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"Menu Venue: Part 2"
Reed Pepper dominates the field with his "Royal Cookpals".
Reed Pepper dominates the field with his "Royal Cookpals".
EnglishMenu Venue: Part 2
Japanese name
Japanese豪快披露!! 満腹全席!
RōmajiGōkai Hirō!! Manpuku Zenseki!
TranslatedAn Exciting Performance!! A Fulfilling Meal!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Japanese OP"Believe x Believe"
Japanese ED"One Step"
English OP & ED"Can you Feel the Power"
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 3, 2014
EnglishNovember 8, 2015
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"Menu Venue: Part 2", known as "An Exciting Performance!! A Fulfilling Meal!" in the Japanese version, is the seventeenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on August 3, 2014 and in Australia on November 8, 2015. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on November 22, 2016.

Yuya faces a ferocious attack against Reed Pepper’s Cooking Duel. Fighting against Reed who concocts a perfect strategy with his recipes, Yuya does not have enough stamina to obtain Action Cards as his stomach is empty... However, in the midst of the pinch, Yuya meets with his savior, providing him with the stamina he needs to fight on. And then, with his Entertainment Duel, the counter-attack begins.


Nico recaps the events that happened in the previous episode: Yuya's opponent is the Cooking Duel Prince, Reed Pepper, to qualify for the Arc League Championship. Despite his aspirations, Yuya bore witness to his Pendulum Monsters being wiped out by Reed's "Royal Cookpal" monsters.

Meanwhile, Gong is training himself by hauling a boulder over a cliffside. He promises to improve his Heavystrong Dueling more than ever and urges Yuya not to give up and aim for the top.

Back at the Duel, Yuya curses at his own predicament, while Reed smiles calmly. All Yuya can do is Set a card and end his turn (in the dub, Yuya says Reed may have him in a pickle, but won't be for long). Tate and Ally recall that Yuya's Pendulum Monsters were destroyed earlier (in the dub, Tate and Ally wonder what Yuya will do now that his Pendulum Monsters are gone). Frederick asks if the matchup is even, because Reed returned his "Royal Cookpals" to his hand. Reed says he wonders about that (in the dub, Reed says he'll soup things up in the Duel and bring things to a boiling point) and takes his next turn. He remarks the preparations are ready, as "Food Cemetery" has three monsters in it, and activates the effect of "Regal Recipes", which lets him Special Summon a "Cookpal" monster for each card in "Food Cemetery". Yuya realizes there are three cards in "Food Cemetery" and that the same "Royal Cookpals" Reed had before would come back. Reed exclaims the order is ready as he Special Summons "Royal Cookpal Knight Pasta", "Royal Cookpal Prince Curry", and "Royal Cookpal Princess Pudding". Yuya stares the monsters down as he notes they are fearsome, but his stomach growls and he remarks they're delicious (in the dub, Yuya says the monsters are ruining his appetite, which is a good thing because he's starving). Reed is kind enough to let Yuya's starving belly have its fill (in the dub, Reed says Yuya will lose some weight and LP) as he explains that "Regal Recipes" will inflict 300 damage for each monster Special Summoned by its effect. Pellets of energy hit Yuya on his face, his stomach, and his bottom. Reed asks if this was too much for Yuya's stomach. Mrs. Pepper continues recording the Duel and congratulates her son for doing well.

