entire room is a mess. After a few seconds Luna calls Regulus's name. A "Dark Sage" says good grief, and that he managed to finally turn back to normal. Luna says he's, which the old man finishes saying yes It's him (after he says this, an image of the younger Torunka can be seen on his face for a few seconds). Luna says Torunka's name, and asks if that's really him, and then says he surprised her that he really was an old man. This causes Torunka to laugh a bit. Regulus calls out Luna's name, to which Luna runs over to him saying his name, glad he's okay. Torunka asks if Regulus is okay, while Regulus says it seems that Zeman has been completely obliterated. Luna says really, and then asks where's Ancient Fairy Dragon then. Regulus says he doesn't see her anywhere, to which Luna says no way. Luna then looks at the tablets and thinks to herself saying the spirits haven't turned back to normal either, and that the curse is lifted so why. She then gasps in realization when she realizes Zeman said the curse was sent to Devack.

Back in the real world with Leo and Devack[edit]

Devack smirks while beginning his turn and draws. Devack then says young boy (Leo) that he must thank him for defeating Zeman earlier. Angered Leo asks what he means. Devack answers saying because of him, he now has all the preparations to summon his Earthbound Immortal card set, and then holds up and shows Leo the card, while laughing maniacally. Yusei instantly recognizes what Devack showed Leo. Devack releases both of his set monsters (the monsters fly up, and form a container). Leo begins to panic, but Devack tells him to not worry, because as the competitor he won't have his soul absorbed. (In the dub, he claims that his Earthbound Immortal requires a different kind of power source, which exists in the spirit world.) Devack says he has more than enough sacrifices, and says "I sacrifice the spirits souls, descent forth Earthbound Immortal Cusillu!". Yusei turns to Trudge and says here it comes, but right after, the purple flames get very big and Yusei covers his eyes, while Trudge watches the purple flames, and Leo yells.

Back in the Spirit world in Zeman's lair[edit]

A purple monkey geoglyph appears in the sky, which Luna notices. Suddenly purple orbs come out of the tablets and fly towards the geoglyph (they're the spirits, and are in the same form as when humans get sacrificed to an Earthbound Immortal). Regulus says the spirits souls are, while Torunka wonders what the devil is about to transpire. Luna says the Earthbound Immortal is trying to awaken.

Back in the real world with Leo[edit]

Cusillu is Summoned.

The screen shows a view of the on-ground monkey flame shape, as It's flames get bigger after a yellow lightning flash strikes at it. The spirits are shown flying out of the ground and up to the container, which is getting more and more purple with each spirit it absorbs. Once enough sacrifices are in the container, a purple beam of light shoots down from the geoglyph in the sky, and onto the ground (there is also a hole in the part of the sky where the light descended). The ground then begins to shake, and shortly after, a giant yellow glowing dark monkey appears and let's out a small roar. Leo yells in fear. The screen pans away from the Immortal as dark lightning strikes around it (it is also revealed to have 2800 ATK).

Trudge says "The Earthbound Immortal!", and curses saying it finally showed up. Yusei says this is bad, and that the Earthbound Immortal is going in for a direct attack. Devack says his great god, Earthbound Immortal Cusillu cannot be attacked by the likes of Leo's monsters. He continues saying, in addition, it cannot be affected by any Spell or Trap card effect. Leo is shocked and says "No way!" Devack says also, there are eight monsters in his graveyard, so "Closed Forest" will elevate the attack power of Earthbound Immortal Cusillu by 800 points. The monsters fly into "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu", and its ATK goes up to 3600.

Leo is flattened by the attack of "Cusillu". (NOTE: In the Japanese version, it shows the ATK meter instead of the Life Point meter.

Devack says "May you curse your misfortune for ever intruding into this battle of the gods!". (In the dub, it's "Perhaps next time, you'll think twice about taking your sister's place in a Shadow Duel"!) Devack then announces for his Earthbound Immortal to attack Leo directly. The Earthbound Immortal lifts up its fist, and prepares to attack. Yusei get's worried saying if that attack connects, Leo's finished, while Trudge yells Leo's name in worry. Leo however says "Finished nothing!", and sends "Power Converter" equipped to "Power Tool Dragon", to the graveyard which will allow Leo to regain Life Points equal to the ATK of "Power Tool Dragon". Leo's Life Points go from 2000 to 4000. Leo finishes by explaining the ATK of "Power Tool Dragon" will become 0 for this turn.

