Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 034

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Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Episode 034
"Frightfur Leo" attacks Shay's "Rise Falcon".



Ketsugō Majū VS Shinka-suru Hayabusa

Japanese translation

The Merged Demonic-Beast VS The Evolving Falcon


Making the Cut: Part 2

Episode number


Japanese air date

November 30, 2014

English air date

December 20, 2015

French air date

October 8, 2015

German air date

February 26, 2016

Gallery Japanese
Japanese opening


English opening

Can you Feel the Power

Japanese ending

Future fighter!

English ending

Can you Feel the Power


Kamishiro Tsutomu

Animation director

Hidekazu Ebina

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"Making the Cut: Part 2", known as "The Merged Demonic-Beast VS The Evolving Falcon" in the Japanese version, is the thirty-fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. It first aired in Japan on November 30, 2014 and in Australia on December 20, 2015. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on November 29, 2016.

Sora's monsters are all destroyed by Shay's "Raidraptor". Even though he Summoned an all new Fusion Monster, Shay's strategies are still one step ahead of him. As each of his monsters are destroyed consecutively, Sora starts to look more and more anxious... Eventually Sora reveals his true abilities, something which Yuya and the gang have never seen before. And his true self is!?


Frederick recaps that after Yuya's shivers-filled Duel, Sora's Duel began. Ally explains that Sora's opponent is that Shay Obsidian guy from LID. Yuya wonders why, if Shay is the culprit of the serial attacks on LID, he is working with them now. The attack of "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon" is shown again, and Sora's vow that he'll have to go all out for a bit against Shay.

Shay and "Rise Falcon" dodge Sora's attacks.

Nico Smiley explains that Sora's monsters were completely wiped out by Shay's attack, and wonders how Sora will mount his counterattack. The score stands at Sora with 3400 LP, Shay with 3100; Sora has two cards in his hand, while Shay has one, in addition to the "Rise Falcon" on his field. Sora declares his turn and draws. He Summons "Edge Imp Saw" from his hand, and then activates the effect of his new monster; he can send a "Fluffal" monster from his hand to the Graveyard, and then draw two cards. Discarding the "Fluffal Sheep" that he returned to his hand, he draws "Edge Imp Chain" and "Fusion Conscription", the latter of which he immediately activates to call a Fusion Material Monster from his Deck to his hand. He adds "Fluffal Leo" to his hand and he smirks, thinking that now all of the preparations are complete. Turning to the crowd, Sora calls for their attention, asking to make sure that the spotlight is only on him. As the spotlights snap on, Sora calls, "The fun has just begun!" Nico asks what this is, it's another of Yuya Sakaki's famous catchphrases. Yuya sighs in exasperation again, and Yoko comments again that Sora really does like Yuya. Sora activates the Continuous Spell Card "Frightfur Factory", which, by banishing a "Polymerization" card from his Graveyard, allows him to use monsters in his hand and on his field to Fusion Summon a "Frightfur" Fusion Monster. Banishing "Polymerization from his Graveyard, he declares that he's going to fuse the "Edge Imp Saw" on his field with the "Fluffal Leo" in his hand. As "Fluffal Leo" hops onto the field, the kids in the crowd are enamored by "Mr. Lion's" cuteness. Fusing the two monsters, Sora chants, "Steel blades possessed by demons! Become one with the fanged beast, and reveal a new form! Fusion Summon! Show yourself! King of beasts that tears everything to pieces! Frighfur Leo!" The terrifying "Frightfur's" blades rip their way out of "Leo's" skin, and it laughs madly as it appears with 2400 ATK. The kids in the crowd are scared by the monstrous "Frightfur" and they immediately start crying. Shay looks around "Neo Heartland City" and immediately turns and flees. Nico comments that the tides have turned on Shay, and Sora laughs, asking Shay what this is, is he scared? Shay leaps into the air to grab one of "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon's" talons, and the Winged Beast swoops into the air with a screech. Sora muses to himself that Shay can't escape, and he activates the effect of "Frightfur Leo", allowing him to destroy one monster that his opponent controls and inflict damage equal to its ATK. "Leo" blasts the six blades that make up most of its mane into the air, glowing with energy, and they swarm after Shay and "Rise Falcon", who dodge through the buildings, flying around a particularly tall tower.

Shay activates "Mirror Barrier".