At Sansho's restaurant, said chef is watching the Duel from his tablet as Reed says the taste of his perfect recipe is amazing. Sansho wonders what Reed means before continuing his work (in the dub, Sansho scoffs at the thought of Reed being the top chef). Reed activates the effect of "Knight Pasta" to double the ATK of "Prince Curry" and follows up with the effect of "Princess Pudding" to double the ATK further, to 1200 total. The housewives watching the Duel squee after seeing another one of Reed's set menus. Reed continues that "Princess Pudding" and "Knight Pasta" cannot attack the turn their effects are activated. Yuya manages to get up and Reed points out that Yuya only has 1700 LP left and that "Prince Curry" needs a little more seasoning to finish him off. Reed jumps up a series of saucers before finding and taking an Action Card on the third one. He is satisfied that the Goddess of Cooking is smiling down on him (in the dub, Reed remarks this is his pot-lucky day) and activates the card he picked up, "Victory Topping", which increases the ATK of a monster he controls by 600 until the End Phase. Tonkatsu materializes on the shield of "Prince Curry", which Ally and Tate pick up on ("win" and "fried pork ribs" have a katsu sound in Japanese, making this a visual pun). Reed declares his Battle Phase and the end of the Duel and attacks Yuya directly with "Prince Curry". Tate exclaims Yuya will lose if the attack goes through, but Yuya activates his face-down "Performapal Call", which negates the attack. Furthermore, it allows Yuya to add two "Performapal" monsters from his Deck to his hand whose combined DEF is equal to the ATK of the monster whose attack was negated. He adds "Performapal Cheermole" and "Performapal Turn Toad", though he cannot Summon monsters from his Extra Deck the turn he Summons the added monsters. Reed takes note of Yuya's earlier tactic and decides to counter with "Canning Cuisine", since Yuya added cards to his hand outside of the Draw Phase. He can place "Cookpal" monsters from his Deck under "Food Cemetery" for each card Yuya added; he chooses "Cookpal Lionion" and "Cookpal Rabbitomato". Yuya exclaims that Reed added more cards to "Food Cemetery", but Reed isn't done yet, as he activates "Food Fraud", which lets him add two "Royal Cookpal" monsters from his Deck to his hand, which are "Royal Cookpal King Burger" and "Royal Cookpal Queen Omelette". Yuya repeats Reed's last move as Reed asks him about what he thought about his prep-work (in the dub, Yuya admits Reed's hand is tasty, while Reed replies that it will leave a bad taste in Yuya's mouth) and adds that the monsters he retrieved cannot be Summoned this turn. Reed jumps down to his original spot and ends his turn, with the ATK boosts of "Prince Curry" wearing off. Said monster appears disappointed as its tonkatsu disappears.

Yuya realizes that when Reed's turn comes, he'll have all five "Royal Cookpals" on his field and decides to do something to stop that. Yuya draws "Wall of Disruption" and is dissatisfied with it; he can't do anything with it now. He decides to bet his next move on an Action Card as he leaps from saucer to saucer to try to reach one on a high plate. However, his stomach growls again as he realizes he's too hungry to even reach the card, causing him to fall on his back. The children are concerned, but Yoko comes in and chides Yuya for running off without having breakfast. She tosses Yuya a package, which he catches. Yuya asks why his mother is here; she tells him to hurry up and eat what she made. Yuya opens the package, which contains pancakes, and yells it's time to eat. He takes a bite out of it and looks inside. Yoko reveals that the pancakes are actually a sandwich of the mille-feuille tonkatsu (sunrise pork surprise in the dub) that Yuya didn't eat. He takes another bite as his eyes tear up. Yuya exclaims it's delicious and Yoko says she made the sandwich using Reed's recipe, so it must be perfect, and to add to the pizzaz, she used pancakes as the bread. Reed is angered that Yoko added something to his already perfect recipe. Yuya says, "Perfect...add to it..." ("Perfection...made even better..." in the dub) before finishing off the pancake sandwich. Reenergized, Yuya rises and declares that "Stargazer Magician" and "Timegazer Magician" are Scales 1 and 8, respectively, so he can Pendulum Summon monsters between Levels 2 and 7. A distressed Tate urges Yuya not to Pendulum Summon, since Reed can just destroy the monsters, but Yuya ignores him and Pendulum Summons "Cheermole" and "Turn Toad" anyway. Reed welcomes his new customers for leaping through the fire. He activates the effects of "Princess Pudding" and "Knight Pasta", declaring "Ballistic Belly Buster", with the former force-feeding "Cheermole" and the latter doing the same to "Turn Toad". Reed specifies that he can return "Princess Pudding" and "Knight Pasta" to his hand to destroy "Cheermole" and "Turn Toad". The bellies of both monsters burst before they're destroyed. Reed asks how Yuya liked his hospitality, but the children point out the hypocrisy because Reed destroyed them (in the dub, Reed remarks the "Performapals" did not leave hungry; Tate says that Reed destroying monsters may be something for him to joke about, Ally calls Reed tasteless, and Frederick calls Reed rotten to the core). As Reed laughs, Yuya explains that as "Cheermole" and "Turn Toad" are Pendulum Monsters, they are sent to the Extra Deck instead of the Graveyard when they are destroyed. Yuya Sets "Wall of Disruption" and ends his turn.

