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"Special One-Shot"
Title page
EnglishSpecial One-Shot
Japanese name
RōmajiTokubetsu Yomikiri!
TranslatedSpecial One-Shot!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese magazineV Jump 2014 #7
English magazineWeekly Shonen Jump 2014 #26
Release dates
JapaneseMay 21, 2014
EnglishMay 26, 2014
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"Special One-Shot", titled "Special One-Shot!" (特別読切! Tokubetsu Yomikiri!) in the Japanese version, is a special manga chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. It was printed in Japanese in 2014's issue 7 of V Jump, released May 21, 2014, and in English in 2014's issue 26 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, released May 26, 2014.


Yuya Sakaki and Reiji Akaba face off in an Action Duel.

Featured Duel: Yuya Sakaki vs. Reiji Akaba[edit]

Duel is shown from an unspecified turn.

Yuya controls "Entermate Silver Claw" ( 4/1800/700) in Attack Position, while Reiji controls "Archfiend Soldier" ( 4/1900/1500) in Attack Position.

Yuya's turn
"Silver Claw" attacks "Archfiend Soldier", with the effect of "Silver Claw activating, increasing the ATK of all "Entermate" monsters he controls by 300 ("Silver Claw" 1800 → 2100). "Archfiend Soldier" is destroyed (Reiji 4000 → 3800). Yuya Sets a card.

Reiji's turn
Reiji activates "Rules of Antiquity", letting him Special Summon a Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from his hand. He Special Summons "Beast of Talwar" ( 6/2400/2150) in Attack Position. "Talwar" attacks "Silver Claw", with Yuya activating his face-down "Widespread Ruin" to destroy the opponent's monster with the highest ATK, but Reiji activates the Action Card "Wings of Dimension", preventing the destruction of "Beast of Talwar". "Silver Claw" is destroyed (Yuya 4000 → 3400).

Yuya's turn
Yuya Normal Summons "Entermate Warrior Tiger" ( 4/1700/500) and equips it with "Axe of Fools", increasing its ATK by 1000 and negating its effects (1700 → 2700). "Warrior Tiger" attacks and destroys "Talwar" (Reiji 3800 → 3500). Reiji activates the Action Card "Nightmare Prey", destroying "Warrior Tiger" and inflicting 700 damage to Yuya (Yuya 3400 → 2700).

Reiji's turn
Reiji activates "DD Proud Chevalier" (PS: 6) and "DD Proud Ogre" (PS: 8) in his Pendulum Zones. Reiji Pendulum Summons "DDD Kaiser the Conqueror" ( 7/2800/2100). "Kaiser" attacks Yuya directly, but Yuya activates the Action Card "Illusion Trick", Special Summoning "Entermate Thunderhino" ( 3/200/1800) in Attack Position. A replay occurs and "Kaiser" attacks and destroys "Thunderhino" (Yuya 2700 → 100).

Yuya's turn
Yuya activates "Stargazer Magician" (PS: 1) and "Timegazer Magician" (PS: 8) in his Pendulum Zones. Yuya Pendulum Summons "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" ( 7/2500/2000).

Rest of the Duel is not shown.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.