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"Shadows of Doubt, Part 2"
The possessed Carly's Trap Card activates.
The possessed Carly's Trap Card activates.
EnglishShadows of Doubt, Part 2
Japanese name
Japanese孤高の光 セイヴァー・デモン・ドラゴン
RōmajiKokō no Hikari Seivā Demon Doragon
TranslatedThe Lone Light, Savior Demon Dragon
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"Last Train - The New Morning"
English OP & ED"Hyper Drive"
Animation directorYuji Kokai
Air dates
JapaneseMay 20, 2009
EnglishFebruary 22, 2010
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 1)
Previous"Shadows of Doubt, Part 1"
Next"Truth and Consequences, Part 1"
Featured card"Battle Fader"
Showcase cards

"Shadows of Doubt, Part 2", known as "The Lone Light: Savior Demon Dragon" in the Japanese version, is the fifty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on May 20, 2009 and in the United States on February 22, 2010.

The Duel between Jack and Carly continues. When Carly seems to regain her senses, the spirit of the "Earthbound Immortal" takes control of her so that the Duel can continue. Now, Jack's only hope lies in the power of the Crimson Dragon.


A decade ago, in New Domino City, Carly was watching a Duel between two boys in which one of them had a "Flying Penguin" and sent it to directly attack the other boy, causing the other boy to lose. Carly took a picture of the winner, saying that was his third win in a row, pleasing the winning boy. Later that same day, a friend of Carly asks her if Carly plans to be a reporter someday and Carly replies that she's not sure. She also adds that she loves seeing people that are doing their best. Her friend says that's strange and that Carly can't be happy herself if other people are doing their best. Carly says that's she wouldn't say that and add that when she cheers on someone doing their best, she thinks she can do a little better herself. That alone make her happy.

Inside the geoglyph, the Turbo Duel continues. Jack shows Carly her glasses and tells her to remember, saying that the Carly is still in her somewhere. Carly says that can't be true. Both restart their Duel Runner and continue the Duel. Carly says that she came back as a Dark Signer so she and Jack could rule the world. She tells Jack that this is what she desire and this is the fate that has been appointed to them. Jack tells her that she's wrong and that she's the one who wake him up when he lost all directions after being toyed by a sham of a fate. After Jack says this, Carly remembers all the time she spent with Jack, saying that during the battle with Yusei, the old Jack died and it is time for the real Jack to live. She also add that it'll help him becoming a real king. Jack tells her that he hadn't forget what she said and that's why he followed her advice and deciding how he lived on his very own.

Jack activates the second effect of "Changing Destiny", which lets Carly pick one of two options: Regain Life Points equal to half the ATK of the monster whose attack was negated or inflict it as damage to the opponent. Carly is shocked by this revelation. The ATK of "Fortune Lady Earth" is 2800. Carly must choose to either recover 1400 Life Points or inflict 1400 damage to Jack. Carly thinks that Jack's Life Points are only 800 and if she chooses to inflict damage, Jack will lose the Duel. Carly asks Jack why he doesn't mind with taking damage when he was just squeezed by the ATK of "Earth". Jack replies to her that it is so he could teach her that there's no such thing as an appointed fate and that he believes in her. He also add that she must choose her own destiny. Carly thinks that Jack is a fool and that by flustering him such a great deal, he's ended up following what she's said. She also adds that, this time, she'll make him hers. About to choose the effect of inflicting damage to Jack, Carly looks into his eyes and remembers the time she spent with Jack. Unable to go through with hurting him, she instead chooses the effect to regain her Life Points, which brings her to 5000 life points. After that, her eyes turned back to normal. Jack calls out Carly's name and wonders if she's turned back to normal. Carly shows Jack she has and tells him that she really doesn't want that kind of fight and Jack replies in agreement, saying that she's not the type of person to hurt others.

Carly wants to end the Duel, but the power of her "Earthbound Immortal" will not allow that and possesses her to continue, saying that it doesn't care what Carly wants. Saying that the duel between her and Jack is her fate appointed as a Dark Signer, the evil power is forcing Carly to continue. Jack asks the evil power if he's the one who dragged Carly into the darkness. But the evil power tells Carly to continue the Duel and to dispose of the Signer. Carly is now completely possessed by her "Earthbound Immortal". Jack continues the Duel, telling the evil power to unhand Carly. Carly says that her turn isn't over and activates "Speed Spell - Curse of Destiny". As she has two or more Speed Counters, she can place 2 Cursed Counters on one of her monsters. In exchange for that monster not attacking, she can inflict damage by removing a counter. She places two counters on "Earth", who has already attacked this turn, and thus cannot do that. She Sets two cards to conclude her turn. The possessed Carly tells Jack not to waste his turn on trying to get the old Carly back and laughs maliciously.