Elsewhere, Sora is in another Duel and attacks directly with "Frightfur Bear", knocking his opponent into a feudal Japanese castle wall. Sora exclaims he won two Duels in a row before catching Zuzu spacing out again. Zuzu insists she didn't and lies that she saw the whole Duel (in the dub, Zuzu confesses that she got caught in the act), causing Sora to groan.

Reed starts his turn and addresses Yoko as the one who made modifications to his recipe. Yoko confirms it and Reed says his perfect recipe has no room for further additions. Next to Yoko, Mrs. Pepper agrees with Reed and calls him perfect. As there are five cards in "Food Cemetery", Reed activates the effect of "Regal Recipes" to Special Summon "King Burger", "Queen Omelette", "Knight Pasta", and "Princess Pudding". Yuya notes that Reed Summoned four monsters at once. Frederick looks at the five monsters in awe, saying he couldn't even finish all of them at once, to the annoyance of his other two friends. Reed shows further "hospitality" to Yuya by inflicting 300 damage to him for each monster he Summoned with "Regal Recipes". The total is 1200, as energy pellets hit Yuya again, reducing him to 500 LP. Yoko yells Yuya's name. German Fauder comments that Yuya worked hard to get this far, but with all five "Royal Cookpals" out, this is the end. Reed activates the effect of "Knight Pasta" to double the ATK of "Prince Curry". He does the same, using the effect of "Princess Pudding", then follows up with "Queen Omelette" and "King Burger" to quadruple the ATK further. Tate exclaims that "Prince Curry" turned into a 4800 ATK calorie explosion. Reed enters his Battle Phase and attacks Yuya directly with the now-golden "Prince Curry", declaring "Golden Royal Curry". "Prince Curry" releases a vortex of curry, with the children repeating the attack name dumbfoundedly. Yuya activates his Trap Card, "Wall of Disruption", which decreases the ATK of an opposing monster for each monster the opponent controls. Reed calls the card a pointless struggle, but Yuya further explains that "Prince Curry" will lose 4000 ATK, since Reed controls five monsters. Reed clarifies that Yuya only has 500 LP left, while "Prince Curry" has more than enough ATK to finish him off. "Prince Curry" regains its composure and continues its attack, but Yuya dons his goggles and starts running. But the attack of "Prince Curry" hits its mark, leaving the children and Yoko stunned.

Reed breathes a sigh of relief; it took him plenty of work, but Yuya turned out to be no match for his perfect recipe. His relieved expression changes to confusion as he notices Yuya standing strong after the smoke clears, with 200 LP remaining (in the dub, dialogue of the housewives chattering about Yuya's survival is added). Ally cheers that Yuya pulled through, while Yoko is relieved as well. Reed demands why Yuya survived the attack. Yuya chuckles and reveals he used an Action Card, "Energy Biscuits", the card he couldn't reach earlier. It let him gain 500 LP when he was attacked. Yuya attributes the action to the power he got from Yoko's sandwich. Enraged that Yuya hung on, Reed ends his turn, with the ATK of "Prince Curry" returning to normal. He points out that Yuya has no cards in his hand, despite enduring the last attack, and asks how he can deal with five "Royal Cookpals".

