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"In it to Win it"
Nico Smiley appears to offer his aid to Yuya.
Nico Smiley appears to offer his aid to Yuya.
EnglishIn it to Win it
Japanese name
RōmajiMezase Juniayūsu Senshuken!!
TranslatedThe Aim is the Junior Youth Championship!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese OP"Believe x Believe"
Japanese ED"One Step"
ScreenplayTsutomu Kamishiro
Air dates
JapaneseJuly 20, 2014
EnglishNovember 1, 2015
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Show Must Go On"
Next"Menu Venue: Part 1"

"In it to Win it", known as "The Aim is the Junior Youth Championsip!!" in the Japanese version, is the fifteenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on July 20, 2014 and in Australia on November 1, 2015. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on November 15, 2016.

Yuya, feeling refreshed from his Duel against Declan, wants to join the Junior Arc League Championship to become a Pro Duelist. However, he is frustrated when he is informed that he has no qualifications to join the League. He goes off to find other Duelists to Duel against, and meets The Sledgehammer's manager. Meanwhile, Zuzu, who has not recovered from her shock due to her defeat at the hands of Julia, consults with Sora, while a familiar face lurks right near them.


Zuzu recounts the events that happened in the last episode. The confrontation against LID ended, while Skip succeeded in snapping Yuya out of his depression. Zuzu swears to get stronger after losing to Julia.

At Paradise Prep School, Yuya is having lunch. He removes the lid of his lunchbox and stares at the picture of his father on the bottom of the lid. Yuya promises to hone his skills to be a pro Duelist and make everyone smile someday. After making the promise, Yuya digs into his lunch with gusto, psyched about his goal. Next to Yuya, Zuzu reminds him not to talk with his mouth full (in the dub, Zuzu says just because Yuya is eating seafood doesn't mean she wants to see it). Suddenly, a hand offers Zuzu a handkerchief. Surprised, she looks up to find Sylvio, who greets her. Zuzu looks away in disgust and Sylvio remarks that Yuya is uncouth in front of a lady because of his Dueling and eating habits (in the dub, Sylvio compares Yuya's eating habits to his Dueling: not elegant). Yuya acknowledges that his eating habits are dirty, but is insulted to hear that his Dueling is the same way (in the dub, Yuya asks Sylvio if he wants something, or if he's here to annoy him or Zuzu). Sylvio replies otherwise; he heard that Yuya ambushed someone else, which Zuzu denies, not before wondering about who got attacked.

Sylvio says an LID Xyz Summon lecturer was attacked. Yuya and Zuzu remember Henrietta calling out to Declan to leave You Show to address the issue. Sylvio admits that he was kidding about Yuya being the attacker (in the dub, Sylvio remarks that Yuya is genuinely surprised hearing about this and admits he had the feeling that the rumors were wrong) and reiterates that an LID teacher was the victim, whom Yuya couldn't beat with his "cowardly" Pendulum Summons. Once again, Yuya takes offense to the comment, asking why it's that way. Sylvio leans in close and says it's unfair that only Yuya has it. He adds that he heard rumors that Leo Corporation is independently producing Pendulum cards and expresses his desire to get his own to defeat Yuya. He ends the conversation there and leaves Yuya and Zuzu, promising to meet them at the Arc League Championship (in the dub, Sylvio adds that he and Yuya can't Duel just yet, since Yuya isn't qualified). For a brief moment, Yuya is confused about Sylvio's words, not before frantically realizing that he can't become a pro in his current state.