The Earthbound Immortal pounds its fist towards Leo as he runs. The Earthbound Immortal hits the ground, and the force causes Leo to get hit by debris and is knocked on the ground, while trying to get up. His Life Points go from 4000 to 400 as the smoke clears. Leo mutters while feeling weak "I-I can't lose, If I'm finished off here, Luna will...Luna will."

Back in the spirit world[edit]

Luna mutters Leo's name, sensing and hearing what he said. She turns to Regulus and Torunka sayng Leo is in danger. Torunka asks what she means, but before she can answer, a white light envelopes them for a second, and afterwards they fly up into the sky. Torunka says they're going to get sucked into the geoglyph, while Regulus says at this rate the spirit world will be confined to eternal darkness. Torunka then says to leave this to him, which Luna says his name. Torunka says he shall use the last of his power to send Luna back to her own world, and says It's up to her, and to beat the Earthbound Immortal. Regulus agrees, and says the spirit worlds future rests in her hands. After Luna says their name one last time, Torunka uses his staff to produce a white flash, which envelopes Luna (she is then teleported to the real world).

Back in the real world[edit]

Luna and Leo are reunited.

A red orb comes down, which surprises Devack. Trudge asks what is it. The light clears revealing Luna, whose name is said by Yusei. After opening her eyes, she looks at the beaten form of Leo. Luna instantly keels down to him deeply worried, and asks him to say something, while saying his name twice. Leo lifts up his head a bit says she came back, while she lifts him up. Luna asks/says he fought getting hurt this badly, even though faced against a Dark Signer. Leo says in a weak tone that he wanted to beat that guy (Devack) before she came back, and says he knew he couldn't play the hero (after saying this his eyes begin to water). Luna however yells/screams that's not true, causing him to look up at her, whose eyes are also filled with many tears. Luna says "Leo, you...in my eyes you're...the best a hero could get!"(In the dub version, Luna said "Except be my hero. It's true, not...not as a duelist...but as my brother!"). As she says this she hugs him as the tears quickly begin falling off her face. Leo is silent, and after a few seconds he closes his eyes and begins to sob as he let's the tears out as well (In the dub version Leo says while she is hugging him "Not so hard, you're squeezing the tears out").

As Yusei watches silently, Devack says that the gang's all here. Devack continues saying Luna will fall prey to his Earthbound Immortal, and finishes by calling her young Signer. Luna says so he was the one commanding Zeman to collect all those spirits souls is he. Luna continues, saying she will never forgive him, for hurting the spirits, and for hurting the one person she holds most dear. Luna grabs Leo's Duel Disk. While unattaching it from him, Luna tells Leo she is dueling in his place. Leo says/asks what is she saying, he told her he'd protect her didn't he, and finishes saying he should be the one to fight. Luna takes off his disk and puts it on her arm, and says to not worry, he did his best just for her, now she will do her best just as hard as him. Leo however tells her to stop, and that if she fights Devack even she will. Luna smiles at him, and softly says she'll be fine, and not to worry.

After getting up, Luna looks at Yusei who says her name, and then notices his mark is glowing, while Luna notices hers. Simalerly Mina points out Akiza's mark is glowing. Meanwhile Jack, who is riding on his Duel Runner says while looking at his mark "A Signer's battle is finally underway huh?". Luna says she won't lose, because she has Leo and everyone else by her side. Luna looks at Power Tool Dragon, who lowers itself down to her, while Luna tells it to hang in there (Power Tool Dragon looks at her slightly as its eyes get very red). Luna then turns to Devack.

Ancient Fairy Dragon held captive in the prison Trap Card.

Devack remarks that even Life Points on the same level as cinders will be ample tribute to his god. Devack continues by saying "Allow me to show my respects to you, young Signer, by summoning a very special spirit." Devack activates the continues Trap card "Cursed Prison". Devack explains that it will special summon one Synchro Monster onto his field, ignoring It's summoning condition in defense mode (after saying this he holds up the card, making Luna gasp). Devack says "Appear now, my prisoner, Ancient Fairy Dragon!". The Trap Card then turns white as a cage comes out of it, which is revealed to be "Ancient Fairy Dragon" inside it. Luna says the name of "Ancient Fairy Dragon" worriedly, while Devack ends his turn.

