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"Circus Surprise!"
The Savants arise in Declan's Pendulum Zones.
The Savants arise in Declan's Pendulum Zones.
EnglishCircus Surprise!
Japanese name
RōmajiMadō Kenja Garirei, Kepurā
TranslatedMagical Savants Galilei & Kepler
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese OP"Believe x Believe"
Japanese ED"One Step"
ScreenplayTsutomu Kamishiro
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 6, 2014
EnglishOctober 23, 2015
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episodes (season 1)
Previous"Battle Under the Big Top"
Next"The Show Must Go On"

"Circus Surprise!", known as "Magical Savants Galilei & Kepler" in the Japanese version, is the thirteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on July 6, 2014 and in Canada on October 23, 2015. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on November 15, 2016.

Somehow, Declan Pendulum Summons and mounts an attack against Yuya. Yuya shows off his ability to Pendulum Summon, something he thought only he could do, and tries to counterattack by Entertainment Dueling, but due to the sheer pressure from Declan, he’s unable to hide his shock. With You Show Duel School’s fate on the line, Yuya is extremely anxious.


Yuya recaps that LID's fourth player showed him his overwhelming power and strategy, remembering the Summonings of the Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monsters.

Adjusting his glasses, Declan declares his Battle Phase and he orders "D/D/D Flame King Genghis" to attack Yuya's "Performapal Whip Snake". Quickly, Yuya activates his Set card, "Hippo Carnival", Special Summoning three "Hippo Tokens" in Defense Position. Additionally, they are the only monsters that Declan can attack. "Genghis" bisects one of the Tokens, and Tate cheers that Yuya protected "Whip Snake". Gong agrees; now Yuya can mount a counterattack (in the dub, Gong comments that the attack got him going). Declan continues with his attack, having "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" attack and destroy another "Hippo Token". Then he activates the effect of "Alexander", since it destroyed a monster by battle; Declan can destroy one more monster. Yuya, "Whip Snake" and the remaining "Hippo Token" all react with horror as "Alexander" destroys the final Token with another slash of its one-handed blade and leaps back to Declan's field. Declan orders "D/D/D Wave King Caesar" to attack "Whip Snake", and both monsters leap forwards. "Caesar" destroys "Whip Snake" with one swing of its massive blade and leaps back to Declan's field as Yuya's LP are reduced to 3300. Frederick curses unhappily, as Declan managed to destroy all of Yuya's monsters. Declan Sets a card and ends his turn. Yuya calls Declan's true strength amazing, admitting to being honestly shocked when he saw that Declan could control all three Summoning methods. Now it's Yuya's turn. He doesn't control Fusion, Synchro or Xyz Monsters, but he has his own unique power that has been given to him. He declares that the fun has only just begun, and he draws.

Yuya announces his Dueltaining.

He's drawn "Timegazer Magician", and thinks to himself in satisfaction that it's here. "Ladies and Gentlemen!" Yuya cheers. Apologizing to his fans for keeping them waiting, he declares that it's what they've all been waiting for, Yuya Sakaki's Entertainment Dueling that only Yuya Sakaki can do. Henrietta isn't fazed, but Yuya's friends are all excited. Ally says that she's been waiting for this. Using the Scale 1 "Stargazer Magician" and the Scale 8 "Timegazer Magician," Yuya Sets the Pendulum Scale. The familiar writing appears on his Duel Disk, and the twin magicians appear in the blue columns of light. Yuya explains that now he can Summon multiple monsters from Levels 2 to 7. The large pendulum swings as Yuya chants "Swing, pendulum of the soul! Draw an arc of light across the aether! Pendulum Summon! Come forth, my monsters!" Two monsters emerge from the Pendulum portal, "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and a new companion, "Performapal Fire Mufflerlion". Tate cheers that there it is, the Pendulum Summon. Ally adds that Yuya brought out a new monster, too, and Frederick gets his "shivers." Zuzu tells Yuya that it's time for a counterattack (in the dub, Zuzu encourages Yuya to sic "Mufferlion" on his opponent), and Gong tells Yuya to do it. Skip tells Yuya that he's counting on him.

"Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" leaps through the ring of fire.