After school, Ally, Tate, and Frederick greet Yuya and Zuzu at the school gate. Tate tells them to hurry on to You Show, but are surprised to see Yuya in a glum state. Tate asks why Yuya is that way. On the way to You Show, Ally and Frederick learn that Yuya isn't qualified for the Arc League Championship. Yuya confirms it and states the conditions for entering: 50 Duels with a 60% win rate. Ally asks what Yuya's current record is. He responds with, "46 Duels with 26 wins". Tate does the math in his head: Yuya's current win rate is 56.5%, which still isn't enough to enter. Frederick is impressed that Tate did his math so quickly (in the dub, Frederick calls Tate a human calculator). Tate notes that Yuya still has four more Duels, which he must win, before he fulfills the requirements. Zuzu says she and Yuya asked around school for four more Duelists, but they had no luck because all the students refused to Duel Yuya for beating a pro, the Sledgehammer, which should get him a free pass to the Arc League Championship. Yuya yells that the students got the wrong idea: the Duel he had with the Sledgehammer was only an exhibition match. Tate says in order to become a pro, they had to win the Arc League Championship. Frederick continues with said winner having to pass the Youth Exam and win the Youth Championship. Ally finishes with the last requirement: passing the Pro test. Yuya bemoans he couldn't take the first step forward and resolves to Duel four people (in the dub, Yuya exclaims that everyone thinks he's a pro because he already beat one, but he can't become one unless he qualifies, and he can't qualify because no one will Duel him and no one will Duel him because they think he's a pro) before realizing he can just Duel his friends. The three children refuse because they are still elementary school students and part of the Junior class. The Junior Youth subdivision is for middle schoolers. Yuya decides to challenge Zuzu as part of his four people, but she refuses as well because she already qualified and she has had plenty of practice Duels with Yuya, so it would be pointless for her to Duel him (in the dub, Zuzu refuses because she does not want to lose her 60% record by losing to Yuya). Yuya angrily asks for a suggestion; Zuzu suggests that he Duel Gong because Yuya got most of his wins from Dueling in the Strong Dojo. Yuya admits that he was grateful to Gong for helping him whenever he needed it and for making him aim to become a pro (in the dub, Yuya is grateful to Gong for helping defend You Show; it was his training that helped Yuya defeat Dipper and Gong himself tied with Kit to keep You Show safe from LID). This is also the reason why he doesn't want to rely on Gong anymore; Yuya wants to become someone who Gong can rely on with his own strength (in the dub, Yuya promises to get stronger starting now). Zuzu repeats Yuya's words and admits he was right. She runs off, with Yuya asking why. She tells him not to worry about it; she wants to get strong too (in the dub, Zuzu makes up the excuses of running errands, paying bills, and places to be). Tate reminds Zuzu that they still need to get to You Show, but she tells him to inform her father that she won't come today. Yuya wonders what just happened. Ally replies that this is because he praised Gong alone. Tate says this was true; he didn't have any thanks for Zuzu. Frederick smugly asks if Yuya just doesn't get it. Yuya denies the children's claims; he's grateful for Zuzu, like he is for Gong. Ally says Yuya was too late, to Yuya's chagrin. As Zuzu continues running down the street, she muses that Yuya is trying to change and realizes she can't just stay the way she is now. She promises to get stronger so she can protect You Show.

At You Show, Yuya remembers his promise not to rely on Gong to get stronger and wonders how to look for the other four Duelists (in the dub, Yuya's thoughts are replaced by Ally suggesting Yuya to find a matchup center for Yuya to look for his four opponents, with Tate saying the problem is looking for Duelists willing to Duel Yuya). As Yuya enters the lounge, he is greeted by, "Oh, my boy!" Nico Smiley rushes to Yuya and shakes his hand. He says it's been a while since he last saw Yuya. The children recognize who Nico is and Yuya asks why he's here. Skip says Nico bought Yuya a ticket to get into the Arc League Championship, no strings attached. Yuya asks if this is right and Nico confirms the truth: the Paradise City Duel Association let Yuya enter the Arc League Championship, even if the Duel he had with the Sledgehammer was an exhibition match, because he won that Duel. Tate congratulates Yuya for getting in, while Frederick gets his shivers. Yuya becomes saddened, which Skip is quick to notice. Yuya admits that while he's grateful for the invitation, he refuses after remembering a student telling him that him defeating the Sledgehammer was a free pass to the Championship. The children and Nico are surprised. Nico asks Yuya why and he replies that it's unfair to do that. Nico says this isn't unfair at all; Yuya should be proud that the Duel Association gave their approval (in the dub, Nico calls the invitation favoritism on his part, but rephrases it by repeating his point of Yuya being in the Championship). Yuya says he felt bad for the Sledgehammer and asks how he's doing. Nico says the Sledgehammer isn't the champion anymore. He gave up his title after his loss to Yuya and went overseas to train. Because of this, Nico was left without a Duelist to manage. He offers Yuya the chance to aim for the top together. Yuya refuses the offer and Nico falls flat on his face. Tate says he understands: Nico was betting on the council's approval, while Fredrick continues he did it to make money for himself. Ally calls him the worst. Nico grabs Yuya's hand and says he's interested in his talent. Yuya asks Nico for a request if he was so dedicated to that talent.