Yuya starts his turn. Before he draws, he thinks he's done all the prep-work he can; he just needs to draw that one card he needs. He draws, and the card is "Illusion Balloons". Yuya announces the climax of the seesawing battle, with Reed confused about what's happening (in the dub, Reed is dumbfounded that Yuya took over his kitchen). Yuya reiterates that "Stargazer" and "Timegazer" are set in his Pendulum Zones, which lets him Pendulum Summon Level 2 to 7 monsters. Reed says that Yuya might be capable of Pendulum Summoning, but he only has one card in his hand, which makes it no different from a Normal Summon (in the dub, Reed is confident that Pendulum Summoning would make no difference, since he can just destroy the monsters). Yuya directs the audience's attention to his Extra Deck, where the Pendulum Monsters are waiting. He Pendulum Summons "Turn Toad", "Performapal Trampolynx", "Performapal Partnaga", "Cheermole", and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". Frederick gets his shivers, leaving him overwhelmed, while Ally is happy that Yuya Pendulum Summoned five monsters at once. Tate remembers that destroyed Pendulum Monsters are sent to the Extra Deck; Yuya waited for his chance to Summon all of them at once by stockpiling his Extra Deck. Yoko says Pendulum Summoning was the addition needed for Yuya's strategy (in the dub, Yoko says Yuya began with the perfect recipe and made it even better). Reed brushes the remark aside and yells that it will end the same way as before; Yuya's Pendulum Summoning is still no match for his perfect recipe. He activates the effects of his "Royal Cookpals" again, with all five force-feeding each of Yuya's monsters: "Trampolynx" by "Prince Curry", "Partnaga" by Queen Omelette", "Turn Toad" by "Knight Pasta", "Cheermole" by "Princess Pudding", and "Odd-Eyes" by "King Burger". Ally realizes that the monsters will be destroyed like last time. Reed returns all five of his "Royal Cookpals" to his hand to destroy each of Yuya's monsters. Yuya says he was waiting for this, with Reed being confused. Yuya activates "Illusion Balloons". He can excavate cards from his Deck equal to the number of monsters destroyed this turn. Each of the destroyed monsters turns into a pancake sandwich. Tate and Ally are surprised, but Frederick is drooling. Yuya announces the moment the audience is waiting for: inside each sandwich is a card excavated from the Deck, and the highest Level "Performapal" monster excavated will be Special Summoned. Nico calls the strategy amazing, because Yuya Summoned five monsters, knowing they'd be destroyed, and tied their destruction to this remaining glimmer of hope. Fauder points out that if none of the cards are "Performapal" monsters, "Illusion Balloons" will fail.

Reed exclaims that the card of pure chance won't break through his perfect recipe. Yuya replies that manipulation of chance is a powerful skill in itself. He starts excavating from his Deck. The first sandwich opens and the card is "Hippo Carnival". Yuya shrugs in disappointment (in the dub, Yuya remarks that a Spell Card isn't what he needs right now), which disappoints the children as well. Nevertheless, he continues with the second, which is "Performapal Hip Hippo". Mrs. Pepper says there's no way Reed can lose to a card like that. Yuya excavates the third card, "Commmand Performance". As Yoko places her hope in Yuya, he reveals the next card, "Performapal Friendonkey". He comments that while it's a "Performapal", it's only a donkey. Nico becomes discouraged, as "Friendonkey" isn't strong enough to defeat Reed. Mrs. Pepper repeats, "a pity?" ("awful?" in the dub), causing Nico to reconsider his words. Fauder wonders what the last card is. A housewife is excited about what the last card will be, while another says she doesn't know much about Dueling, but it's fun. Reed looks around, dumbfounded. His fans are all enthralled by Yuya's performance (Reed's thoughts are edited out in the dub).

Yuya announces the revelation of the final pancake and wonders of the Goddess of Victory will smile down on him (in the dub, Yuya calls the final pancake make or break time, feast or famine). He excavates his last card, which is "Performapal Elephammer". Yuya cheers that the last card was a high-Level "Performapal", the best for last. He Special Summons it as he says that "Elephammer", the leader of the "Performapals", comes before everyone now. Reed trembles after seeing that its ATK is 2600, which is enough to defeat him. He bemoans that his perfect recipe will...!

Yuya tells Reed there's no such thing as a perfect recipe, which causes the young chef to recall Sansho telling him the same thing. Sansho elaborates that even if there is a perfect recipe, it has to be ready to add more to suit the people who will eat the food (in the dub, Sansho tells Reed that a perfect recipe isn't set in stone; he must constantly work to make it better). Yuya declares his Battle Phase and attacks directly with "Elephammer". "Elephammer" swings the hammer on its trunk and the hammerhead glows in star-shaped patterns as Yuya tells Reed to enjoy the mammoth of a meal. Reed smiles in satisfaction, knowing his loss is coming up (in the dub, Reed asks for a check). The hammer swings down and crushes Reed, depleting all his LP.

