Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Volume 005

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"Those We Protect!!"
EnglishThose We Protect!!
Japanese name
RōmajiMamoru Beki Mono!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Contains chapters3340
Release dates
JapaneseJanuary 4, 2013
EnglishNovember 5, 2013
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"Those We Protect!!" (まもるべきモノ!! Mamoru Beki Mono!!) in the Japanese version, is the fifth volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga.

The Japanese version is 208 pages long, and costs ¥420 (including tax).[1]

The English version is 208 pages long, and costs $9.99. Its dimensions are 7.5 inches × 5 inches.[2]

Promotional card[edit]

The volume includes a promotional card, "Stardust Spark Dragon", which is used by Yusei Fudo in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
5D's Ride 033.jpg
#33 "Duel Dragon vs. Duel Dragon!!" 決闘竜デュエル・ドラゴンVSバーサス決闘竜デュエル・ドラゴン!!
Dyueru Doragon Bāsasu Dyueru Doragon!!
"Duel Dragon VS Duel Dragon!!"
The Duel between Jack Atlas and Kalin Kessler and their Duel Dragons concludes.
5D's Ride 34.jpg
#34 "Determination...!!" 決意・・・!!
After the Duel between Kalin and Jack concludes, more is revealed about their past. Meanwhile, as the D1GP goes on, both the Skeleton Knight and Rex Goodwin's plans start to surface.
Ride 35.png
#35 "The Battle for the Duel Zodiacs!!" げきとう!!決闘星宿デュエル・ゾディアック!!
Gekitō!! Dyueru Zodiakku!!
"Fierce Fight!! The Duel Zodiacs!!"
The second stage of the D1GP goes on. Yusei Fudo, Leo and Luna keep advancing to the finals, and Goodwin tasks the twins with testing Yusei's Duel Dragon's strength. While the fierce battles continue, Crow passes by a Duel Dragon Blank card. The card creates a dark aura, which takes his form - creating a Dark Crow. Crow now has to face himself in a Duel in order to obtain his own Duel Dragon!
5D's Ride 36.png
#36 "Rematch!!" さいせん!!
In order to test the power of Yusei's Duel Dragon, Goodwin manipulates Leo and Luna to go after him. Now, Yusei has to face Leo and Luna once more in a Duel, but this time, the power of their dragons will decide the match.
5D's Ride 037.png
#37 "Those We Protect!!" まもるべきモノ!!
Mamoru Beki Mono!!
Yusei continues his Duel against Leo and Luna, when something unexpected happens - the attack of Yusei's "Stardust Spark Dragon" removes the control of "Power Tool Mecha Dragon" from Leo for an instant! However, the Duel Dragons of the twins soon take over them once more, as Yusei now starts a new battle to save them.
5D's Ride 38.png
#38 "The Final Chapter Battle!!" さいしゅうしょうこうぼう!!
Sai Shūshō no Kōbō!!
"The Final Chapter Struggle!!"
The Duel between Yusei and Leo & Luna concludes, deciding the fate of the twins.
5D's Ride 39.png
#39 "To the Duel Gate!!" 決闘門へ!!
Dyueru Gēto e!!
As Yusei defeats Leo and Luna, saving them from the control of their Duel Dragons, the Duel between Crow and Dark Crow for the Duel Dragon begins. Meanwhile, Goodwin goes on with his plans involving Akiza.
5D's Ride 40 title page.png
#40 "The Festival of Duality!!" おんみょうさい!!
As Goodwin and the Skeleton Knight's past is revealed, they start the ritual to revive the Ultimate God - a battle between their chosen Duelists, Sect and Akiza.