Sora stands in front of the LID building and muses that he never thought that Declan was the president of Leo Corporation and the son of the director. He notices the many guards surrounding the building; they aren't the kind of people who'd let Sora in to see Declan if he asked. As he thinks, a professor places his hand on a handprint detector provided by a guard. The guard motions the professor to proceed. Sora is frustrated that he wanted to Duel Declan and licks his lollipop. Suddenly, Zuzu calls out to him. She explains that she knew that Sora wasn't coming to You Show because he wanted to Duel Declan. Sora tries to deny it, but Zuzu recalls that Sora approaches people he's interested in, such as Yuya (in the dub, Zuzu calls Sora a slimy weasel because he wants to latch on to people he wants to Duel better). Sora admits this was the truth because of his mastery of Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum Summoning. Zuzu reminds Sora that Declan isn't a person who can get close that easily. Sora replies this is because Declan is the Leo Corporation's president (in the dub, Zuzu reminds Sora that he wanted to learn at You Show, but Sora says he left because he thought You Show didn't like him; Zuzu says he got it all wrong). Zuzu takes Sora by the hand and leads him away from LID. Sora asks where they're going, but Zuzu simply tells him to come. Meanwhile, the masked Duelist watches from a nearby building.

Julia, Dipper, and Kit stand in front of a crime scene. Julia tells her friends that she heard the attack happened here. Kit says this is it for the suspicious part (in the dub, Kit remarks the caution tape was the giveaway here). Dipper comments that there's something LID isn't telling them. Inside, LID professors are analyzing the damage. Julia goes underneath the caution tape to try to enter, with Dipper trying to stop her. A professor opens the door and asks Julia why she's here. Julia replies she isn't anyone suspicious and introduces herself. The brown-haired professor, Herc, notices what's going on. Outside, Kit and Dipper introduce themselves as well. Herc comes outside and asks the trio if they're students of LID, which they confirm. Herc also asks if the three students had heard of what had happened. Julia replies that they heard that Marco got attacked and the LID Secretariat refused to let them see him (in the dub, Julia adds that classes would be canceled as well). Kit asks if Marco was attacked in the middle of a Duel. Dipper says he heard that the culprit was an Xyz user; as an Xyz user himself, he does not like people abusing it (in the dub, Kit says he heard the attacks happened because Marco was an international spy, while Dipper says he heard Marco was attacked by an alien). Herc apologizes to the students; they can't discuss the details, as LID is still investigating the crime (in the dub, Herc notes the students' concern). Julia inquires if Marco is okay, but the professor refuses to give the details about that as well. However, he reassures Julia that LID is doing everything they can to figure out what happened and encourages her and her friends to improve their Dueling skills, as this is what Marco would have wanted. If Julia understands, then she and the others would go back to LID and leave the investigation to the professors (in the dub, Herc warns Julia to forget that she and her friends were at the warehouse or even talked to Herc). Dipper and Kit agree without hesitation, while Julia is reluctant. Herc returns to the crime scene. Kit remarks that the Uniformed Unit is cool, while Dipper says this is because they passed the pro test to be on top and expresses his desire to be with them. Julia does not share the boys' sentiment and leaves. Dipper asks where she's going and Julia tells them to go home (in the dub, Julia yells that she has another lead); she has other places to be. The two boys are confused.