Spotting something shining, Shay leaps from his monster and snatches up the Action Card, "Mirror Barrier". It negates a card effect that would destroy a card. "Rise Falcon" swoops under Shay to catch him, and a Sphere Field forms around them, blocking the blades. Sora gasps, and mirrored slabs seal "Frightfur Leo" into a makeshift cage, where it shrieks angrily. Frederick curses that Shay even knows how to use Action Cards, and Ally gasps that Shay wasn't just running away. In the Leo Corporation control room, Claude observes that just before, Shay used "Raidraptor - Return" and has now used "Mirror Barrier". He seems to be skilled in the use of Spell and Trap Cards. Declan explains that those are skills that must have been polished in actual combat, when Shay fought for the Resistance. Sora orders "Leo" to break its prison down, and the "Frightfur" gleefully rips the slabs apart with its claws and blades. Nico protests at the unnecessary destruction, even if it is only Solid Vision, and Sora mockingly apologizes, explaining that cats don't like being out of the spotlight. Nico is surprised by the statement as "Leo" bursts out of its cage and looks up at "Rise Falcon". Sora thinks that thanks to that, he finally found one; an opponent that he should destroy. Shay grits his teeth as Sora comments that Shay did well trying to protect "Rise Falcon" with Action Cards, but it's too bad; he can't run away from the king of beasts that tears everything to pieces. He'll take some big damage when his 100 ATK "Rise Falcon" gets taken out by the 2400 ATK "Leo", won't he?

Sora throws a tantrum.

Ordering his Battle Phase, Sora attacks "Rise Falcon" with "Frightfur Leo". "Leo" leaps into the air with its claws ready to slice into "Rise Falcon", and Shay activates a Trap Card, "Adversity". When a monster he controls is attacked by a monster with higher ATK, Shay takes no damage and his monster is not destroyed, and the ATK of his monster is increased by 1000. The attack knocks "Rise Falcon" backwards, Shay clinging on for dear life as it increases to 1100 ATK. Sora gasps in shock as Nico explains the move to the crowd. Angrily, Sora stamps his feet as he throws a tantrum, cursing and vowing that he'll get Shay's monster next turn. He sulkily ends his turn. Yuya is shocked, since Sora is usually so laid back, and Zuzu claims that she's never seen him so angry before. Skip reassures Sora, telling him to keep his heart burning, but his head cool, he only needs a fire in his heart. Sora reassures them that he's not really letting it get to him and is just having fun. But as soon as he turns away, he loses his smile and gets a determined look on his face.

"Rise Falcon" attacks.

Shay draws, and then activates the monster effect of "Rise Falcon"; by using one Overlay Unit, it can gain ATK equal to the total ATK of all Special Summoned monsters that Sora controls. The Overlay Unit explodes in front of "Leo", causing it to exude purple energy that "Rise Falcon" absorbs, increasing it to 3500 ATK. Shay declares battle, attacking "Leo" with "Rise Falcon". "Rise Falcon" blasts a sonic screech at "Leo", and Sora snaps that it's not happening, leaping and snagging an Action Card from a tree branch, "Evasion". Shay replies that it's pointless, activating the Counter Trap Card "Raptor's Storm", which, when Shay controls a "Raidraptor" monster, allows him to negate the activation of an opponent's Spell or Trap Card and then destroy it. Sora gasps in shock and then the attack hits, destroying "Leo". Sora screams as the attack blasts him backwards, reducing him to 2300 LP. Yuya and Zuzu gasp their friend's name. Shay Sets two cards and ends his turn. Yuya asks Sora if he's okay, but Sora ignores him, snarling that Shay is really getting on his nerves now, having destroyed his monsters so many times. Taking out another lollipop, Sora tells Shay "No more Mr. Nice Guy!", claiming that this time he's really going all out, and he puts the candy in his mouth.

"Rise Falcon" futilely attempts to dodge the attack of "Frightfur Sheep".

Sora declares his turn and draws. He activates the Spell Card, "Suture Rebirth" to Special Summon a "Fluffal" monster from his Graveyard, reviving "Fluffal Sheep". Then he banishes "Fusion Conscription" from his Graveyard to activate the effect of "Frightfur Factory", fusing "Fluffal Sheep" with the "Edge Imp Chain" in his hand. The monsters swirl together and Sora chants, "Fusion Summon! Show yourself! Beast of chains that binds everything! Frightfur Sheep!" He explains that when "Sheep" attacks, his opponent can't activate any Spell or Trap cards, commenting that now that little specialty of Shay's has been sealed. Declan wonders to himself if that will really work. Entering his Battle Phase, Sora attacks "Rise Falcon" with "Sheep". "Sheep" blasts a laser beam into the air, and "Rise Falcon" dodges, but it can't escape, finally skimming past the ground and climbing into the sky to be destroyed. Ally cheers that Sora did it, and Tate comments that Shay really does have no outs if his Spell and Trap Cards are sealed. Frederick points out that it's expected of Sora, and gets his shivers. Shay, meanwhile, plummets head first, his LP falling to 2200. He rights himself and kicks off buildings to slow himself down, then rolls across the ground to lower his momentum. Getting up and dusting off his collar, Shay comments that with that, Sora's monster's attack is done, so that effect has ended as well. Gasping in shock, Sora asks Shay what he just said.