Devack asks Luna how does it feel to face the very same dragon she is linked to by the bonds of fate, as an enemy. Luna thinks to herself saying for Ancient Fairy Dragon to hold on, as her and Leo are going to rescue her. Luna begins her turn and draws Limiter Removal". Luna activates the effect of "Power Tool Dragon", which will add a random equip spell to her hand. After drawing the card, Luna plays it, equipping Power Tool Dragon with the equip spell card "Central Shield". Leo explains Central Shield is the ultimate shield that reduces all attack damage other than towards the equipped monster to 0, wether Devack's Earthbound Immortal is affected by spells or Traps, and finishes telling Luna good job. Luna nods, then thinks to herself that this shield will protect her, along with Leo's hopes. Luna then sets both "Respect Syncron" and "Limiter Removal" face-down in her Spell/Trap card zone, ending her turn.

Devack remarks to Luna, it seems she cannot attack "Ancient Fairy Dragon" after all. Devack continues saying but his Earthbound Immortal isn't limited to just attacking directly, and finishes saying "very well, as you wish I shall crush that toy dragon of yours!". Devack begins his turn and draws. He commands Earthbound Immortal Cusillu to attack Power Tool Dragon. The Earthbound Immortal brings its fist towards Power Tool Dragon. Luna however reveals the Quick-Play Spell Card "Limiter Removal". Luna explains it doubles the attack points of all Machine monsters on her field, shocking Devack. The ATK of "Power Tool Dragon" goes from 2000 to 4000. The Earthbound Immortals fist collides with Power Tool Dragon, which creates a big explosion, and shakes the entire area, while Leo and Luna cover their eyes. After the explosion begins to clear, Trudge says they did it.

Devack curses and calls Leo and Luna fools who dare to defy such god-like power, as his Life Points go from 2500 to 2100. He continues saying his Earthbound Immortal shall not falter, and by sacrificing a monster on his field, his Earthbound Immortal will avoid destruction and halve Luna's Life Points. Devack reveals that was why he summoned Ancient Fairy dragon. He releases Ancient Fairy Dragon, and a dark circle surrounds Luna hurting her, as her Life Points drop from 400 to 200. Luna weakly begins to fall, but Leo yells her name catching her, asking if she's okay. Luna says she's fine, and now the real fight can get started. Devack Wonders what she means by that. Luna reveals that she knew Devack was going to send Ancient Fairy Dragon to the graveyard from the start. She continues saying now Devack is giving her back, her dear friend.

Regulus breaks the chains of "Ancient Fairy Dragon".

Luna activates the face-down continues Trap Card "Respect Synchron". She explains that when a Synchro monster is sent to the Graveyard through an opponent's card effect, this can ignore summoning conditions and special summon it to her field, shocking Devack visibly. A light appears below Leo and Luna. As the monster surfaces, Regulus appears saying Ancient Fairy Dragon's name, and breaks the chains binding her, with his fangs and then vanishes (in the dub, he says nothing.) Ancient Fairy Dragon's wings unfold as her eyes turn more yellow, and she lifts her head upward and roars (as she does so, her ATK is revealed to be 2100). Leo is amazed by the dragon, and tells Luna she did it, which she nods, and they both look up at Ancient Fairy Dragon.

Luna says to Ancient Fairy Dragon that they finally get to meet. Ancient Fairy Dragon lowers itself slightly and says "Luna, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping the promise you made on that day so long ago, thank you so much." Trudge walks a bit closer and says/asks "So that's Ancient Fairy Dragon.", to which Yusei agreed. Trudge remarks saying that's something else I tell you. Yusei however says the match isn't over yet.

Luna sends Central Shield to the Graveyard to negate the effect of "Limiter Removal" that would destroy "Power Tool Dragon". Devack remarks "Stupendous, a real Signer is altogether different!" Devack ends his turn and says "Now, show me a real duel elected by the gods!" Luna tells Leo to let's go, which he says yes. Leo says It's their turn, and they both draw "Rocket Pilder". Luna next explains Ancient Fairy Dragon's effect; by destroying a Field Spell, she regains 1000 Life Points. Devack is surprised by her saying "Field Spell". Closed Forest is destroyed, along with the forest around them. Leo excitedly says alright, while Luna's Life points go from 200 to 1200. Devacks Earthbound Immortal loses the extra ATK it gained from Closed Forests effect, bringing it back down to 2800.