Zuzu has taken Sora to a warehouse at the pier. Sora asks why she brought him here. Zuzu approaches him and begs him to teach her Fusion Summoning. Sora asks why, and she says she wants to become stronger. Sora wonders if this is because Zuzu lost to Julia at You Show. She recalls the moment when she thought she had an Action Card, but it turned out to be a reflection, with Julia chiding her for being deceived. She also remembers that Declan gave You Show the win and repeats her desire to protect You Show. Sora asks if Zuzu's request is true and Zuzu begs him again to teach her (in the dub, Sora doubts Zuzu's sincerity, since she called him a slimy weasel earlier and Zuzu apologizes for that). He starts to think about it, which Zuzu takes as a sign that he's refusing. Sora replies that it's not that he can't, but rather if it's okay; he admits that it's true that Zuzu would get stronger. Zuzu is eager to get stronger so she won't lose to anyone. Sora starts to have second thoughts as the masked Duelist eavesdrops on the pair.

Nevertheless, he agrees to teach her and shows her "Polymerization", the card required to fuse monsters together for a Fusion Summon and the bread and butter for Fusion Summoning in general. Zuzu says she understands. Sora thinks he can't believe he's teaching her; being too nice is his only flaw. After looking at the card, Zuzu asks if the Fusion Materials can be on the field or hand. Sora regains his focus and confirms the mechanic. He clarifies that all the required Fusion Materials have to be in either place for the Fusion Summon to work, though there are exceptions. Zuzu recalls that the Fusion Materials are sent to the Graveyard during the Fusion Summon, while the Fusion Monster is Summoned from the Extra Deck. Sora praises Zuzu for getting it right before noticing they're being watched. The masked Duelist leaps from his hiding spot, with Sora in pursuit. Zuzu asks what's wrong, but Sora ignores her and arms his Duel Disk. Zuzu is confused about the turn of events as Sora chases the Duelist, who activates his own Duel Disk. Sora also activates his Duel Disk and the two clash with the holographic blades as if they were swords. Both Duelists leap back, with Sora asking who the masked Duelist is. The masked Duelist does not answer, but Sora notes that the Duelist isn't from around here. The Duelist also makes the same statement. Zuzu recognizes the masked Duelist as the one who Dueled and defeated Sylvio. Sora is surprised that Zuzu knew him already and Zuzu replies that he came when she was with Sylvio. Zuzu asks if the Duelist was responsible for the recent incident, but he does not respond. Sora wonders what Zuzu is talking about and Zuzu explains that an LID professor was attacked. Sora realizes that this was why so many guards were posted around LID and repeats Zuzu's question. The Duelist still does not answer. Zuzu inquires who the Duelist is and if he Dueled Sylvio in order to save her or if he held a grudge against LID.

Suddenly, the warehouse doors fly open and Julia yells that this is the culprit, then. Julia approaches the Duelist and demands if he was responsible for Marco's disappearance. Zuzu wonders what Julia is doing here. The LID student replies that she thought she could get something from the scene of the crime (in the dub, Julia demands who the Duelist is and what he did with Marco). She arms her Duel Disk and says that the Duelist saved her the trouble of looking for him if he lurked here the whole time (in the dub, Julia remarks that if the Duelist doesn't want to talk, then he wants to Duel). Zuzu tries to reason with Julia; she was still talking to him. Julia yells that she still has things to say to him first (in the dub, Julia calls Zuzu a wannabe and warns her to stay out of the way). Zuzu yells that there still isn't proof the Duelist isn't the culprit. Julia says they'll know the truth if the Duelist uses Xyz Summoning. Upon hearing "Xyz", Sora becomes intrigued. Julia insists the Duelist fight her to prove her convictions. Once again, Zuzu tries to convince Julia to stand down, but her bracelet glows, blinding everyone. When the light fades, the Duelist has vanished. Zuzu notes that it's just like before. Behind her, Yuya calls Zuzu's name. Yuya pants as he arrives at the warehouse and says Skip got worried, so he sent Yuya to look for her. He asks her why she didn't pick up her phone earlier. Julia accuses Yuya for being with the culprits. As Yuya is confused about why Sora is with the girls, Julia approaches Yuya and grabs him by the shirt collar, demanding to know where Marco is. Yuya is confused, but Julia is unconvinced. Yuya replies he's innocent; he doesn't know who Julia is talking about. Zuzu separates the two and asks Yuya if he really didn't know (in the dub, Zuzu tells Yuya the news that the masked Duelist was here earlier). Yuya is still bewildered about the current events. Zuzu repeats her memory of the masked Duelist disappearing just before Yuya arrived. Julia orders Yuya to get "him", but Sora is quick to act. He points to his left that the culprit ran this way and urges Julia to hurry up and catch him. Julia pushes Yuya aside and runs at the direction Sora pointed.

