Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 032

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 032
At the show's climax, both Yuya and Sylvio dive for Action Cards.

熱戦! エンタメデュエルショー!!


Nessen! Entame Dyueru Shō!!

Japanese translation

White-Hot Battle! Entertainment Duel Show!!


Episode number


Japanese air date

November 16, 2014

English air date

December 13, 2015

French air date

October 6, 2015

German air date

February 19, 2016

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending

Future fighter!

English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Hirota Mitsutaka

Animation director

Yuya Kawamura

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"The Pendulum Swings Both Ways: Part 2", known as "White-Hot Battle! Entertainment Duel Show!!" in the Japanese version, is the thirty-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on November 16, 2014 and in Australia on December 13, 2015. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on November 29, 2016.

The Duel between Yuya and Sylvio, who is thirsty for revenge, continues. Yuya is facing a tough battle with his Pendulum Summons sealed away. Even though he attempts to drive Sylvio to a corner with his new methods, on the other hand an all-out attack against him begins...!?


Sylvio and his "Yosenju" monsters.

Yuya runs up the hill around the "Sunset Stronghold", as Nico Smiley calls the events truly earth-shaking. While rumor had it that only Yuya could Pendulum Summon, Sylvio has successfully executed the Summon. And with no cards in his hand and his own cards returned to his Deck by the "Yosen Lost Tornado" combo, just what will Yuya do? One of the boys in the crowd admits that he only came to see a Pendulum Summon, but this is turning out to be amazing. His friend replies that he never thought that the both of them would be Pendulum Summoning. Zuzu, Gong and the kids shout encouragement at Yuya, while Shay watches from the sidelines. Sylvio, meanwhile, commends Yuya for not giving up and looking for hope in Action Cards, but all that remains for him is despair. He draws as Yuya bounds across boards supported by ropes. Sylvio Summons "Yosenju Kama 1" from his hand, and then with its successful Summon he Summons "Yosenju Kama 2" from his hand. Then, with the effect of "Kama 2", he Summons "Yosenju Kama 3". This activates the effect of "Yosen Training Grounds", which gains a "Yosen Counter" for every "Yosenju" monster that is Normal or Special Summoned. He comments that while Yuya has been running around looking for Action Cards, Sylvio has everything Set up. Yuya runs into a section of the ruined castle itself, looping around a hole in the floor as he looks for Action Cards. Sylvio smirks, thinking that he knows what Yuya is up to; Yuya is trying to bluff him with his two Set cards, but that isn't happening. He can't return face-down cards with the effect of "Kama 1", but instead activates the Pendulum Effect of "Yosenju Shinchu R", which increases its Pendulum Scale from 5 to 11 when there is another "Yosenju" card in his other Pendulum Zone. With this, Sylvio is able to Summon multiple monsters from Levels 4 to 10, and as the crowd cheer and Yuya runs up the castle stairs, Sylvio declares a Pendulum Summon. The portal opens and disgorges the tornado as Sylvio chants "O wind-clad chief of phantoms! Gouge these lands with your raging cloak! Come forth, Mayosenju Daibak!" This lights another "Yosen Counter" on "Yosen Training Grounds". Zuzu wonders what Yuya is going to do, but then Sylvio reveals that the effect of "Daibak" works even on Set cards. Skip realizes in horror that Sylvio is going to wipe Yuya's field as Sylvio activates the effect of "Daibak", returning two cards on Yuya's field to his hand, then using the effect of "Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village" to send them to the Deck instead. Sylvio comments that it's too bad that Yuya's precious backrow was wasted, and declares that it's "the end".