Jack's Life Points continue to fall.

Jack says that he's going to make the evil power pay for taking Carly. It's Jack's turn and he draws a card. Jack's SPC goes to 3 and Carly's SPC goes to 5. Jack Special Summons "Vice Dragon" with its stats halved via its own effect as only Carly controls monsters. He Normal Summons "Dark Resonator" and tunes the two monsters to Synchro Summon "Red Dragon Archfiend". Carly says that the dragon, which prove that Jack is a Signer, has finally appeared. But she'll turn the tables on it. Carly activates the Trap Card, "Class Change", increasing the Level of "Earth" to 8, thus increasing its ATK to 3200 via its effect. Jack realizes that its ATK is greater than that of "Red Dragon Archfiend". The other effect of "Earth" activates, inflicting 400 damage to Jack, reducing him to 400 Life Points. The possessed Carly laughs and tells Jack that his Life Points are like a flame on a flickering candle. She also adds that, during her next turn, she'll completely deplete his Life Points.

Jack declares he won't allow that and activates "Speed Spell - Half Seize". As he has three or more Speed Counters, he can halve the ATK of "Earth" and regain Life Points equal to that amount. The ATK of "Earth" becomes 1600 and Jack's Life Points become 2000. Jack says he'll burn the evil power's wicked heart to ashes with the flame of truth. Jack sends "Red Dragon Archfiend" to attack and destroy "Fortune Lady Earth". Carly's Life Points go to 3600 and her SPC go to 4. Jack begs Carly to open her eyes. The possessed Carly loses control of her Duel Runner and rides into the flames of the geoglyph, which worries Jack.

At the Dark Signers lair, Crow, Trudge, Leo, and Luna look at the Ener-D, where Yusei has fallen into. Yusei is suspended in midair in the darkness of the Netherworld when he sees a light. He questions the light that seems to be calling him. Yusei begins walking and finds himself near a river. A light figure appears and tells him that that Yusei doesn't belong to this world just yet. Yusei asks the figure if he's the one who guided Yusei the way and Yusei calls the figure father. The figure takes the form of Dr. Fudo and Yusei knew the figure was his father. Dr. Fudo apologizes to his son, hoping that his Yusei can forgive him for burdening him with such an outrageous destiny. Dr. Fudo begins to fade and Yusei begs him to wait. Professor Fudo tells his son that destiny can and will be changed as he continues to fade. Yusei continues to pursue his father, calling out to him. Dr. Fudo tells Yusei that they are people who are truly waiting for him down the path he'll proceed. Yusei keeps begging his father to stay but he fades away. Trudge, Crow, Leo, and Luna suddenly see a light coming out from the Ener-D and notice Yusei floating within the light. The light disappears and Yusei begins to float down slowly to his friends. The twins are happy to see Yusei back and Trudge and Crow catch him. Everyone calls for Yusei to wake up, in which he does. Yusei sees everyone looking at him and wonders if he's back. Crow says that Yusei seems fine. Trudge wonders how Yusei managed to get back and Leo tells him that Yusei is safe now, so who cares how he got back and says that this is why adults are hopeless. Yusei thinks he has everyone worried. Crow tells Yusei that they can't waste any time and Leo agrees with him. Yusei also agrees and says if the 2 remaining towers aren't sealed up before sunset, the King of the Netherworld will revive.