Spotlights snap on Yuya, and he asks for everyone's attention. It's time for fire acrobatics featuring their favorite superstar, "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" (in the dub, Yuya calls the act of "Odd-Eyes" overpowering). He dives from the platform, dons his goggles, and lands on the back of "Odd-Eyes", and tells his monster "let's go!" ("Here we go, Odd-Eyes! It's showtime!" in the dub) and declares his Battle Phase. "Odd-Eyes" attacks "Genghis", and Yuya chants, "With those dual-colored eyes of yours, lay waste to all that lies before you!" Leaping into the air, "Odd-Eyes" attacks with "Spiral Flame Strike", blasting a black and crimson plume of flame at "Genghis". The Fiend blocks the blast with its shield as Yuya explains that the effect of "Odd-Eyes" activates now - when battling a Level 5 or higher monster, battle damage is doubled. The orbs on the spines of "Odd-Eyes" glow as Yuya declares "Reaction Force!" and Odd-Eyes adds a surge of orange flame to its blast, destroying "Genghis" and reducing Declan to 3000 LP. Tate cheers, explaining to his friends that 500 times two is 1000 total points of damage (in the dub, Tate encourages Yuya to take down the rest of Declan's monsters). Ally yells that Yuya's turned the tides. Furthermore, Yuya activates the effect of "Fire Mufflerlion", which allows a Pendulum Monster that has destroyed a monster in battle to make a second attack and gain 200 ATK. "Fire Mufflerlion" roars and lets loose an aura of flame that becomes a ring of fire. Yuya orders "Odd-Eyes" to jump through, and the Dragon leaps through the ring, with its ATK at 2700. Tate cheers, and Zuzu is impressed that Yuya could use that move to power up "Odd-Eyes". Gong comments that Yuya is truly a wild animal tamer; no, a dragon tamer (in the dub, Zuzu comments that Yuya is the best at the razzle-dazzle department; Gong says Yuya is a natural at monster-wrangling)! Skip calls it real entertainment, burning and hot-blooded as Yuya targets "Alexander" for his next attack, with "Odd-Eyes" launching another "Spiral Flame Strike". "Alexander" leaps into the air and blocks the blast with its sword, and Yuya then activates the effect of "Odd-Eyes" again, "Reaction Force". The second surge of flame destroys "Alexander" and reduces Declan to 2600 LP as he grunts. Frederick exclaims that he can't stop these shivers. Yuya and "Odd-Eyes" pass by an Action Card, and Yuya bends down to snag it, commenting that he's on a roll today. He activates the card, "Wonder Chance", allowing "Odd-Eyes" to attack again. "Odd-Eyes" attacks "Caesar".

"Caesar" uses an Overlay Unit before "Odd-Eyes" attacks.

Before leaping up to meet the attack, "Caesar" absorbs one of its Overlay Units into its chest, and Declan narrows his eyes. "Caesar" raises its sword, but it is destroyed in a single blast, reducing Declan to 2300 LP. Ally cheers that Yuya did it, he took out all of them, and Tate adds that on top of that, Yuya managed to take out 1700 of Declan's LP in one turn (in the dub, Tate says that while the Duel was a 180 earlier, Yuya took control of it), while Frederick has another bout of shivers. Zuzu states that, even if his opponent controls all three Summoning methods, as long Yuya has Pendulum Summoning, he can protect You Show Duel School. Skip tells Yuya that he's on fire, he really is the ace of their You Show Duel School. Dismounting "Odd-Eyes", Yuya thanks his audience for their cheers, and explains that "Fire Mufflerlion" can't attack this turn due to its own effect, so his attacks have come to an end, and the ATK of "Odd-Eyes" returns to normal. He bows deeply, and then he walks over to "Odd-Eyes", congratulating it. He looks over at the cloud of smoke clearing before Declan and gasps in horror.

"Alexander", "Caesar" and "Genghis" return to Declan's field.