Yuya replies that that's fine, somersaulting out of a hole to land on the castle's roof. He holds up a Trap Card, "Amnesia", which when it's removed from the field changes the names of all of his opponent's cards to "Amnesia". Sylvio gasps in shock as light strikes his cards, changing their names. Sylvio gasps furiously that Yuya was trying to do this from the start, and Yuya replies that "Yosenju" monsters aren't affected by "Dizzying Wind," but now... Zuzu and Tate realize that, as Sora confirms, since they aren't treated as "Yosenju" monsters any more, they'll return to the Deck instead of the hand during the End Phase. Sylvio almost loses his temper, but he manages to calm himself down and admits that Yuya isn't half bad. Yuya replies that it was only because he was able to use Sylvio's card effects against him. Sylvio laughs, asking if Yuya really thinks that he'll survive until the end of the turn? Sylvio will end this Duel before then. He leaps into the air, and "Daibak" blasts a tornado from its horn that provides a platform for Sylvio to land, and then jump again to land on "Daibak's" shoulder. He declares his Battle Phase, attacking directly with "Daibak" and ordering his other "Yosenju" monsters to follow him. Nico narrates the attack, likening it to a daredevil laying waste to a castle as "Daibak" and the "Kama" brothers devastate the gate of the stronghold before leaping into the air. Yuya dons his goggles and backflips into the hole that he leapt out of, refusing to let the Duel end here. Sylvio yells that it's the end and "Daibak" attacks, sending a tornado towards the building and ripping into the foundations. Zuzu and Gong cry Yuya's name, and then the building collapses. Zuzu screams "No!" in absolute horror, and both the kids and Yoko look dejected, while the LID students watch impassively. Sylvio laughs, telling Yuya that he's lost.

Then someone snaps their fingers. Zuzu looks up as Nico asks who that is they see over there. Skip and Gong cheer as Nico declares that it's Yuya, who stands unharmed in a spotlight. Zuzu gasps his name in joy and the kids cheer. Sylvio protests that he should have landed his direct attack. Yuya smiles, and asks if Sylvio thought that Yuya would be running around without a plan. Kit muses that Yuya got an Action Card at the last second, which impresses Julia. Dipper comments that Yuya baited the attack of "Daibak" while knowing where the Action Card was, as a flashback shows Yuya snagging the card on his way down. The Action Card was "Big Escape", which ended the Battle Phase. A girl in the crowd gasps that Yuya is like an escape artist, and another spectator congratulates him. Yuya bows to the crowd, and Sylvio gets stroppy, protesting that Yuya isn't the one who's supposed to excite the crowd. Yuya snaps back that this is his Dueling style, and Sylvio retorts that he'll be the one getting the cheers in the end. He activates the effect of "Training Grounds", removing three "Yosen Counters" to add a "Yosenju" from his Deck to his hand. He adds another "Kama 3" to his hand and then ends his turn. Yuya asks if, now that Sylvio's turn has ended, he can ask Sylvio's monsters to leave the stage. "Daibak" dissipates in a whirlwind that lowers Sylvio to the ground, and then the "Kama" brothers retreat as well. Sylvio explains that "Yosen Whirlwind" is destroyed during the End Phase since a "Yosenju" monster did no return to his hand. In addition, the Pendulum Scale of "Shinchu R" returns to normal. Nico reminds the crowd that "Dizzying Winds" will return the monsters to the Deck instead of to the hand as Sylvio slides the cards into his Duel Disk. Yuya comments that it looks like both of their fields have gotten pretty lonely. Sylvio grins, reassuring Yuya that he'll be making it lively again as soon as his next turn comes around, during the main event in which Yuya will taste defeat. Yuya replies that he doesn't plan on losing either as he put his goggles on his forehead.

Yuya declares his turn, and he cheers his draw. Since neither of them controls any monsters, he Special Summons "Performapal Drummerilla" from his hand and reduces its Level by 1. Declaring battle, he leaps onto "Drummerilla's" back and attacks directly. Muttering that Yuya is going to attack and refusing to back down, Sylvio looks at his hand, containing the "Kama 3" and "Yosenju Oyam" that he added to it earlier, along with another "Oyam". He discards one of the "Oyam" to Special Summon the other, and the giant pillar towers over the stronghold. Sylvio reminds Yuya both that he lights one "Yosen Counter" and that the ATK of "Oyam" is the same as that of the original ATK of the monster that it battles as the ATK of "Oyam" becomes 1600. Yuya activates the effect of "Drummerilla" in response, increasing the ATK of a monster by 600 during the Battle Phase. The ATK of "Drummerilla" rises to 2200 and it pounds its chest to send out shockwaves that destroy "Oyam". As "Drummerilla" slides down the hill and comes to a halt, Yuya hops off "Drummerilla", the ATK of which returns to normal after the Battle Phase. Nico narrates the events, and one of the boys in the crowd cheers that Yuya is making a comeback. His friend wonders if Yuya will show them a Pendulum Summon, but Yuya ends his turn there, to the crowd's disappointment, though as one girl points out, Yuya's hand is empty.