Jack still searches for Carly inside the geoglyph, calling out for her to answer him. The possessed Carly rides out of the geoglyph's flames and activates the Trap Card, "Inherited Fortune", Special Summoning up to two "Fortune Lady" cards from her hand on her next turn. Jack Sets 1 card and ends his turn. He thinks no matter what he does, he will save her. It's Carly's turn and she draws a card. Carly's SPC go to 5 and Jack's SPC go to 4. Jack asks Carly if she is all right, but the possessed Carly tells him that Carly doesn't exist. The effect of "Inherited Fortune" Special Summons "Fortune Lady Water" and "Fortune Lady Wind". The effect of "Water" activates, letting Carly draw two cards - Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" and "Earthbound Release". Looking at her draw, Carly laughs and tells Jack to serve her as her sacrifice. She sacrifices both her monster to Tribute Summon "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" with 2500 ATK. Jack sees the shell-like device containing the souls of half of the citizens of New Domino City then tells himself that if the real Carly were to witness this scene, she'll blame and lament herself. "Aslla piscu" attacks. Jack is determine to stop the evil power or he'll die trying. Jack Special Summons the "Battle Fader" from his hand via its own effect, ending the Battle Phase. Furious, Carly Sets 1 card.

Jack tells Carly that he used to be a person who wouldn't give a thought about others and that he betrayed and hurt his friends. He also add that he was a man willing enough to sacrificed others for his own ambitions. But he learned from Carly that even a bruised and troubled heart can be saved by a truly considerate heart. Jack tells Carly that, right now, he's wishing with all his heart and want to save the person he truly love, which is Carly. A red light surrounds him. The Signers senses it and their Mark of the Dragon disappear. The Crimson Dragon symbol appeared on Jack's back. After noticing the symbol on his back, Jack sees a light in his Deck. He draws the lighted card that is revealed to be "Majestic Dragon". It's Jack's turn and he draws a card. Jack's SPC go to 5 and Carly's SPC go to 6. After drawing "Majestic Dragon", he hears Carly's voice who tells him to end the Duel because she doesn't want to hurt him or any more people because of her. Jack tells her not to be ridiculous and thinks there has to be a way to save her. Carly tells him that if he truly care for her, then he must end the Duel. Jack says that if he does that, Carly will be gone. Carly tells him that this is the fate she's choose for herself, that if Jack is truly considerate for her he must finish it with his own hand. Jack says he understands and tells her that, if this is what she sincerely desire, he will do it. Carly thanks Jack and it is then Jack realizes he must pay Carly back by saving her life as she saved his before.

Jack Summons "Majestic Dragon" with 0 ATK and uses "Battle Fader", and "Red Dragon Archfiend" to Synchro Summon "Majestic Red Dragon" with 4000 ATK. Jack tells the possessed Carly that its effect allows him to negate an opponent's monster's effect and gain its ATK until the End Phase. "Majestic Red Dragon" breathes energy from its mouth, encasing "Aslla piscu" in a giant red crystal as the ATK of "Majestic Red Dragon" becomes 6500. Carly is shocked by this turn of events. Jack says that he'll finish this, just as Carly wishes. But he won't let her die alone. Jack intends to activate his face-down card "Shockwave", which destroys one monster on the field and both players take damage equal to the monster's ATK. If he uses this card to destroy his own "Majestic Red Dragon" and inflict damage equal its ATK, both him and Carly would take 6500 damage and the Duel would end in a DRAW. Jack tells the possessed Carly this is the fate that he has chosen for himself and if he's defeated along with her, he'll have no regrets. The spirit of the true Carly appears and says she's going to choose his fortune once more. Before Jack can activate his Trap Card, Carly activates "Earthbound Release", Tributing "Aslla piscu" to destroy all monsters on the field and inflict their combined ATK to Jack as damage. Jack is shocked by this revelation and says that the effect of "Majestic Red Dragon" can negate any card's effect trying to destroy it and inflicts the damage to the opponent equal to its ATK. While the dragon prepares to counter-attack, Carly says that her real wish is that Jack will be loved by everyone and that he becomes a real king that makes everyone happy. She shows him a card with Jack surrounded by children on it. Carly takes 6500 points of damage and Jack wins.

After Carly's defeat, the geoglyph disappears and each Mark of the Dragon reappeared on the respective Signers' right arms. Akiza learns that Jack had won his Duel, which causes Mina to jump for joy. Happy about Jack's victory, Mina sighs in relief and calls Jack a true king. Jack goes to see Carly, who is lying on the ground, and begs her to not to die on him. Carly wakes up and asks Jack where he is and Jack replies that he's right here. Because she doesn't have her glasses, she can't see anything. Jack gives the glasses to her. Carly tells him that she loved to cheer on people like Jack who tried their hardest. But, when she tried to wish for such selfish happiness, she must have been wrong for doing so. Jack tells her that everyone has a right to wish for happiness and if what she's saying that's a crime, then he's guilty as well. Carly looks at Jack and tells him that she knows that he'll save the world and she'll be cheering him on, after all. She gave him a hug, which Jack returns and slowly turns into dust. Before disappearing, Carly tells Jack that she loves him. After that, she disappeared. Carly's glasses fall to the ground and Jack tried to grab the now non-existent Carly. Sad, Jack looks at the light dusts falling from the sky. At the Dark Signers' lair, Yusei, Crow, Trudge, Leo, and Luna also see the light dusts falling from the sky. Luna concludes that Jack has won his Duel against the Dark Signer and rejoices. Yusei says there's still one tower left to seal and the Dark Signers' ambitions will be stopped.