To everyone's shock, "Caesar", "Alexander", and "Genghis" are all standing on Declan's field, Tate protesting that Yuya just destroyed them. Yuya asks why, and Declan explains that he activated the effect of "Wave King Caesar"; by using an Overlay Unit, "Caesar" can Special Summon all of the monsters that were destroyed during the turn's Battle Phase at the end of the Battle Phase. Yuya and Gong are shocked, as Declan admits that of course there is a risk for such a powerful ability; on his next turn, if he controls any monsters that were Special Summoned by this effect, he takes 1000 damage for each. Frederick and Tate muse that three monsters will mean 3000 damage, more than Declan's 2300 LP, so Declan will lose on his next turn. Sora interrupts, pointing out that he told them that wouldn't happen. He takes a bite out of his chocolate bar and comments that Declan's too good for that. Sora is immediately proven correct as Declan activates the Trap Card, "D/D/D Human Resources". It returns three "D/D/D" monsters from his field to the Deck, and then allows him to add two "D/D" monsters from his Deck to his hand. All three "D/D/D" monsters vanish as two cards are ejected from Declan's Deck, "D/D Savant Kepler" and "D/D Savant Galilei" - monsters with widened art frames. Sora points out that he told them so, with all three monsters gone, Declan won't take any damage on his next turn now. Frederick points out that all Declan did was return his monsters to his Deck, and Ally asks what's so great about the powerful ability of "Caesar". Both Sora and Tate are worried about the two cards that Declan added to his hand, though. Zuzu tells Yuya to keep it up, and just make it through with a smile on his face using his Entertainment Dueling (this exchange is cut from the dub). Yuya Sets a card ends his turn. He congratulates Declan, calling him amazing. Everything Declan does surpasses Yuya's expectations. He's looking forward to whatever surprises Declan has in store for him next, but then he scratches his nose and claims he was just kidding. Declan replies that likewise, Yuya has also done well. He has allowed Declan to see the nature of Pendulum Summoning for himself with his own eyes. Now it's Yuya's turn. He'll have Yuya confirm with his own eyes whether Pendulum Summoning is unique or not (in the dub, Declan says he knows secrets about the other Summoning methods, including Yuya's).

Declan draws, and then, using the Scale 1 "D/D Savant Galilei" and the Scale 10 "D/D Savant Kelper," he Sets the Pendulum Scale. The word appears on Declan's Duel Disk, and two robotic pillars rise from the ground in blue columns of light, as Declan explains that he can simultaneously Summon monsters from Level 2 to Level 9. Gong yells that those are Pendulum Monsters, and Sora and Zuzu gasp that it can't be (in the dub, Gong thinks that Declan is bluffing, while Zuzu disagrees). "Grand power which shakes my very soul!" Declan chants as the Pendulum Monsters work. "Arise within me and give birth to a new light that rends the darkness! Pendulum Summon! Come before me, my monsters!" ("The energy of the universe swings between the forces of the darkness and the light! I shall now harness the power of this eternal oscillation!" in the dub) Unlike Yuya's Summon, no pendulum swings between the monsters, and only a purple mass of light surges from the portal as everyone gasps. "The three transcendent deities who rules over all kings!" ("Behold, the three fierce immortals who can command obedience to all!" in the dub) Declan chants. "D/D/D Doom King Armageddon!" he yells as a crystalline monster descends. And it's not just that one, another, and another "Armageddon" descends, for a total of three, each with 3000 ATK, as Sora observes.

"Odd-Eyes" is destroyed.

Yuya asks how Declan can Pendulum Summon, but Declan wastes no time in moving to his Battle Phase, attacking "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" with "Armageddon". As "Armageddon" charges an energy attack in its core, Zuzu pounds on the glass and yells Yuya's name, snapping him out of his daze. Yuya finds an Action Card, "Miracle", which will prevent "Odd-Eyes" from being destroyed and halve the battle damage. "Armageddon" blasts eight strands of black and purple lightning from its body, impacting "Odd-Eyes" and reducing Yuya to 3050 LP. Declan comments that miracles only happen once, and attacks with the second "Armageddon", destroying "Odd-Eyes", and reducing Yuya to 2550 LP. Tate points out that Pendulum Monsters don't go to the Graveyard when they're destroyed, and Declan takes note of this as Yuya's Duel Disk shows "Odd-Eyes" going into Yuya's Extra Deck; he also notes that the same thing will happen to "Fire Mufferlion" if it is destroyed. Declan attacks "Fire Mufflerlion" as well, Yuya frantically running around, searching for an Action Card, but he's unable to find one in time as the attack from the final "Armageddon" strikes, reducing Yuya to 350 LP. Tate gasps that Declan did 2200 damage in an instant. Zuzu murmurs Yuya's name. Yuya wonders who Declan is, and asks him how he can use Pendulum Summoning. Declan's only answer is to Set a card and end his turn (in the dub, Declan replies this is none of Yuya's concern). Henrietta claps and calls Declan splendid; if he's mastered Pendulum Summoning to this extent, then they have no use for You Show, and they can simply crush them. She smugly thinks that Fusion, Synchro and Xyz all belong to LID. Skip is shocked that Declan would use Pendulum Summoning, and wonders just how much power Declan has. Then he notices the still shell-shocked Yuya on his screen, and he reminds Yuya that the match isn't over yet, and reminds him him to keep burning and be hot-blooded. Yuya agrees and urges himself to calm down, he has to protect You Show. He looks up at the three "Armageddons", musing that those are Declan's Pendulum Monsters, despite Pendulum being something only given to Yuya. Then he shakes his head and tells himself not to think about it, if Yuya doesn't win this Duel, the Duel School will...