Sylvio reassures the crowd that he'll show them an alluring Pendulum Summon. He declares his turn and draws, then he uses the effect of "Training Grounds" to add "Mayosenju Daibak" from his Deck to his hand, as Nico covers. The crowd get excited and begin cheering for a Pendulum Summon. Basking in the cheers, Sylvio encourages the crowd to cheer even more. He snaps his fingers, and explains that his Pendulum Scale is currently set to 3 and 5, so he's allowed to Summon Level 4 monsters. Dipper is surprised to see that Sylvio isn't raising the Scale of "Shinchu R", and Julia wonders if Sylvio isn't going to Summon "Daibak". Sylvio chants, "Pendulum Summon! Come forth, wind slicing blades!" as he brings out "Yosenju Kama 1" and "Yosenju Kama 3". He explains that it's a single Summon, so "Training Grounds" only gains one Yosen Counter". Yuya turns and runs for an Action Card even as Sylvio comments that he'll have that eyesore of a "Performapal" disappear and activates the effect of "Kama 1"; allowing him to return a face-up card that Yuya controls to his hand while he controls another "Yosenju" monster. "Kama 1" sends out a slice of razor wind as Sylvio explains the effect, but Yuya snatches the Action Card and activates it just in time, "Invisibility", which rends one of his monsters immune to his opponent's card effects this turn. Shining gold and fading, "Drummerilla" dodges the razor wind, which destroys the structure behind Yuya. Sylvio throws another tantrum, yelling at Yuya not to disappear like that, and Ally and Frederick point out that Sylvio was the one who said "disappear" in the first place. Nico explains that Yuya was able to survive, but he cut off his escape route.

Sylvio snaps that he still has other options, and he Tributes both "Kama 1" and "Kama 3" to Tribute Summon "Daibak". "Daibak" manifests on the field as Nico announces its arrival. Sylvio lights one "Yosen Counter". Both Julia and Kit are surprised to see Sylvio Tribute Summon "Daibak" instead of Pendulum Summoning it. Sylvio asks why Yuya is smiling; doesn't he realize that he's about to lose? Yuya replies that he does, but the audience is excited. It's not just him, their unpredictable show is getting the crowd hyped. Yuya has found a new possibility, and that's why he can't help but enjoy this. Sylvio agrees that he can't help but enjoy this either; because he'll get to crush Yuya in front of a huge crowd like this. Yuya looks at Sylvio in pleased surprise, but tells him that the show still has more to come. Sylvio replies that right now is the climax and declares battle, attacking with "Daibak". Yuya activates the effect of "Drummerilla" again, allowing a monster to gain 600 ATK during the Battle Phase. "Drummerilla" rises to 2200 ATK as "Daibak" blasts a tornado at it, destroying it and reducing Yuya to 1400 LP. Yuya sends the destroyed "Drummerilla" to his Extra Deck. Nico narrates the twist and the crowd cheer for the fight. Zuzu observes that she feels like Yuya has evolved again in this Duel. Gong agrees that Sylvio is doing pretty well too. Sylvio ends his turn, and explains that the Tribute Summoned "Daibak" will remain on the field. Dipper explains that "Daibak" will return to the hand if it is Special Summoned, so to avoid that, Sylvio Tribute Summoned it. Julia comments that it looks like Sylvio is making the right strategic decisions, and Kit comments that on top of that, Sylvio is having quite a bit of fun. The three of them pause, and comment, "Even though it's Sylvio..." while frowning. Meanwhile, the crowd wonder whether Yuya will show them a Pendulum Summon this turn. They begin cheering "Pendulum" over and over again, and Sylvio tells Yuya that the entire stadium is cheering on their Duel. He reminds Yuya that it's his turn, and he'd better answer to them. Yuya says Sylvio's name in pleased surprise again.