Ally and Tate exclaim that Yuya won his first Duel, while Frederick gets his shivers. As "Chaos Kitchen" fades, Yuya thanks Reed for the meal. Mrs. Pepper runs to Reed, in denial that his perfect recipe was defeated. Reed calmly tells his mother that he did lose. The children and Reed come to Yuya. Reed congratulates Yuya for the win and promises to add more to his recipe and press onwards. Yuya replies that he'll stay ahead of Reed, then. Reed says he'll look forward to seeing Yuya in the Arc League Championship and offers him a handshake, which Yuya accepts. His stomach growls again and Yoko remarks that the pancake sandwich she gave him wasn't enough. Reed offers to cook Yuya something, to Yoko's surprise, and asks if Yuya will accept his hospitality (in the dub, Reed has some ideas on how to improve Yoko's pancake sandwich recipe). A blushing Yuya replies, "of course!" Yoko squees that Reed will make everyone food, to her son's embarrassment. (In the dub, Yoko is excited that Reed intends to use her recipe, thus making her a celebrity by extension.)

Featured Duels[edit]

Yuya Sakaki vs. Reed Pepper[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuya Sakaki has 2600 LP and controls "Stargazer Magician" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 1) and "Timegazer Magician" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 8) in his Pendulum Zones. Reed Pepper has 2300 LP and controls "Food Cemetery" (with "Cookpal Cluckwheat", "Cookpal Eggong", and "Cookpal Pumapotato" underneath it), "Regal Recipes", and one Set card in his Spell & Trap Zones.

Turn 4: Yuya
Yuya Sets a card.

Turn 5: Reed
Reed activates the effect of "Regal Recipes", Special Summoning "Royal Cookpal" monsters from his hand in Attack Position up to the number of "Cookpal" monsters underneath "Food Cemetery", then inflicting 300 damage to Yuya for each. There are three "Cookpal" monsters under "Food Cemetery", so he Special Summons "Royal Cookpal Knight Pasta" (300/1100), "Royal Cookpal Prince Curry" (300/1000) and "Royal Cookpal Princess Pudding" (300/100), all in Attack Position (Yuya: 2600 → 1700 LP). Reed activates the effect of "Knight Pasta", targeting a "Royal Cookpal" monster he controls and doubling its ATK until the end of the turn, but "Knight Pasta" cannot attack this turn. He targets "Prince Curry" ("Prince Curry": 300 → 600/1000). Reed activates the effect of "Princess Pudding", targeting a "Royal Cookpal" monster he controls and doubling its ATK until the end of the turn, but "Knight Pasta" cannot attack this turn. He targets "Prince Curry" ("Prince Curry": 600 → 1200/1000). Reed finds and activates the Action Card "Victory Topping", targeting a face-up monster on the field and increasing its ATK by 600 until the end of the turn, also he can change a Defense Position monster Yuya controls to Attack Position. He targets "Prince Curry" ("Prince Curry": 1200 → 1800/1000) "Prince Curry" attacks Yuya directly, but as his opponent's monster declared a direct attack Yuya activates his Set Trap Card "Performapal Call", negating the attack and adding two "Performapal" monsters from his Deck to his hand whose combined DEF are equal to the ATK of the attacking monster, but if he Normal or Special Summons either of them, he cannot Special Summon monsters from his Extra Deck during the same turn. The direct attack of the 1800 ATK "Prince Curry" was negated, so Yuya adds 1000 DEF "Performapal Cheermole" and the 800 DEF "Performapal Turn Toad" from his Deck to his hand. As his opponent added cards to his hand outside of his normal draw, Reed activates his Set Trap Card "Canning Cuisine", placing the same number of "Cookpal" monsters from his Deck underneath a "Food Cemetery" he controls. He places "Cookpal Lionion" and "Cookpal Rabbitomato" underneath "Food Cemetery". Reed activates the Spell Card "Food Fraud", adding two "Royal Cookpal" monsters from his Deck to his hand, but he cannot Normal or Special Summon them this turn. He adds "Royal Cookpal Queen Omelette" and "Royal Cookpal King Burger". At the end of the turn, the effects of "Knight Pasta", "Princess Pudding" and "Victory Topping" expire ("Prince Curry": 1800 → 300/1000).

Turn 6: Yuya
Yuya draws "Wall of Disruption". Yuya attempts to grab an Action Card, but fails to reach it. Yuya Pendulum Summons the Level 2 "Performapal Cheermole" (600/1000) and the Level 2 "Performapal Turn Toad" (0/800), both from his hand in Defense Position. As his opponent Normal or Special Summoned monsters, Reed activates the effects of "Princess Pudding" and "Knight Pasta", targeting one of those monsters and returning "Princess Pudding" and "Knight Pasta" to his hand to destroy one of the Summoned monsters. "Cheermole" and "Turn Toad" are destroyed and are sent to Yuya's Extra Deck. Yuya Sets a card.