Featured Duel: Jack Atlas vs. Carly Carmine[edit]

... continued from last episode.

Jack Atlas has 800 Life Points and 2 Speed Counters, and has just activated the Trap Card "Changing Destiny" in his Spell & Trap Zone to negate the direct attack of "Fortune Lady Earth". Carly Carmine has 3600 Life Points and 4 Speed Counters, and controls "Fortune Lady Earth" (2800/2800) in Attack Position.

Turn 5: Carly
The second effect of "Changing Destiny" allows Carly to either increase her Life Points by half the ATK of the monster whose attack was negated or have Jack take damage equal to half the ATK of the monster whose ATK was negated. The 2800 ATK "Fortune Lady Earth" had its attack negated, and Carly considers selecting the second option, but she regains her sanity and chooses the first option instead (Carly: 3600 → 5000 LP).

At this point Carly tries to forfeit the Duel, but the Envoy of the Netherworld possesses Carly and continues the Duel. As Carly has 2 or more Speed Counters, she activates the Spell Card "Speed Spell - Curse of Destiny", selecting a monster to place two Cursed Counters on it. She selects "Fortune Lady Earth". Once per turn, Carly can remove a Cursed Counter from the selected monster to inflict damage to Jack equal to half the selected monster's ATK, but the selected monster cannot attack this turn. "Fortune Lady Earth" has attacked this turn, so Carly intends to remove a Cursed Counter on her next turn and inflict half the ATK of "Fortune Lady Earth" to Jack. Carly's hand contains "Class Change", "Inherited Fortune", and "Fortune Lady Water". Carly Sets two cards.

Turn 6: Jack
Jack draws "Battle Fader".[Notes 1] During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Carly: 4 → 5 SPC; Jack: 2 → 3 SPC). Jack's hand contains "Shockwave", "Dark Resonator", "Power Supplier", "Vice Dragon" and "Speed Spell - Half Seize". As Carly controls a monster and Jack controls no monsters, he Special Summons "Vice Dragon" from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect, but its original ATK and DEF are halved (2000 → 1000/2400 → 1200). Jack Normal Summons "Dark Resonator" (1300/300) in Attack Position. Jack tunes the Level 5 "Vice Dragon" with the Level 3 Tuner "Dark Resonator" to Synchro Summon the Level 8 "Red Dragon Archfiend" (3000/2000) in Attack Position. Carly activates her face-down Trap Card "Class Change", increasing the Level of a monster she controls by one. She chooses to increase the Level of "Fortune Lady Earth" ("Fortune Lady Earth": Level 7 → 8; 2800 → 3200/2800 → 3200). As the Level of a "Fortune Lady" monster increased, the last effect of "Fortune Lady Earth" activates, inflicting 400 damage to Jack (Jack: 800 → 400 LP). As Jack has 3 or more Speed Counters, he activates the Spell Card "Speed Spell - Half Seize", selecting a face-up monster on the field and halving its ATK, then gaining an equal amount of Life Points. He selects "Fortune Lady Earth" ("Fortune Lady Earth": 3200 → 1600/3200; Jack: 400 → 2000 LP). "Red Dragon Archfiend" attacks and destroys "Fortune Lady Earth" (Carly: 5000 → 3600 LP; 5 → 4 SPC). As a "Fortune Lady" monster Carly controls was destroyed this turn, she activates her face-down Trap Card "Inherited Fortune", Special Summoning up to two "Fortune Ladies" from her hand during her next Standby Phase. Jack Sets a card.