A spotlight snaps on, and Yuya calls, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Zuzu gasps Yuya's name in surprise, and Yuya explains that as they can see, his field is completely absent of Set cards, let alone monsters. This next draw will be betting the entire stage on a "Destiny Draw". If Yuya manages to draw something, he wants the audience to cheer. The kids nod, and Yuya draws in an arc, turning the card to reveal it to be "Magician Manipulation". He declares that right now, he'll show them the most amazing magic show that they'll see in this world, and activates the Spell Card "Magician Manipulation", which can only be activated while he has no cards on his field and only "Magician's Card" in his hand. He can draw as many cards as his opponent controls, and then reveal them, but all cards he controls will be banished during the End Phase. Since Sylvio controls five cards, Yuya draws five cards, and he reveals them to be "Performapal Skeeter Skimmer", "Performapal Trump Witch", "Timegazer Magician", "Performapal Turn Toad" and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". Zuzu exclaims that Yuya drew "Odd-Eyes", and the kids cheer for Yuya. Yuya Sets the Pendulum Scale with the Scale 4 "Performapal Trump Witch" and the Scale 8 "Timegazer Magician". As the Pendulum Monsters materialize in their Pendulum Zones, Nico declares that Yuya's original Pendulum Summon is coming, and Yuya explains that now he can Summon multiple monsters from Levels 5 to 7. He chants, "Swing, pendulum of the soul! Draw an arc of light across the aether! Pendulum Summon! Come, my monsters!" First he Pendulum Summons "Performapal Drummerilla", as well as "with your heroic and dichromatic eyes, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" Nico declares that both players' ace monsters are out and facing off. Sylvio declares that it's time to end this, and Yuya agrees, declaring his Battle Phase and attacking with "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". As "Odd-Eyes" tramples its way down the path, Sylvio laughs that Yuya doesn't have enough ATK, and Yuya responds by activating the effect of "Drummerilla", increasing the ATK of "Odd-Eyes" by 600 during the Battle Phase. "Odd-Eyes" rises to 3100 ATK and deals a physical blow to "Daibak" and Yuya declares the effect of "Odd-Eyes" to double battle damage with a Level 5 or higher monster. Sylvio responds with the Pendulum Effect of "Yosenju Shinchi L", which he can destroy in place of another "Yosenju" monster. "Shinchu L" explodes into dust as the backlash washes over Sylvio and reduces him to 1200 LP. The crowd cheer, not even caring which of the pair wins now and encouraging them both. Sylvio comments that this is fun, isn't it? Yuya agrees, but claims that the fun has only just begun.

He activates the Pendulum Effect of "Performapal Trump Witch". Once per turn, he can perform a Fusion Summon during the Main Phase or the Battle Phase using materials on his field. Sylvio gasps in shock and in the stands, Ootomo and Yamabe are shocked at the move, and Kakimoto asks if that's even possible. "Trump Witch" blasts suits symbols from her staff at the two monsters on the field, and Yuya chants, "Chest pounding sage of the forest! Become one with the dragon of mystery and form a new power! Fusion Summon! Come forth, ferocious dragon with luminous feral eyes! Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!" A readout out with the words "Pendulum Fusion" appears in the Leo Corporation control room, and Claude expresses shock that the use of a Pendulum Monster in a Fusion Summon. Declan is pleasantly surprised to see that Yuya has evolved this far already. Nico declares that it's a clash of high-Level monsters, both with 3000 ATK. Perched atop the head of "Beast-Eyes", Yuya orders it to attack "Mayosenju Daibak", and "Beast-Eyes" rampages towards the Beast. Sylvio rushes forwards, and Yuya leaps off "Beast-Eyes", both of them leaping for Action Cards hidden under roof tiles that have slid aside. "Beast-Eyes" launches a burst of flames and "Daibak" blasts a tornado from its horn. Each Duelist grabs a card as the attacks hit home and both monsters vanish behind clouds of smoke. As Yuya's friends watch, holding their breath, Sylvio activates the Action Card, "Burning Barrel", which will inflict damage equal to half the ATK of a monster destroyed in battle. The card produces a cylinder that blasts a fireball at Yuya, who has landed on a roof.

Yuya and Sylvio wave to the crowd.