"Rise Falcon" being revived in order to perform a Rank-Up Xyz Evolution.

Shay activates a Quick-Play Spell Card - "Rank-Up-Magic Raptor's Force". He Special Summons the destroyed "Rise Falcon" and makes it Rank-Up to a "Raidraptor" monster that is one Rank higher. Sora panics, asking Shay what he just said, and his friends are similarly speechless. "Rise Falcon's" energy form disappears into the roiling clouds, as Shay chants, "Ferocious falcon. Break through this fierce battle and spread your wings, destroy our gathering foes! Rank-Up Xyz Evolution! Appear now! Rank 5! Raidraptor - Blaze Falcon!" The Xyz Monster spreads its wings and screeches as Sora looks at the monster in shock.

"Blaze Falcon" on Declan's screen.

Nico asks what this is; Shay's supposedly destroyed Xyz Monster has been reborn with its Rank increased. Even Declan is shocked to see a Rank-Up, and Sora is still silent out of shock. Dipper is excited, having never learned that kind of Xyz Summoning at school. Julia comments that Shay is on a different level to Dipper, but Kit corrects her that Shay is on a different rank. Sora smiles and begins to laugh, complimenting Shay as quite the entertainer himself and stating that the audience is loving it. Shay just glares at Sora as Sora continues that he's so excited and having so much fun that he can't contain himself. He ends his turn, asking Shay if he would let Sora enjoy this even more. "Enjoy?" Shay asks. What Sora will experience now is the agony of death and defeat. He declares his turn and draws, then he activates the effect of "Blaze Falcon", detaching an Overlay Unit to destroy all Special Summoned monsters his opponent controls and inflict 500 damage for each. "Blaze Falcon" disgorges several attachments from its wings that blast green laser beams at Sora's monster as Nico excitedly describes it as a ruthless card effect. Sora activates a Trap Card, "Frightfur Defender", which prevents his monster's destruction and increases its ATK by 800. The disks attached to "Sheep" spark and shield forms around "Sheep" as it rises to 2800 ATK, and Shay grits his teeth as the deflected laser beams explode around him. Nico narrates the move and Gong congratulates Sora's reactions, but the kids in the crowd, including the You Show Trio, are scared at the progressing destruction of Heartland City, which is in flames (in the dub, the flames are recolored from red to pink). Shay continues with his attack, explaining that "Blaze Falcon" can attack his opponent directly. Sora flees as Nico exclaims that he's in a pinch, but is unable to avoid the attack, with knocks him into a building and reduces him to 1300 LP. The impact leaves a large crater in the building and it cracks in half and begins to fall. Nico and Yuya yell at Sora to warn him, and Sora looks up in shock to see the building plummeting towards him.

Sora leaps into the debris.

Leaping into the air, Sora quickly vaults from pieces of debris even as they fall to get out of the fall zone, impressing and shocking both Yoko and Skip. Sora lands with a sneer on his face as the building crashes to the ground behind him, while Yuya and Zuzu watch in shock. Shay explains that when "Blaze Falcon" inflicts damage from a direct attack, it can destroy one of his opponent's monsters. Panels open on "Blaze Falcon" and it blasts several gas-powered missiles at "Frightfur Sheep". Sora snaps that he won't let him, and he snatches up a nearby Action Card, "Mirror Barrier", to negate a card effect that would destroy a card. Another Sphere Field forms around "Sheep", and the missiles crash into it. Nico explains the move to the crowd as the same one that Shay used before. Shay opens another Trap Card, "Raptor's Gust", which when he controls a "Raidraptor" monster negates the activation of an opponent's Spell Card and destroys it. The Sphere Field shatters and the still bombarding missiles hit, destroying "Sheep". Nico calls it another turnover, and Kit cheers that Shay finally ended "Sheep", and Dipper expresses his admiration at Shay's Dueling for having a Trap Card already set up. Nico comments that if they beat you, you beat them back, and this clashing of blows has gotten him so excited. But Yuya isn't excited at all, realizing that the Duel is almost like a battlefield.