Turn 7: Carly
Carly draws "Fortune Lady Wind". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Carly: 4 → 5 SPC; Jack: 3 → 4 SPC). During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Inherited Fortune" Special Summons "Fortune Lady Wind" (?/?) and "Fortune Lady Water" (?/?), both in Attack Position. Due to the first effects of "Fortune Lady Wind" and "Fortune Lady Water", their ATK and DEF are equal to their Level x 300. "Fortune Lady Wind" is currently Level 4 and "Fortune Lady Water" is currently Level 4 ("Fortune Lady Wind": ? → 900/? → 900; "Fortune Lady Water": ? → 1200/? → 1200). As "Fortune Lady Water" was Summoned, Carly activates its final effect, drawing one card for each face-up "Fortune Lady" monster she controls. She controls "Fortune Lady Water" and "Fortune Lady Wind", so she draws "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" and "Earthbound Release". Carly Tributes "Fortune Lady Water" and "Fortune Lady Wind" to Tribute Summon "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" (2500/2500) in Attack Position. As there is a face-up Field Spell Card on the field, "Aslla piscu" can attack Jack directly, cannot be attacked by Jack's monsters, is unaffected by Jack's Spell and Trap Cards, and if it leaves the field, except by its own effect, Carly can destroy all monsters Jack controls and inflict 800 damage to Jack for every monster destroyed. "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" attacks Jack directly via its own effect, but as Carly attacked directly, Jack activates the effect of "Battle Fader", Special Summon it from his hand and ending the Battle Phase. He Special Summons "Battle Fader" (0/0) in Attack Position. Carly Sets a card.

Turn 8: Jack
(Carly's SPC: 6; Jack's SPC: 5) Jack draws "Majestic Dragon". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Carly: 5 → 6 SPC; Jack: 4 → 5 SPC). Jack Normal Summons "Majestic Dragon" (0/0) in Attack Position. Jack tunes the Level 8 "Red Dragon Archfiend" and Level 1 "Battle Fader" with the Level 1 "Majestic Dragon" to Synchro Summon the Level 10 "Majestic Red Dragon" (4000/3000) in Attack Position. Jack activates the first effect of "Majestic Red Dragon", negating the effects of one face-up monster his opponent controls and increasing the ATK of "Majestic Red Dragon" by the ATK of the negated monster until the End Phase. He selects and negates the effects of the 2500 ATK "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" ("Majestic Red Dragon": 4000 → 6500/3000).

As Jack's Life Points are lower than Carly's, he intends to activate his face-down Trap Card "Shockwave" to select a monster on the field and destroy it, then inflict damage to both players equal to the destroyed monster's ATK, intending to destroy the 6500 ATK "Majestic Red Dragon" and end the Duel in a DRAW. Before Jack can activate "Shockwave", Carly activates her face-down Trap Card "Earthbound Release" as a Level 6 was Normal or Special Summoned to Jack's field, Tributing an "Earthbound Immortal" monster to destroy all monsters Jack controls and inflict damage to him equal to their ATK. The Level 10 "Majestic Red Dragon" was Special Summoned and Carly Tributes "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu". As Carly activated a card or effect that would destroy "Majestic Red Dragon", its second effect activates in response, negating the activation and destroying that card, then inflicting damage to Carly equal to the ATK of "Majestic Red Dragon". The activated of "Earthbound Release" is negated and "Majestic Red Dragon" has 6500 ATK (Carly: 3600 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • As with the previous episode, the blood on Jack's face is removed in the dub.
  • The scene where the darkness enters through Carly's mouth is removed in the dub.
  • In the original, Yusei knew, or had a feeling, that the person guiding him was his father. In the dub, he didn't know who it was.
  • As with all episodes following the revelation that Roman Goodwin's arm was severed and given to Rex Goodwin, the shot of the arm in the capsule blots it out with green light as it was when given to Rex in both versions so that only the Mark of the Dragon Head can be seen.
  • When the possessed Carly activated "Earthbound Release", Jack asked in shock if she'd misplayed intentionally in the original version. In the dub, he specifies the real Carly must have been responsible.
  • In the dub, when Carly is defeated, the shot of her screaming as the darkness is purged from her body and of her falling from her Duel Runner is cut, cutting straight to her body collapsing on the ground, where the dub moves her Life Points gauge.
  • In the original version, Carly tells Jack she loves him as she disappears. In the dub she simply bids him a tearful goodbye, and Jack vows to do whatever he has to to bring her back.



  1. This card is not shown, but based on the cards in Jack's hand during the previous episode, he must have drawn it here.