Suddenly, the flames are caught by a tarp held by toonish hands and catapulted into the air, exploding as fireworks in the sky. Sylvio gasps in shock as the crowd express admiration, and Nico exclaims that Yuya has turned the damaging flame into a huge firework; this is truly entertainment. Yuya explains that due to the Action Card "Miracle" preventing the destruction of "Beast-Eyes", Sylvio's card resolved without a target. Sylvio curses Yuya as "Beast-Eyes" emerges from the smoke, and then Yuya activates the effect of "Beast-Eyes"; when it destroys a monster in battle, it can inflict damage equal to the ATK of its Beast-Type Fusion Material. The ATK of "Drummerilla" is 1600, so this will end it. "Beast-Eyes" blasts an energy surge and Sylvio and knocks him flat on his back, reducing his LP to zero. Nico declares that they have a winner; the winner for the second match is Yuya Sakaki. Sylvio sits up with a grunt, and Yuya offers him his hand with a smile. Sylvio slaps the hand aside and gets up himself, but is surprised when he hears the crowd cheering and clapping the both of them. Yuya laughs that the crowd are excited, and he waves to them while Sylvio bows. Sylvio graciously tells Yuya that he'll face him any time, and Yuya agrees. As Sylvio waves to the crowd, Yuya sees his father's image in the sky, musing on the idea of a Duel that everyone can enjoy, and wondering if he's come closer to his father.

In the Leo Corporation observation room, Declan looks at a screen displaying "Yosenju Shinchu L", "Mayosenju Daibak", and "Yosenju Shinchu R", then he orders the retrieval of Sylvio's Pendulum Cards for analysis and mass-production. Claude moves to comply, and Declan looks at the screen with a determined expression.

Featured Duel: Yuya Sakaki vs. Sylvio Sawatari[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuya Sakaki has 2200 LP and controls 2 Set cards in his Spell & Trap Zones. Sylvio Sawatari has 2000 LP and controls "Yosen Training Grounds" (with 2 Yosen Counters), "Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village", and "Yosen Whirlwind" in his Spell & Trap Zones, as well as "Yosenju Shinchu L" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 3) and "Yosenju Shinchu R" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 5) in his Pendulum Zones.

Turn 6: Sylvio
Sylvio Normal Summons "Yosenju Kama 1" (1600/500). As it was Normal Summoned, he activates its effect, which lets him Normal Summon another "Yosenju" monster, except "Kama 1". He Normal Summons "Yosenju Kama 2" (1800/200). As it was Normal Summoned, he activates its effect, which also lets him Normal Summon another "Yosenju" monster, except "Kama 2". He Normal Summons "Yosenju Kama 3" (1500/800). As three "Yosenju" monsters were Summoned, "Yosen Training Grounds" gains three Yosen Counters via its own effect (Yosen Counter 2 → 5). Sylvio then activates the Pendulum effect of "Yosenju Shinchu R", since he has a "Yosenju" card in his other Pendulum Zone; he increases its Pendulum Scale to 11 ("Shinchu R": Left Pendulum Scale.png 5 → 11) until the End Phase, though he can only Special Summon "Yosenju" monsters this turn. Silvio Pendulum Summons "Mayosenju Daibak" from his hand in Attack Position (3000/300) (Yosen Counter 5 → 6). Sylvio activates the effect of "Daibak", letting him return up to two cards on the field to their owner's hand. He targets Yuya's two Set cards and because he controls "Daibak", the effect of "Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village" returns the cards to Yuya's Deck instead as they are not "Yosenju" monsters. One of Yuya's Set cards was "Amnesia", which activates when it leaves the field. It changes the card names of all cards Sylvio controls to "Amnesia" until the End Phase. "Daibak" attacks directly, but Yuya finds and activates the Action Card, "Big Escape", which ends the Battle Phase. Sylvio activates the effect of "Yosen Training Grounds", removing three Yosen Counters (Yosen Counter 6 → 3) to add a "Yosenju" monster from his Deck to his hand. He adds a second copy of "Kama 3". During the End Phase, the effects of all four "Yosenju" monsters return themselves to the hand. However, since they have no names this turn, the effect of "Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village" returns them to the Deck instead. In addition, "Yosen Whirlwind" cannot activate and since a "Yosenju" monster was not returned to the hand this turn, the second effect of "Yosen Whirlwind" destroys it.