Down below, Shay looks at the final card in his hand, which he Sets to end his turn. He asks Sora where that grin of his went. Sora is surprised, and clenches his fist angrily. Shay asks Sora if he sees now what it means to be hunted? Sora and those bastards always continued to laugh while they attacked his comrades. But they are no longer helpless prey to be hunted! Yuya is shocked, asking himself if Sora's people attacked Shay's.

Sora smiles nastily.

Sora smiles ferally, asking Shay if isn't getting carried away and tells him not to joke about it. Sora can win this Duel even while eating some candy. He holds up a large lollipop and bites it in half, chewing loudly and swallowing before claiming that it's just a game, and there's no need for him to get so serious; it's the same for his friends as well - they all hunted Shay and his people just for fun, because they are just prey for their "hunting games". Yuya repeats the words "prey" and "game", asking what Sora means, while the kids watch in shock.

"Blaze Falcon" is resurrected on Sora's field.

Sora declares his turn and he draws with a crazed look on his face, and then he activates the Spell Card "Frightfur Fusion". He can banish Fusion Materials from his Graveyard to Fusion Summon a "Frightfur" Fusion monster, and he banishes "Frightfur Bear", "Frightfur Leo", and "Frightfur Sheep" from his Graveyard, then as the monster forms, he chants, "Unusual plaything possessed by demons! Destroy and root out the plebeians who dare rebel against you! ("Fury of bear, lion of saws, sheep of chains; when the three come together, prepare for pain!" in the dub) FUSION SUMMON! Come forth and appear! The chimeric fusion of all toys! Frightfur Chimera!" As the horrifying monster towers over the city, the crowd cower from it in fear, while Shay watches impassively. Declaring battle, Sora attacks "Blaze Falcon" with "Chimera". "Chimera" launches a rocket from its bear head and "Blaze Falcon" and Shay flee as the rocket strikes, destroying "Blaze Falcon" and reducing Shay to 400 LP. Shay dives and rolls away from the impact as the ground explodes behind him. Sora explains that a monster destroyed in battle with "Chimera" is Special Summoned to his side of the field, and "Chimera" gains 300 ATK for each such monster that Sora controls. "Blaze Falcon" is revived on Sora's side of the field, and "Chimera" increases to 3100 ATK. Sora asks if Shay understands now that he can never hunt Sora, the ones that are hunted are always Shay and his group, now and forever more. Yuya asks in shock what Sora has been talking about this whole time, and Zuzu whispers Sora's name. Sora comments that he'll at least give Shay the honor of being finished off by his own monster; with a direct attack from the 1000 ATK "Blaze Falcon", Shay's last 400 LP will be-

Shay declares a second Rank-Up Xyz Evolution.

Ridiculous, Shay claims. "What?" Sora asks. Shay explains that the Resistance always fight prepared for the worst-case scenario. Outside the Leo Institute of Dueling, Yuto walks by, fully unmasked and he turns to see Shay speaking on the big screen, as Shay explains that they take into account the possibility that all of their comrades might be captured, which gives Zuzu pause but Shay vows that no matter what, they will always take back their comrades. The fierce expression of hatred in his eyes gives both Sora and Yuya pause. In the observation room, Declan leans over and grips Riley's shoulder. Swinging his arm, Shay activates another Quick-Play Spell Card; "Rank-Up-Magic Revolution Force". He takes control of an opponent's Xyz Monster, and makes it Rank-Up to a "Raidraptor" monster that is one Rank higher. Sora screams, "What?!" in shock as "Blaze Falcon" returns to Shay's field (and "Frightfur Chimera" returns to 2800 ATK) and then is enveloped in flames. As the new monster's turbines slot into place, Shay chants, "Prideful falcon. Spread your wings, dyed in the blood of heroes, and charge through the path of revolution! Rank-Up Xyz Evolution! Appear now! Rank 6! Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon!" Nico excitedly asks what this it, Shay's Xyz Monster has Ranked-Up even further. Declan tells Riley to watch closely for the sake of their future. Sora begins to laugh, commenting that Shay started talking about revolutions and nonsense, but his monster only has 2000 ATK. He laughs that Shay can't beat the 2800 ATK "Chimera" with just that. Oh, is that so? Shay asks. Sora flinches, but claims that Shay is bluffing and points out that Shay has no cards in his hand, nor Set cards as he looks around nervously. Yuya yells at Sora not to provoke Shay, because he's dangerous.