Yuya activates the effect of "Performapal Partnaga" to power up "Odd-Eyes".

Yuya declares his turn and muses that since his hand is at zero, this draw will decide everything. He draws, getting his "Performapal Partnaga", and then he Pendulum Summons again, bringing forth the monsters that left the stage, "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Performapal Fire Mufflerlion", as well as "Partnaga" from his hand. Frederick cheers that this time Yuya brought forth three monsters at once. Gong adds that Yuya's still ready to fight, and Zuzu shouts encouragement. Yuya activates the effect of his "Partnaga", targeting "Odd-Eyes". When "Partnaga" is Special Summoned, he can increase the targeted monster's ATK by 300 for each "Performapal" monster he controls. "Partnaga" spreads its body out to attach to one of the horns of "Odd-EYes" and grabs the tail of "Mufflerlioin" with the hand on its own tail, causing "Odd-Eyes" to glow with yellow light and power up to 3100 ATK. Yuya thinks that everything is set: first, he'll use the powered up "Odd-Eyes" to destroy one "Armageddon", using the effect of "Odd-Eyes" to double the battle damage to 200, reducing Declan to 2100 LP, and then he'll power up "Odd-Eyes" again with "Fire Mufflerlion", to 3300 ATK and have it attack again, destroying the second and reducing Declan to 1500 LP. Then, he can use his Trap Card, "One Two Jump", to have "Odd-Eyes" attack a third time and halve the ATK of the final "Armageddon". With Declan having 1500 LP left, Yuya can win.

The effects of the remaining two "Armageddons" activate.

Yuya leaps on "Odd-Eyes" and attacks the first "Armageddon" with its "Spiral Flame Strike", then Yuya reminds Declan that the effect of "Odd-Eyes" doubles the battle damage with a Level 5 or higher monster, and "Odd-Eyes" activates its "Reaction Force" effect, the extra fire destroying "Armageddon" and reducing Declan to 2100 LP. Declan in turn reminds Yuya that destroyed Pendulum Monsters are sent to the Extra Deck, holding up his card. He begins to activate the effect of "Fire Mufflerlion", but Declan interrupts him with the effect of "Armageddon". When one of Declan's monsters is destroyed, the remaining "Armageddons" can gain the ATK of the destroyed monster. Dark power flows into the two monsters as Declan reminds them that "Armageddon" had 3000 ATK, so the other two will gain that value. Both "Armageddons" increase to 6000 ATK, and the group look on in shock, asking how one would even defeat such a monster. Sora comments that this is going to be rough, but he alone seems excited, as everyone else believes that this is the end. Reluctantly, Yuya ends his turn and the ATK of the "Armageddons" decrease back to their substantial 3000.

"Galilei" and "Kepler" destroy Declan's other "Armageddons".

Declan starts his turn and draws a card. And then both "Galilei" and "Kelper" begin shaking violently, covered in lightning. Their Pendulum Effects appear on the cards, and their Scales shrink to 2 and 5. This is reflected by the glowing numbers changing in the blue light columns, with the Scale of "Galilei" doubling to 2, and the Scale of "Kepler" halving to 5. Lightning strands extend from the two Pendulum Monsters and destroy the two "Armageddons", much to everyone's shock, especially Declan's. Sora observes that the destruction of the monsters must have had something to do with the Pendulum Scale shrinking just now (in the dub, Sora adds that this means Declan hasn't perfected Pendulum Summoning yet). Gong yells that it's a chance, and Zuzu points out that Declan can only Pendulum Summon Level 3 and 4 monsters now. This reminds Yuya of the effect of "Partnaga", which prevents Level 4 or lower monsters from attacking, so no matter what monsters Declan summons... Declan muses that in the end, his monsters were just prototypes, and they were still unstable. He looks at his Set card, thinking that, in this situation... and then he realizes something. He begins to laugh madly, his face twisting beneath his hand. He asks himself why he didn't realize it until now - Pendulum Summoning is not complete yet. Yuya gasps in shock, and Declan explains that he's seen the possibility for evolution in Pendulum Summoning, and he'll have Yuya bear witness to it at this moment. Yuya can only wonder what Declan is talking about.