Yusei points out that an Earthbound Immortal's effect is negated if there is no Field Spell Card on the field. Trudge remarks Luna did a good job. Luna explains that the effect of "Power Tool Dragon" will activate, adding one random equip spell to her hand (the card she reveals is "Pain to Power"). Luna then equips "Rocket Pilder" to "Power Tool Dragon", and equips "Pain to Power" to "Ancient Fairy Dragon". Luna commands Power Tool Dragon to attack "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu". Devack is a bit confused saying she is attacking with Power Tool Dragon, the one with lower Attack power. The rocket attached to Power Tool Dragon fires, causing it to fly up towards "Earthbound Immortal Cusilu" (as it does so, Power Tool Dragon is surrounded by a yellow fire from the rocket). The Earthbound Immortal tries to hit Power Tool Dragon, but Power Tool Dragon evades it, hitting the Immortal in the stomach. This causes a massive explosion, and Leo shields Luna from the force of it, as her Life Points go from 1200 to 400.

The attack of "Power Tool Dragon" pierces a hole in "Cusillu".

As the smoke begins to clear, Devack says It's just as he thought, and says they chose to receive gods punishment did they. Leo tells Devack don't count on it. Luna says since "Power Tool Dragon" is equipped with "Rocket Pilder", it won't be destroyed, and continues saying it will decrease the ATK of "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu" by "Power Tool Dragon". Devack's Earthbound Immortal goes from 2800 ATK to 800, shocking him (there is also a visible hole in the Earthbound Immortals stomach where Power Tool Dragon attacked). Luna further explains that since Ancient Fairy Dragon is equipped with "Pain to Power", Its ATK will increase equal to the damage she took from Power Tool Dragons attack. Ancient Fairy Dragons ATK rises from 2100 to 2900, and it lets out a roar. Luna says turn her pain into power, and commands Ancient Fairy Dragon to attack Earthbound Immortal Cusillu. Ancient Fairy Dragon slowly flies up as Luna says "ETERNAL SUNSHINE!". "Ancient Fairy Dragon's" wings produce a rainbow blinding light, that causes everyone to cover their eyes except Luna.

Featured Duel: Leo & Luna vs. Devack[edit]

... continued from previous episode.

Leo has 2000 Life Points and controls "Power Tool Dragon" (2000/2200) in Defense Position, and "Morphtransition" Set in his Spell & Trap Zone. Devack has 2500 Life Points and controls "Zeman the Ape King" (3000/1800) in Attack Position, and "Closed Forest" in his Field Zone, as well as one Set card and "Roaring Earth" in his Spell & Trap Zones.

Turn 9: Leo
Leo activates the first effect of "Power Tool Dragon", adding a random Equip Spell Card from his Deck to his hand. He adds "Double Tool C&D". Leo switches "Power Tool Dragon" to Attack Position. Leo activates the Equip Spell Card "Double Tool C&D", equipping it to "Power Tool Dragon". During Leo's turn, the effect of "Double Tool C&D" increases the ATK of the equipped monster by 1000 and if it attacks, the effects of the attack target will be negated during the Battle Phase. During Devack's turn, he will be unable to select a monster as an attack target, except the equipped monster, and a monster that battles the equipped monster will be destroyed at the end of the Damage Step ("Power Tool Dragon": 2000 → 3000/2200). "Power Tool Dragon" attacks "Zeman the Ape King". As "Power Tool Dragon" would be destroyed while equipped with an Equip Spell Card, Leo activates its second effect, sending that Equip Spell Card to the Graveyard instead. He sends "Double Tool C&D" to the Graveyard ("Power Tool Dragon": 3000 → 2000/2200) and "Zeman" is destroyed. As a Dark Synchro Monster Devack controls was destroyed, he activates his face-down Trap Card "Dark Matter", drawing two cards and Setting them in Defense Position in his Monster Card Zones. He draws and Sets "Magician Ape" and "Fighter Ape". Leo activates the Equip Spell Card "Power Converter", equipping it to "Power Tool Dragon".