"Revolution Falcon" lays waste to the city.

Shay activates the monster effect of "Revolution Falcon". When it's Xyz Summoned by Ranking-Up a "Raidraptor" monster, he can destroy one Special Summoned monster his opponent controls, and inflict damage equal to half its ATK. Sora gasps, "What?!" again in horror as Shay orders the effect, and "Revolution Falcon" glides high into the air, opening its bay doors. Bombs fall from the Winged Beast as Shay tells Sora to burn and scatter in the flames of revolution. The bombs strike, and the explosions lay waste to "Neo Heartland City". Yuya screams at them to stop, protesting that this isn't Dueling. The Dueling that he believes in is supposed to make people happy... But his words go unheeded as "Frightfur Chimera" is surrounded by flames. Sora flees through the city, and spots an Action Card, diving for it. He prepares to activate it with a sneer, but is distracted by a falling building, and freezes in shock, simply kneeling there as the building crashes to the ground. Zuzu gasps and Yuya screams Sora's name.

Sora vainly requests another Duel before passing out.

The Action Field dissolves, leaving Sora battered and bruised as his LP falls to zero. Nico emerges from under his desk in fear, and sees the result, announcing Shay as the winner, but the crowd just sit there in stunned silence. Shay walks up to Sora and prepares to activate a function of his Duel Disk, but Declan contacts him over the Disk, warning Shay that that's enough, forbidding him from taken further action in the eyes of the public. He explains that Sora with be a useful test subject in experiments to understand Duel Academy. Shay turns and begins to leave silently, but Sora struggles up, telling Shay that this match isn't over. Shay looks at Sora over his shoulder as Sora protests that there's no way that he could lose, especially to "Xyz Scum". Shay ignores Sora's blathering and leaves. Sora screams at him to wait, not run away. He begs Shay to Duel him again, but finally passes out from the shock of his injuries. Yuya and Zuzu run down to the arena, but the security personnel hold them back as they yell Sora's name, even as Shay walks away.

Featured Duel: Sora Perse vs. Shay Obsidian[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Sora Perse has 3400 LP and controls 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone. Shay Obsidian has 3100 LP and controls "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon" (100/2000) in Attack Position, as well as 2 Set cards in his Spell & Trap Zones.

Turn 5: Sora
Sora Normal Summons "Edge Imp Saw" (500/1000). As it was Normal Summoned this turn, he activates its effect, which allows him to send a "Fluffal" monster from his hand to the Graveyard to draw two cards. Sora sends "Fluffal Sheep" and draws "Edge Imp Chain" and "Fusion Conscription". He then activates "Fusion Conscription", which allows him to reveal a Fusion Monster from his Extra Deck and add one of the Fusion Materials listed on that card from his Deck or Graveyard to his hand, but that monster cannot be Normal or Special Summoned. He adds "Fluffal Leo". Sora activates the Continuous Spell Card "Frightfur Factory", which allows him to banish a "Polymerization" card from his Graveyard and then Fusion Summon a "Frightfur" Fusion Monster from his Extra Deck by using monsters from his hand or his side of the field as Fusion Materials once per turn. He banishes "Polymerization" to fuse the "Edge Imp Saw" on his field with the "Fluffal Leo" in his hand to Fusion Summon "Frightfur Leo" (2400/2000) in Attack Position. He activates the effect of "Leo", which lets him destroy an opponent's monster and inflict damage to his opponent equal to the destroyed monster's ATK. Shay finds and activates the Action Card, "Mirror Barrier", preventing "Rise Falcon" from being destroyed by his opponent's card effects. "Leo" attacks "Rise Falcon", but Shay activates his face-down "Adversity" as a monster he controls was targeted for an attack and it has less ATK than the attacking monster. That attacked monster cannot destroyed by that battle, Shay takes no battle damage from that battle and the attacked monster gains 1000 ATK ("Rise Falcon" 100 → 1100).

Turn 6: Shay
Shay activates the effect of "Rise Falcon", detaching an Overlay Unit to increase its ATK by the total ATK of all Special Summoned monsters his opponents controls until the end of this turn ("Rise Falcon" 1100 → 3500). "Rise Falcon" attacks "Leo" but Sora finds and activates the Action Card, "Evasion", which would negate the attack. Shay activates his face-down "Raptor's Storm", which negates the activation of his opponent's Spell/Trap Card while he controls a "Raidraptor" monster. "Evasion" is negated, so the attack continues and "Leo" is destroyed (Sora 3400 → 2300). Shay Sets two cards.