Turn 7: Reed
Reed activates the effect of "Regal Recipes", Special Summoning a number of "Royal Cookpal" monsters from his hand less than or equal to the number of "Cookpal" monsters underneath "Food Cemetery", then inflict 300 damage to Yuya for each. There are five, so he Special Summons "Queen Omelette" (300/1200), "King Burger" (300/1300), "Knight Pasta" and "Princess Pudding", all in Attack Position (Yuya: 1700 → 500 LP). Reed activates the effects of "Knight Pasta", "Princess Pudding", "Queen Omelette" and "King Burger", each doubling the ATK of another "Royal Cookpal" monster he controls ("Prince Curry" 300 → 600 → 1200 → 2400 → 4800/1000) until the End Phase, but the former four cannot attack this turn. "Prince Curry" attacks directly, but Yuya activates his face-down "Wall of Disruption", decreasing the ATK of an attacking monster by the number of monsters its controller controls times 800 ("Prince Curry" 4800 → 800/1000). The attack continues, but Yuya finds and activates the Action Card "Energy Biscuits", increasing his LP by 500 (Yuya: 500 → 1000 → 200 LP).

Turn 8: Yuya
Yuya draws "Illusion Balloons". Yuya Pendulum Summons the Level 2 "Performapal Turn Toad", the Level 2"Performapal Trampolynx" (300/300), the Level 5 "Performapal Partnaga" (500/2100), the Level 2 "Performapal Cheermole" and the Level 7 "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" (2500/2000), all from his Extra Deck in Attack Position. Reed activates the effects of all five "Royal Cookpal" monsters, returning them to his hand to destroy all of Yuya's monsters, but they are sent to the Extra Deck as they are Pendulum Monsters. As monsters he controls were destroyed, Yuya activates the Quick-Play Spell Card "Illusion Balloons", excavating an equal number of cards and Special Summoning the "Performapal" monster amongst them with the highest Level, if any, then shuffling the remaining cards back into the Deck. Yuya excavates the Quick-Play Spell Card "Hippo Carnival", Level 3 "Performapal Hip Hippo", the Trap Card "Command Performance", the Level 3 "Performapal Friendonkey" and the Level 6 "Performapal Elephammer". Yuya Special Summons "Performapal Elephammer" in Attack Position (2600/1800). "Elephammer" attacks Reed directly (Reed: 2300 → 0 LP).

Sora Perse vs. Unknown Duelist[edit]

Duel already in progress. Sora controls "Frightfur Bear" (2200/1800) in Attack Position, while his opponent controls no cards and has 200 LP remaining.

Sora's turn
"Frightfur Bear" attacks Sora's opponent directly (Opponent: 200 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • The distinction between the "Cookpal" monsters and "Royal Cookpal" monsters in this episode is shown by the two sets being Levels 1-5 and 6-10, respectively. This is visualized by "Regal Recipes" showing each "Cookpal" being used to Summon the "Royal Cookpal" that is 5 Levels higher (though "Prince Curry" and "Knight Pasta" are switched since "Prince Curry" takes center stage).

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
French La cuisine infernale - partie 2
German Das Festmahl (2)
Italian Duello culinario (seconda parte)
Korean 진수성찬!! 포만감 효과!
Thai จัดแบบชุดใหญ่ ให้อิ่มกันทุกคน


Japanese character name Japanese voice actor English character name English voice actor
Yuya Sakaki Kensho Ono Yuya Sakaki Michael Liscio Jr.
Sora Shiun'in Mie Sonozaki Sora Perse Eileen Stevens
Yuzu Hiragi Yuna Inamura Zuzu Boyle Emily Jenness
Michio Mokota Yasuaki Takumi Reed Pepper Jason Anthony Griffith
Ayu Ayukawa Satomi Akesaka Ally Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Tatsuya Yamashiro Nanami Shinde Tate
Futoshi Harada Kyouko Chikiri Frederick
Noburo Gongenzaka Youhei Oobayashi Gong Strong Billy Bob Thompson
Yoko Sakaki Ryoko Yui Yoko Sakaki Saskia Maarleveld
Nico Smiley Hajime Iijima Nico Smiley