Turn 10: Devack
Devack draws "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu". Devack Tributes his Set "Magician Ape" and "Fighter Ape" to Tribute Summon "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu" (2800/2400) in Attack Position. As a Field Spell Card is face-up on the field, "Cusillu" can attack Leo directly, cannot be attacked by Leo's monsters, is unaffected by Leo's Spell and Trap Cards, and if it would be destroyed by battle, Devack can Tribute one other monster he controls instead and halve Leo's Life Points. The effect of "Closed Forest" increases the ATK of all Beast-Type monsters Devack controls by 100 for each monster in his Graveyard. There are currently eight ("Dark Tuner Dark Ape", "Zeman the Ape King", three copies of "Magician Ape" and three copies of "Fighter Ape"; "Cusillu": 2800 → 3600/2400). "Cusillu" attacks Leo directly via its own effect, but Leo activates the effect of "Power Converter", sending it to the Graveyard to increase his Life Points by the ATK of the equipped monster, and if he does the equipped monster's ATK becomes 0 until the End Phase ("Power Tool Dragon": 2000 → 0/2200) (Leo: 2000 → 4000 LP). The direct attack continues (Leo: 4000 → 400 LP).

At this point, Luna returns from the Duel Monsters Spirit World and she takes over for Leo. Devack activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Cursed Prison", Special Summoning one monster from his Extra Deck in Defense Position, but its effects are negated and its battle position cannot be changed, and it will be destroyed if "Cursed Prison" is removed from the field, while "Cursed Prison" will be destroyed if the Summoned monster leaves the field. He Special Summons "Ancient Fairy Dragon" (2100/3000) in Defense Position. During Devack's End Phase, the effect of "Power Converter" expires ("Power Tool Dragon": 0 → 2000/2200).

Turn 11: Luna
Luna draws "Limiter Removal". Luna's hand contains "Urgent Tuning", "Pot of Avarice", "Gadget Hauler", "Respect Synchron", and "Limiter Removal". Luna activates the first effect of "Power Tool Dragon", adding a random Equip Spell Card from her Deck to her hand. She adds "Central Shield". Luna activates the Equip Spell Card "Central Shield", equipping it to "Power Tool Dragon". If a monster Luna controls is attacked, except the equipped monster, Luna will take no Battle Damage, and Devack cannot attack directly. Luna Sets "Limiter Removal" and "Respect Synchron".

Turn 12: Devack
"Earthbound Immortal Cusillu" attacks "Power Tool Dragon", but Luna activates her face-down Quick-Play Spell Card "Limiter Removal", doubling the ATK of all Machine-Type monsters she controls until the End Phase, but any monsters affected by this effect will be destroyed during the End Phase ("Power Tool Dragon": 2000 → 4000/2200; Devack: 2500 → 2100 LP), but as "Cusillu" would be destroyed by battle, Devack activates its last effect, Tributing another monster he controls instead and halving Luna's Life Points. He Tributes "Ancient Fairy Dragon" (Luna: 400 → 200 LP). As the monster "Cursed Prison" Special Summoned left the field, it is destroyed. As a Synchro Monster Devack controls was sent to the Graveyard by his card effect, Luna activates her face-down Continuous Trap Card "Respect Synchron", Special Summoning that Synchro Monster to her side of the field, ignoring the Summoning conditions, but it will be destroyed if "Respect Synchron" is removed from the field, while "Respect Synchron" will be destroyed if the Summoned monster leaves the field. She Special Summons "Ancient Fairy Dragon" (2100/3000) in Attack Position. During Devack's End Phase, the first effect of "Limiter Removal" expires ("Power Tool Dragon": 4000 → 2000/2200). The second effect of "Limiter Removal" would then destroy "Power Tool Dragon", but as "Power Tool Dragon" would be destroyed, Luna activates its second effect, sending "Central Shield" to the Graveyard instead.