Yuya asks Declan's name as he leaves.

"What did you say?" Henrietta gasps, catching the attention of both Declan and Yuya. But she's not talking to them, Claude is whispering in her ear. Julia, the closest, gasps "Professor Marco was...!" ("What's going on?!" in the dub) causing both Kit and Dipper to react as well. Henrietta calls out to Declan, who pops up a screen on his Duel Disk to communicate with Claude, who informs him of the situation, causing Declan to narrow his eyes. Declan promptly leaps from ball to ball and starts walking out of the arena. When Yuya asks Declan to wait, Declan explains he'll give Yuya the win (in the dub, Yuya wonders what the move Declan was about to use was, while Declan replies that he'll see someday). Yuya asks to know Declan's name, and Declan tells him that his name is Declan. Declan leaves Yuya to murmur his new rival's name.

Featured Duel: Yuya Sakaki vs. Declan Akaba[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuya Sakaki has 4000 LP and controls "Performapal Whip Snake" (1700/900) in Attack Position, as well as one Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone. Declan Akaba has 4000 LP and controls "D/D/D Flame King Genghis" (2000/1500), "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" (2500/2000), and "D/D/D Wave King Caesar" (2400/1200), all in Attack Position.

Turn 3: Declan
"D/D/D Flame King Genghis" attacks "Performapal Whip Snake", but Yuya activates his Set Quick-Play Spell Card "Hippo Carnival", Special Summoning three "Hippo Tokens" (0/0 each) in Defense Position. Their effects prevent other monsters he controls from being targeted for attacks, so a replay occurs and "Genghis" attacks and destroys a "Hippo Token". "D/D/D Gust King Alexander" attacks and destroys another "Hippo Token". As "Alexander" destroyed a monster by battle, Declan activates its effect, targeting another monster Yuya controls and destroying it. He destroys the third "Hippo Token". "D/D/D Wave King Caesar" attacks and destroys "Whip Snake" (Yuya: 4000 → 3300 LP). Declan Sets a card.

Turn 4: Yuya
Yuya draws "Timegazer Magician". Yuya activates "Stargazer Magician" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 1) and "Timegazer Magician" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 8) in his Pendulum Zones. Yuya Pendulum Summons the Level 7 "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" (2500/2000) and the Level 3 "Performapal Fire Mufflerlion" (800/800), both from his hand in Attack Position. "Odd-Eyes" attacks and destroys "Genghis", with the effect of "Odd-Eyes" doubling the battle damage as it is battling a Level 5 or higher monster (Declan: 4000 → 3000 LP). As a Pendulum Monster he controls destroyed an opponent's monster by battle while Yuya controls "Mufferlion" in Attack Position, Yuya activates its effect, increasing the ATK of that monster by 200 ("Odd-Eyes": 2500 → 2700/2000) until the end of the Battle Phase and allowing it to attack again, but "Mufflerlion" cannot attack this turn. "Odd-Eyes" attacks and destroys "Alexander", with the effect of "Odd-Eyes" doubling the battle damage (Declan: 3000 → 2600 LP). Yuya finds and activates the Action Card "Wonder Chance", targeting one face-up monster he controls and allowing it to attack again this turn. He targets "Odd-Eyes". "Odd-Eyes" attacks "Caesar", but Declan activates the effect of "Caesar", detaching an Overlay Unit to Special Summon all monsters he controls that were destroyed by battle this turn at the end of the Battle Phase, but during his next Standby Phase, he will take 1000 damage for each one he still controls. The attack continues and "Odd-Eyes" destroys "Caesar" (Declan: 2600 → 2300 LP). At the end of the Battle Phase, the effect of "Mufflerlion" expires ("Odd-Eyes": 2700 → 2500/2000) and the effect of "Caesar" Special Summons "Genghis" (2000/1500), "Alexander" (2500/2000) and "Caesar" (2400/1200), all in Attack Position. Declan activates his Set Trap Card "D/D/D Human Resources", returning three "D/D/D" monsters from his field to his Deck and adding two "D/D" monsters from his Deck to his hand. He returns "Genghis", Alexander" and "Caesar" to his Extra Deck and adds "D/D Savant Kepler" and "D/D Savant Galilei" from his Deck to his hand. Yuya Sets a card.