Turn 7: Yuya
As neither player controls a monster, Yuya Special Summons "Performapal Drummerilla" (1600/900) from his hand in Attack Position via its own effect by reducing its Level by 1 (Level 5 → 4). "Drummerilla" attacks directly, but Sylvio activates the effect of the "Yosenju Oyam" in his hand as a direct attack was declared. He may send another "Yosenju" monster in his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon it. He sends a second copy of "Oyam" to Special Summon the first (?/?) (Yosen Counter 3 → 4). Its ATK and DEF become equal to to the ATK of the monster it is battling (? → 1600/? → 1600). As a monster he controls is battling, Yuya activates the effect of "Drummerilla", increasing the ATK of his monster by 600 until the end of the Battle Phase ("Drummerilla" 1600 → 2200). "Drummerilla" attacks and destroys "Oyam" (Sylvio 2000 → 1400).

Turn 8: Sylvio
Sylvio activates the effect of "Yosen Training Grounds", removing three Yosen Counters (Yosen Counter 4 → 1) to add "Mayosenju Daibak" from his Deck to his hand. Sylvio Pendulum Summons "Kama 3" and "Kama 1" from his hand in Attack Position (Yosen Counter 1 → 2). Sylvio activates the effect of "Kama 1", letting him return a card his opponent controls to the hand. He targets "Drummerilla", but Yuya finds and activates the Action Card, "Invisibility", preventing "Drummerilla" from being targeted by his opponent's card effects this turn. Sylvio Tributes "Kama 3" and "Kama 1" to Tribute Summon "Daibak"(Yosen Counter 2 → 3). "Daibak" attacks "Drummerilla", but Yuya activates the effect of "Drummerilla", increasing its ATK by 600 (1600 → 2200) until the End Phase. "Drummerilla" is destroyed (Yuya 2200 → 1400) and sent to the Extra Deck as it is a Pendulum Monster.

Turn 9: Yuya
Yuya draws and activates "Magician Manipulation". As it is the only card in his hand and he controls no other cards, he draws one card for each card his opponent controls. However, he must reveal them to his opponent and all cards he controls will be banished at the end of this turn. Yuya draws and reveals "Performapal Skeeter Skimmer", "Performapal Trump Witch", "Timegazer Magician", "Performapal Turn Toad" and "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". Yuya activates "Trump Witch" (Right Pendulum Scale.png 4) and "Timegazer Magician" (Left Pendulum Scale.png 8) in his Pendulum Zones. Yuya Pendulums Summons "Drummerilla" from his Extra Deck and "Odd-Eyes" (2500/2000) from his hand, both in Attack Position. "Odd-Eyes" attacks "Daibak", with Yuya activating the effect of "Drummerilla", increasing the ATK of his battling monster by 600 until the End Phase ("Odd-Eyes" 2500 → 3100). Sylvio activates the Pendulum effect of "Yosenju Shinchu L" as a "Yosenju" monster he controls would be destroyed by battle. He can destroy "Shinchu L" instead, but the effect of "Odd-Eyes" still inflicts double the battle damage since "Daibak" is a Level 5 or higher monster (Sylvio 1400 → 1200). Yuya activates the Pendulum effect of "Trump Witch", letting him use monsters he controls as Fusion Material Monsters to Fusion Summon a Fusion Monster. He fuses "Odd-Eyes" with "Drummerilla" to Fusion Summon "Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" (3000/2000) in Attack Position. "Beast-Eyes" attacks "Daibak", which would destroy both monsters, with Yuya and Sylvio both finding and activating Action Cards. Sylvio activates the Action Card, "Burning Barrel" as a monster he controls destroyed an opponent's monster by battle. This lets him inflict damage to his opponent equal to half the ATK of the destroyed monster. Yuya activates the Action Card, "Miracle", preventing the destruction of a monster he controls by battle and halving the battle damage from battles involving it. Therefore, only "Daibak" is destroyed. As "Beast-Eyes" destroyed a monster by battle, its effect activates, inflicting damage to Sylvio equal to the original ATK of the Beast-Type monster used as its Fusion Material, meaning 1600 (Sylvio 1200 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title Notes
English The Pendulum Swings Both Ways (part 2) In Australia
French Le pendule se balance des deux côtés - Partie 2
German Das Pendel schwingt in beide Richtungen (2)
Italian Avversari alla pari (seconda parte)
Korean 열전! 엔터테인먼트 듀얼 쇼!!
Thai ศึกเดือด เอ็นเตอร์เทนดูเอลโชว์