Turn 13: Leo/Luna
At this point, Leo rejoins Luna. Leo and Luna draw "Rocket Pilder". Luna activates the second effect of "Ancient Fairy Dragon", destroying a Field Spell Card on the field, gaining 1000 Life Points, and then she can add a Field Spell Card from her Deck to her hand. She destroys "Closed Forest" ("Cusillu": 3600 → 2800/2400; Leo & Luna: 200 → 1200 LP) and chooses not to add a Field Spell Card from her Deck to her hand. As there is no Field Spell Card on the field, "Cusillu" will be destroyed during the End Phase by its own effect, and the other effects of "Cusillu" are negated. Luna activates the first effect of "Power Tool Dragon", adding a random Equip Spell Card from her Deck to her hand. She adds "Pain to Power". Luna activates the Equip Spell Card "Rocket Pilder", equipping it to "Power Tool Dragon". The effect of "Rocket Plider" prevents the equipped monster from being destroyed by battle and at the end of the Damage Step when the equipped monster attacked an opponent's monster, the attack target loses ATK equal to the equipped monster's ATK until the end of the turn. Luna activates the Equip Spell Card "Pain to Power", equipping it to "Ancient Fairy Dragon". If Leo and Luna take Battle Damage, the equipped monster gains ATK equal to the total Battle Damage they took from attacks involving other monsters they control until the End Phase. Luna's hand contains "Pot of Avarice", "Gadget Hauler", and "Urgent Tuning".

"Power Tool Dragon" attacks "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu" (Leo & Luna: 1200 → 400 LP), but due to the first effect of "Rocket Pilder", "Power Tool Dragon" isn't destroyed. At the end of the Damage Step, the second effect of "Rocket Pilder" decreases the ATK of "Cusillu" by the ATK of the equipped "Power Tool Dragon" ("Earthbound Immortal Cusillu": 2800 → 800/2400). As Leo and Luna took Battle Damage, the effect of "Pain to Power" activates, increasing the ATK of the equipped "Ancient Fairy Dragon" equal to the Battle Damage they received from attacks involving other monsters they control ("Ancient Fairy Dragon": 2100 → 2900/3000). "Ancient Fairy Dragon" attacks "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu".

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Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • In the dub, the scene of Leo's Deck shuffling before ejecting a random Equip Spell Card is lengthened.
  • In the dub, Luna asks Torunka if he thinks Zeman will fall for their plan, in the original, she just stares at Ancient Fairy Dragon.
  • In the dub, when Zeman is starting to free Ancient Fairy Dragon Luna admit she hopes their plan works; she said nothing in the original.
  • In the dub, Torunka tries to pretend that the Cursed Needle was their own and not stolen from one of Zeman's minions, in the original he starts gloating about how they had fooled him.
  • In the dub, Zeman's servants hint that they'd try to break into the cage Torunka and Luna are in, in the original they commanded that Torunka and Luna get out of there.
  • In the dub, the flames produced by the meeting of the two Minus Needles are recolored purple.
  • In the dub, when Luna and Torunka are about to be engulfed by the flames she reassures him she'll protect them; she said nothing in the original.
  • In both versions, Leo is concerned he will be absorbed by "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu" when Devack Summons it. In the original version, Devack reassures him he won't be sacrificed since he's Devack's opponent and tells him there are plenty of sacrifices elsewhere; the souls of the Duel Monster Spirits. In the dub, he suggests that "Cusillu" could only be Summoned by sacrificing Duel Monster Spirits.
  • In the dub, when Luna is about to start Dueling Devack, Yusei shouts out her name to which she replies that everything is going to be okay, they just stared at each other and Yusei said her name quietly in the original.
  • In the original, when Jack noticed his Mark of the Dragon lighting up, he doesn't specify that Luna is back, only that the battle between Signers has truly begun.
  • In the dub, when Luna starts Dueling Devack and looks at the field, she takes note of the monsters on both fields. The shot of "Cusillu" clenching its fists before its ATK gauge was displayed is replayed when she notes that Devack controls it.
  • After Summoning "Ancient Fairy Dragon", in the original, Devack asks Luna how she feels to have to battle her dragon as an enemy. In the dub, Luna angrily asks what Devack did to her, protesting that "Ancient Fairy Dragon" isn't a stray dog that can be chained. Devack retorts that's exactly what she is and threatens to tear "Ancient Fairy Dragon's" card in half if she doesn't behave.
  • In the dub, it is never explained that it was "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu's" effect which sent "Ancient Fairy Dragon" to the Graveyard and halves Luna's Life Points. Devack simply states this is what happens when he gets angry.
  • In the dub, Ancient Fairy Dragon's speech is longer.



  1. a b Two copies of this card are shown in Devack's Graveyard when he counts up the number of monsters in his Graveyard for the effect of "Closed Forest".
  2. This card is shown in Devack's Graveyard when he counts up the number of monsters in his Graveyard for the effect of "Closed Forest".