Turn 7: Sora
Sora activates "Suture Rebirth", which allows him to Special Summon a "Fluffal" monster from his Graveyard. He Special Summons "Fluffal Sheep" (400/800) in Defense Position. He activates the effect of "Frightfur Factory", banishing "Fusion Conscription" from his Graveyard to fuse the "Fluffal Sheep" on his field with the "Edge Imp Chain" in his hand to Fusion Summon "Frightfur Sheep" (2000/2000) in Attack Position. Its effect prevents the activation of his opponent's Spell/Trap Cards until the end of the Battle Phase during a turn in which it declares an attack. "Sheep" attacks and destroys "Rise Falcon" (Shay 3100 → 2200). Shay activates his face-down "Rank-Up-Magic Raptor's Force", which allows him to Special Summon an Xyz Monster that was destroyed by battle this turn from the Graveyard, then Xyz Summon a "Raidraptor" Xyz Monster that is 1 Rank higher than that monster he controls, by using it as the Overlay Unit. He Special Summons "Rise Falcon" and performs a Rank-Up Xyz Evolution to Xyz Summon "Raidraptor - Blaze Falcon" (1000/2000) in Attack Position.

Turn 8: Shay
Shay activates the effect of "Blaze Falcon", detaching an Overlay Unit to destroy as many Special Summoned monsters his opponent controls as possible, and then inflict 500 damage to his opponent for each monster destroyed by this effect. Sora activates his face-down "Frightfur Defender", preventing the destruction of a "Frightfur" monster he controls either by battle or card effect and increasing its ATK by 800 ("Frightfur Sheep" 2000 → 2800). The other effect of "Blaze Falcon" lets it attack directly (Sora 2300 → 1300). As "Blaze Falcon" inflicted battle damage to his opponent, Shay can destroy a monster his opponent controls. Sora finds and activates the Action Card, "Mirror Barrier" to prevent his monster's destruction, but Shay activates his face-down "Raptor's Gust", which allows him to negate the activation of his opponent's Spell Card and destroy it while he controls a "Raidraptor" monster. Thus, "Mirror Barrier" is negated and destroyed, and the effect of "Blaze Falcon" destroys "Frightfur Sheep". Shay Sets a card.

Turn 9: Sora
Sora activates "Frightur Fusion", which allows him to Fusion Summon a "Frightfur" Fusion Monster from his Extra Deck by banishing monsters on his side of the field or Graveyard as Fusion Materials. He banishes "Frightfur Bear", "Frightfur Leo" and "Frightfur Sheep" from his Graveyard to Fusion Summon "Frightfur Chimera" (2800/2000) in Attack Position. "Chimera" attacks and destroys "Blaze Falcon" (Shay 2200 → 400). As it destroyed an opponent's monster by battle and sent it to the Graveyard, the effect of "Chimera" lets Sora Special Summon that destroyed "Blaze Falcon" (1000/2000) to his side of the field. "Chimera" gains 300 ATK for each monster Sora controls that was Special Summoned by this effect ("Chimera" 2800 → 3100). Shay activates his face-down "Rank-Up-Magic Revolution Force", which allows him to gain control of an opponent's Xyz Monster, then Xyz Summon a "Raidraptor" Xyz Monster that is 1 Rank higher than that monster by using it as the Overlay Unit. "Blaze Falcon" is returned to Shay's field ("Frightfur Chimera" 3100 → 2800) and he performs a Rank-Up Xyz Evolution to Xyz Summon "Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon" (2000/3000) in Attack Position. Since a "Raidraptor" monster was used as an Overlay Unit for its Summon, its effect activates, which allows Shay to destroy a Special Summoned monster Sora controls, and then inflict damage to him equal to half the destroyed monster's ATK. Sora finds and attempts to activate an Action Card but a building falls on him before he is able to so. "Chimera" is destroyed and Sora receives damage equal to half of its ATK (Sora 1300 → 0).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


"Miracle" shown instead of "Evasion".

In other languages[edit]

Language Title Notes
English Making the Cut (part 2) In Australia
French Se montrer à la hauteur - partie 2
German Ein einschneidendes Duell (2)
Italian Passato e Presente (Seconda Parte)
Korean 결합마수 VS 진화하는 매
Thai อสูรปีศาจรวมร่าง ปะทะ เหยี่ยววิวัฒนาการ