Yuya asks if the culprit really went that way and Sora admits that he lied, not wanting Julia to get in the way of his and Zuzu's training. Yuya repeats, "Training? With Zuzu?" and Sora says that Zuzu wanted to get stronger, but stops when he sees Zuzu stare at her bracelet, wondering if she wanted to keep the training a secret from Yuya, too. Yuya is surprised that she's learning Fusion Summoning for the Arc League Championship. He tells her that Nico found his four opponents to qualify. Zuzu looks up and congratulates him. Yuya says that now all he has to do is to win all four Duels and fight in the Arc League Championship. Sora is confused about the Championship, since this is the first time he heard about it and asks if he can participate too. Yuya thinks about it, before realizing that Sora didn't play 50 Duels with a 60% win rate since coming to Paradise City. Sora is upset that he can't participate in the tournament because he wanted to Duel Yuya again (in the dub, Sora is upset because no one wanted him to have fun). Yuya manages to remember another requirement: six wins in a row, which excites Sora. He asks Yuya to get Nico to arrange six Duels for him to win. Yuya agrees and looks at Zuzu, who sadly stares at her bracelet. He is proud of her for wanting to get stronger after her loss and recalls Declan's words of an evolution of Pendulum Summoning. He promises not to lose to Declan either; he does not know how Declan can see past Pendulum Summoning, but he can, too. As Zuzu stares at her bracelet, she remembers that this is the second time that the masked Duelist appeared in front of her, then disappeared after the bracelet flashed. She wonders what's going on around here.

At night, another masked Duelist spies on LID.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
French Le Championnat Junior
German Alles auf Sieg!
Italian Strani eventi
Korean 청소년 선수권을 향하여!!
Thai ต้องแข่งระดับจูเนียร์-ยูธให้ได้


Japanese character name Japanese voice actor English character name English voice actor
Yuya Sakaki Kensho Ono Yuya Sakaki Michael Liscio Jr.
Yuto Manpei Takagi Yuto Michael Liscio Jr.
Sora Shiun'in Mie Sonozaki Sora Perse Eileen Stevens
Yuzu Hiragi Yuna Inamura Zuzu Boyle Emily Jenness
Shingo Sawatari Shogo Yano Sylvio Sawatari Michael Lockwood Crouch
Ayu Ayukawa Satomi Akesaka Ally Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Tatsuya Yamashiro Nanami Shinde Tate
Futoshi Harada Kyouko Chikiri Frederick
Reiji Akaba Yoshimasa Hosoya Declan Akaba Billy Bob Thompson
Masumi Kotsu Arisa Kiyoto Julia Krystal Kate Bristol
Hokuto Shijima Natsuki Hanae Dipper O'rion Daniel J. Edwards
Yaiba Todo Kengo Takanashi Kit Blade
Nico Smiley Hajime Iijima Nico Smiley
Herc Takahiro Fujiwara Herc
Shuzo Hiragi Mitsutaka Itakura Skip Boyle Billy Bob Thompson


  1. This card can be seen on Declan's Duel Disk.