Turn 5: Declan
Declan activates "D/D Savant Galilei" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 1) and "D/D Savant Kepler" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 10) in his Pendulum Zones. Declan Pendulum Summons three Level 8 "D/D/D Doom King Armageddon" (3000/1000 each), all from his hand in Attack Position. The first "Armageddon" attacks "Odd-Eyes", but Yuya finds and activates the Action Card "Miracle", halving the battle damage and preventing "Odd-Eyes" from being destroyed by the battle (Yuya: 3300 → 3050 LP). Another "Armageddon" attacks and destroys "Odd-Eyes" (Yuya: 3050 → 2550 LP), sending it to the Extra Deck. The last "Armageddon" attacks and destroys "Mufflerlion" (Yuya: 2550 → 350 LP), sending it to the Extra Deck. Declan Sets a card.

Turn 6: Yuya
Yuya draws "Performapal Partnaga". Yuya Pendulum Summons the Level 7 "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and Level 3 "Performapal Fire Mufflerlion" from his Extra Deck and the Level 5 "Performapal Partnaga" (500/2100) from his hand, all in Attack Position. As "Partnaga" was Normal or Special Summoned, Yuya activates its effect, targeting a monster he controls and increasing its ATK by 300 for each "Performapal" monster he controls. Yuya targets "Odd-Eyes" ("Odd-Eyes": 2500 → 3100/2000). Yuya intends to attack and destroy an "Armageddon" with "Odd-Eyes"; then use the effect of "Mufflerlion" to give "Odd-Eyes" 3300 ATK and allow it to attack again and destroy another "Armageddon", reducing Declan's LP to 1500; then as "Odd-Eyes" will have destroyed two monsters by battle this turn, he can activate his Set Trap Card "One Two Jump", halving the ATK of Declan's third "Armageddon" and allow "Odd-Eyes" to attack again, inflicting 3600 damage. "Odd-Eyes" attacks and destroys an "Armageddon" (Declan: 2300 → 2100 LP), which is sent to the Extra Deck. As a monster Declan controls left the field, the effects of both remaining "Armageddons" activate, increasing their ATK equal to the original ATK of the monster that left the field until the end of the turn ("Armageddons": 3000 → 6000/1000 each). At the end of the turn, the effects of both "Armageddons" expire ("Armageddons": 6000 → 3000/1000 each).

Turn 7: Declan
During Declan's Standby Phase, "Galilei" and "Kepler" appear to malfunction in their Pendulum Zones, and their Pendulum Effects appear on their cards. The Pendulum Effect "Galilei" doubles its Pendulum Scale ("Galilei": Right Pendulum Scale.png 1 → 2) and sends to the Graveyard all Pendulum Summoned monsters Declan controls whose Levels are lower than its Scale, while the Pendulum Effect of "Kepler" reduces its Pendulum Scale by 5 ("Kepler": Left Pendulum Scale.png 10 → 5) and sends to the Graveyard all Pendulum Summoned monsters he controls whose Levels are higher then its Scale. Both "Armageddons" are Level 8, so they are sent to the Graveyard.[Notes 1]

At this point, Declan is called away so he surrenders.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
French Un duel plein de surprises
German Seltsame Dimensionen (2)
Italian Sorpresa al circo
Korean 마도현자 갈릴레이, 케플러
Thai ปราชญ์แห่งเวทย์มนต์ กาลิเล่ เคปเลอร์


Japanese character name Japanese voice actor English character name English voice actor
Yuya Sakaki Kensho Ono Yuya Sakaki Michael Liscio Jr.
Sora Shiun'in Mie Sonozaki Sora Perse Eileen Stevens
Yuzu Hiragi Yuna Inamura Zuzu Boyle Emily Jenness
Himika Akaba Kikuko Fujimoto Henrietta Akaba Lianne Marrie Dobbs
Ayu Ayukawa Satomi Akesaka Ally Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Tatsuya Yamashiro Nanami Shinde Tate
Futoshi Harada Kyouko Chikiri Frederick
Reiji Akaba Yoshimasa Hosoya Declan Akaba Billy Bob Thompson
Masumi Kotsu Arisa Kiyoto Julia Krystal Kate Bristol
Hokuto Shijima Natsuki Hanae Dipper O'rion Daniel J. Edwards
Yaiba Todo Kengo Takanashi Kit Blade
Shuzo Hiragi Mitsutaka Itakura Skip Boyle Billy Bob Thompson
Noburo Gongenzaka Yohei Obayashi Gong Strong Billy Bob Thompson
Nakajima Yūki Hayashi Claude


  1. The written Japanese anime lore of "D/D Savant Kepler" states that monsters whose Levels are lower than the Pendulum Scale of "Kepler" are affected.